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What is the least amount of times in a week you should practice yoga and still get the benefits? So of course the people who only go to class once a week are going to get benefit from their weekly yoga class. This is such a valuable input , when I was going to a studio I started to believe that a 90 minute is what I would need to stay fit and healthy however after I started doing your classes for one hour initially I did not feel tired…and ended up feeling refreshed.
RyllaResler I think I can hear your voice in the back of my head Rylla, something about being easier on ourselves!

Vinyasa is my personal favorite form of yoga that gives great weight loss and toning results. Besides looking great, you will feel more at peace and calm from yoga. However you are going to experience many more advantages from your yoga practice if you have the consistency of a daily practice. After a while realized that I was not supposed to feel tired…but refreshed and energetic so that I can take on the entire day and yet feel good about it. Some of the best advice I ever heard was from a yoga teacher who recommended to her students to take the mat for 1 minute a day to do 1 pose.

I think a regular daily practice of 20 minutes a day is going to pay far greater dividends than sporadic longer 1-2 hours yoga practices.
That is why we created the daily 20 minute videos on the membership site and put out a weekly 1 hour free video on Namaste Yoga.

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