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How many times have you heard somebody talk with excitement about starting a new diet or workout program only to have given up on it in a matter of days?
Like most others, I’ve been guilty of letting excuses and obligations in my life get the better of me.
This morning I was reflecting on the differences between the times I’ve failed to follow through on my commitments and the times when I remained committed and achieved all that I set out to accomplish. We are very good at justifying our actions, but in most cases (like those listed above), our justifications are nothing more than excuses. The number and relative importance of the excuses available to me weren’t any different between the times I gave up on my commitments and those when I remained dedicated to reaching my goals.
When my work schedule was hectic, I shifted my training schedule to ensure that I wouldn’t miss a workout. Whatever your reason(s), you need to determine what it is that motivates you and don’t forget it. Not only should you not forget it, but you should take extra measures to ensure that you continually dwell on it! If you are preparing for a physique competition, imagine yourself standing in front of the judges each morning when you wake up, when you’re deciding what to eat for each meal, and while you’re at the gym training. If you need to drop a significant amount of weight, remember your war with the scale before you go out for pizza with your co-workers or when you’re tempted to skip a workout.
Whatever your reasons, think about why you’ve decided to make a commitment to your training and nutrition, and don’t lose sight of it until you’ve tasted success. Think about the times you’ve been following some specific program to help you improve your body by losing weight. You look down to see that you’re carrying the same amount of weight now that you were 7 days ago.
Without consistent, measurable results, the average person is going to see no reason to continue pushing themselves by training hard and monitoring their nutrition week after week. This is precisely why I constructed my system for getting ripped in such a way that I could ensure that my clients would be able to see measurable results from all of their efforts every 7 days. Few things will motivate an individual more than being able to measure their unwanted fat being purged from their body each and every week. One of the great things about inducing positive improvements to the body is that we are completely in control of our destiny. The day you finally realize that the things keeping you from transforming your body into one that you can be confident in are nothing more than excuses is the day that real progress can start to be made in your life.
Stop worrying about the infinite number of things that are beyond your control and start focusing on the things within your control, like diet and exercise, that will make a vast difference in your life. The biggest reason people can’t find motivation to lose weight is due to unrealistic goals. To lose weight successfully, it’s better to focus on reaching your goals over time, and to realize that there will be small setbacks along the way. Once you determine why you want to lose weight, it will be easier to set a goal and get motivated to work towards it. One of the biggest reasons for weight loss failure is that dieters often set unrealistic goals. Setting realistic and achievable goals has the advantage of focusing your mind on the here and now.  A goal is like a promise to yourself. Of course, motivation to lose weight fast is important, but it’s the process itself that you should be focused on. As you achieve each small step it gives you the forward momentum to take your motivation a step further. Try to create a picture in your mind of how your life is going to be better if you lose the weight, and worse if you don’t. When that purpose is there, you will find that you have the motivation to lose weight that you’ve been searching for. Sure, there are lots of famous quotes on motivation to lose weight, but at the end of the day, it has to come from within you.
A weight loss success story will be yours to tell if you learn to live in the moment, and take pleasure in achieving small, daily goals. The information on this website is for general informational use and is not intended to constitute medical advice, probable diagnosis, or recommended treatments. I am inviting you into a conversation I had with an unmotivated Mom on the Weigh Loss Ghana on Facebook page here. You can tell your daughter the right way to live until you are red in the face – reality is – your actions have the biggest impact on what she is learning.
It’s very rare for a Dr to advise you to “lose weight” and expect you to do it through exercise alone.
If you do NOT know what and how to eat for weight loss using the Ghanaian Diet, then I can recommend our Total Fat Loss Plan foods containing the Best fat-Burning Ghanaian Foods to you here. Turn what it is you are working hard to achieve into a poster filled with visual images and empowering quotes that you hang somewhere that you can look at it several times a day.

Another thing you can do to get your motivation juices flowing is to not only write down the consequences but also write down the benefits you get from losing that extra weight. I also want to point out that it’s also an excuse when you find yourself saying…“I don’t know what to do to lose weight”. If eating too many processed carbohydrate foods and drinks, not enough veggies and just doing cardio or not exercising – THOSE are dwarfing your ability to get results – then a first step in the right direction is to cut down the processed carbs, increase your veggies intake and choose a workout plan like the Total Fat Loss Plan here that helps increase your body’s natural fat-burning metabolism to burn off the fat THREE times faster than it is now. Finally, I want you to realize that Motivation is NOT something that “just happens” to you…rather it is a CHOICE you make Every Day – as the motivational poster states above. If I’m having one of those days when I don’t feel motivated, here is what I do to get myself motivated to workout. The very cool thing about this is – once I get going, I feel better and I remember why I enjoy my workouts so much – and say Why NOT complete your full workout? With so much power to heal and renew, the ability to laugh easily and frequently is a tremendous resource for surmounting problems, enhancing your relationships, and supporting both physical and emotional health.
DisclaimerThis site is designed for educational purposes only and is not engaged in rendering medical advice, legal advice or professional services. Find sports activities or routines that you appreciates  and differ your routine to keep your interest on it. Seeing the advantages of your routine workouts in writing will help you remain motivated and determined.
Keeping an exercise journal and recording your efforts can help you work towards your goals. In case you are too hectic to exercise or maybe too tired, take a day or a couple off.  Have a break and be gentle with yourself.
Given that you have regained your excitement, continue with your work out training and get rolling.
Grab a few moments to take pleasure of the good feelings that the physical exercise gives you after each session.
3 Vegetables that FIGHT Abdominal Fat 10:03 am By healthfitnessreality Excess fats are typically found around the stomach of an overweight person.
However, I’ve also overcome those excuses, maintained a steadfast commitment to achieving my goals, and made significant improvements to my physical appearance.
As long as I remained focused on achieving my goals all those potential excuses became a non-factor. I knew what I wanted to achieve, I was highly motivated, and nothing was going to stand in my way.
I want to be confident with my appearance, have a high level of energy, feel strong and be athletic.
Think about the level of discomfort you would feel in your swimsuit if you had to don it with your current physique. Not only does this serve as a great selling point, but also helps guarantee the success of those that commit themselves to my program.
Many people tend to focus on their shortcomings, but if you accept yourself as you are it will be easier to focus more on your positive side and work towards becoming slim and attractive.
Many of us want to shoot for the moon, but we tend to get overwhelmed by the day-to-day realities of sticking with a diet plan. Seeing incremental improvements like a pound lost or an inch gone from your waist line can boost your motivation and keep you on the path. After sticking with your weight loss and exercise plan, how will you look and feel 12 months from now? Remember that the deeper purpose that motivates you is the fundamental step to weight loss success. Decide clearly on what your purpose and goal is, and you will find yourself moving towards it slowly but surely. Sit at the table with a proper place setting and be aware of how many calories you are consuming. I would love to help but I am not too sure what you want me to tell you….if you could be a little more specific?
I use to be able to lose weight with just running and skipping meals but for the past three years that just doesn’t work. Once again, if what I have said is not what you are ready to face or hear, then this is not the right place for you.
Do you have any long term goals like losing 40 Kg in a year and short term goals like losing 10kg in 2 months?
Keeping your goals IN SIGHT at ALL TIMES makes a Big Difference to your focus and motivation. So make a list of all the positive benefits of choosing healthy foods, eating breakfast and choosing to exercise. I just run through my SMSes to the Weigh Loss tips & Belly fat Loss tips I receive on my phone and I tell myself that ALL I have to do is one set of exercises for 7 minutes and stop – then I can go about whatever it is I need to be doing. There are days that yes I may have one too many fat-STORING foods instead of my supportive fat-BURNING foods – however, I do not feel my best after this and look forward to getting back on track.

If you overeat or ate the wrong food, do NOT waste too much emotional energy to painfully relive your past behaviors. Nothing works faster or more dependably to bring your mind and body back into balance than a good laugh. If you feel that you have a medical problem, you should seek the advice of your Physician or health care Practitioner. Maybe you’re one of those people who started a fitness motivation program and then quit.
If you fails to enjoy  your workouts, try to find some outlet or try other things like joining a sports club or dancing class.
Make Physical Activities Or Exercise As A Part Of Your Daily Routine Together With Your Health And Fitness Motivation. If you are planning to lose weight, sleep better, enhance your energy or deal with persistent issues, it would be better to write it down. Take down notes of what you have done in the course of each training program, how much time you worked out and how you felt and experienced afterwards.
Established your objectives, enjoy it, make it exciting and check yourself for break from time to time. With this kind of inner reward, it will let you come up with a long-term motivation for a routine workouts. That being said, none of them are valid reasons for putting something as important as my health and fitness on the back-burner.
Please use your real name (or a nickname) as using a business name or keyword will be considered spam and be automatically deleted. When desired weight loss goals aren’t reached quickly, most people assume they have failed. Diet counselors also say that one of the best ways to remain motivated to lose weight is to visualize your body after your weight loss goals are achieved. I have been told to cut on carbohydrate foods, but being a Ghanaian that is our staple food and so I have always eaten carbs.
To hate eating vegetables, to eat all manner of unhealthy, fat-storing foods and mostly carbs? I do however I appreciate taking a big step forward and asking…if anything maybe it will save another mom out there.
Other than the big steps I listed in steps 1 and 2, you can also create a Vision Board of your Goals. Try visualizing what it feels like after your workout – the burst of energy, the feel of a tighter, stronger body – is a great motivational strategy.
Humor lightens your burdens, inspires hopes, connects you to others, and keeps you grounded, focused, and alert. A little pamper to yourself can boost your motivations too like treating yourself to a body spa or buying yourself a new pair of training shoes. Take a look at the list you made above again, look at your weight and how it is affecting you – is this also what you want her go through? At the very least you know what you have been doing is NOT working – and this is a HUGE start to doing it Differently.
A lot of people start fitness motivation programs but stop when they get bored or the effects appear way too little by little. You can also arrange a group of neighbours  to consider taking up fitness courses at a community fitness center or health clubs. Whenever your motivation and enthusiasm drops down, review this tips to helps you get in track. If you are the owner of a picture or video and you want to remove it, Please contact us and we would try to comply.
The fact is “There are several great weight loss programs and they WORK if you stick to it LONG enough”.
Humor and laughter strengthen your immune system, boost your energy, diminish pain, and protect you from the damaging effects of stress. The images and videos were grab from different social network sites like Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube and others. Am not talking of those weight loss scams that say, “try this pill, drink this, swallow this, do not exercise, eat whatever you like everyday and still lose 20kg in 7 days” – Those are weight loss SCAMS. So even if we remove them from here, the images and videos are still visible to the public in the above mentioned networks.

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