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The first thing to do in order to get younger looking skin is to start properly taking great care of your skin early in life.
Cleanse your face daily using a gentle cleanser such as those offered in the Orogold Cosmetics Skin Cleanser Kits. There may not be a magical cure for getting younger looking skin, but Orogold Cosmetics can help. The weirdest friendships you find yourself in once you hit 30September 9, 2015 - 11:12 AM Quartz Awkward. 15 Worst States for RetirementSeptember 9, 2015 - 1:09 AM Kiplinger's Personal Finance Choosing the best place to retire is a personal decision. AccuWeather: Heat Wave Ends With Needed Rain September 9, 2015 - 4:58 PM WPVI ABC Philadelphia Meteorologist Adam Joseph says most places will pick up an inch of rain on Thursday! Edelman Drops Hype Tape for 2015 SeasonSeptember 9, 2015 - 4:07 PM Bleacher Report - Arman Walia New England Patriots haters, close your eyes. Drinking water is not only good for overall health, but helps keep the skin around the eyes from succumbing to excessive wrinkles. Both sweet potatoes and cucumbers have innate properties that help reduce puffiness when placed directly on the eyes. Going to bed without removing eye makeup can result in skin that is bogged down and sagging.
Being diligent about applying moisturizer is probably one of the most important steps in retaining a youthful appearance around the eyes. Not only is green tea a powerful antioxidant when consumed, but research has shown that the tannins and caffeine in the bags makes it an excellent eye compress that reduces puffiness. Disclaimer: All content on this website is for informational purposes only and should not be considered to be a specific diagnosis or treatment plan for any individual situation.
New high-tech anti-aging regimes can’t promise a return to the skin you had in your 20s. No wonder the beauty industry reports an explosion of activity in anti-aging products among consumers 35 and up. Claims: Infinite regeneration, thanks to the key ingredient, vanilla planifolia, a botanical from Madagascar. Claims: Profound powers of skin transformation, derived from potent, highly active ingredients like nutrient-rich algae, protective antioxidant extracts, and semiprecious stones through a unique three- to four-month bio-fermentation process. Claims: This iconic product range aims to tackle behavioral aging (also called epigenetic) as well as genetic aging.
Claims: Intense correction of all visible signs of aging, acting upon stem cells at the heart of the skin. Affiliate Disclosure: At absolutely no expense to you, if you make a purchase, we may receive commissions from some links on this website. In fact, it wasn't until I put these image selections together did I really see how much better my face is today. I DO NOT credit nor suggest that ALL my results are the product of my daily skin care routine.
There was absolutely no plastic surgery or photoshopping of any of these pictures whatsoever.
December 13th 2011 (left) vs.February 13th 2015 (right)If nothing else - I definitely don't look older than 3-4 years ago.
Back in June 2014, I released "Good Looking Loser's Guide to Inexpensive Skin Care", based on a routine I had been already using.
Over the past 16-18 months, with a few modifications in the past 5 or 6 months, I've been following my guide to a tee. Significant because, until recently, I've never gotten "your skin is nice" compliments in my entire life, with the exception of "nice tan bro" in the Summer time. It's not rocket science, just some super effective, super inexpensive ingredients that work - if you use them regularly for several months.
Realistically, although your skin may feel amazing and instantly look more clear, it will probably take several months to see obvious changes in your complexion that people will notice and hopefully compliment you on. If you use these inexpensive recommendations for several months, your skin will likely look better than it ever has. Especially if, like me, you haven't really put in a daily effort into taking care of your face before. Since a small minority of people will accuse me of photoshopping, 'de-noising' or doctoring these pictures (that's fair to some extent), I encourage you to watch my VIDEO comparisons below to see a difference in my complexion. As I look at these pictures for the 50th time, I'm actually still hesitant to publish these images because your expectations will be sky high. It is true, however, that I picked some particularly unflattering images as my 'before pictures' and significantly better looking images as my 'after pictures'.
Again - I'm NOT claiming that ALL my results are a product of my daily routine which I will present below.There are some other factors and lifestyle modifications that I will also discuss. After 5-6 months of use, and likely before, your skin will probably look better than it EVER has in recent memory. Again, these products will last you awhile and beat anything you can find on the grocery store shelf and be far less expensive than any high-end department store cosmetics. This is mainly for washing your face (you DO NOT need a separate cleanser), but I use it in the shower and for washing my hands.
This is not mandatory, but it's definitely recommended - I've been using the original facial for about a year now and added two ingredients that I really feel make a difference and suck out crap that you otherwise can't touch. Each facial will be less than $1 - a little goes a long way and these ingredients will last you for at least 5 or 6 months.
But frankly, that's all you truly need - just those: the Hyaluronic Acid Serum, the Soap and the facial ingredients.
Originally recommended as an optional anti-aging ingredient, Hylauronic Acid is the most important anti-aging ingredient. It is a compound that is naturally found in every tissue in your body and the single most important compound in encouraging skin cell repair, producing collagen and promoting a youthful appearance.

I use it on my face with the Konjac Actived Charcoal Sponge (see below), hands and body. The soap looks strange, but it smells wonderful, similar to putting expensive lotion on your skin that leaves your skin very soft. You'll now be somewhat excited to wash your face on a daily basis - one of my least favorite things to do otherwise. For more information about our favorite little soap, see - African Black Soap by Nubian. My skin instantly looks awesome afterward, so it's helpful if I'm going out and need a pretty face.
I have no idea how effective it is in the long-term, but it's recommended all over the Internet. Apply it again or wash it off with the African Black Soap and apply the egg yolk as a moisturizer. I haven't really made a big deal about this funny little sponge, it was quietly tucked away in our "2014 Winter Guide to Style - Accessories". In no particular order, here are the 'miscellaneous factors' and lifestyle modifications that might have influenced my skin improvement over the past 18 months. Despite only going to the gym about ~40 times in the past two years, I weigh about 25 pounds less.
This is probably the most significant "lifestyle factor" in my newfound more youthful appearance, even though the majority of weight lost was lean mass.
These days, since I'm not super active, I try to eat no more than 30-50 grams of carbohydrates a day. I've always done really well with restricting carbohydrates and it's so easy to maintain (or lose) weight when you are keeping your insulin low.
Although I'm not prone to acne or skin problems, like everyone else, my skin seems to look better when my testosterone is in the proper range.
The more I think about it - I think that dropping Minoxidil was significant in my face growing younger or going back to normal. I don't believe Minoxidil (the most widely used hair loss treatment by both men and women) "causes" wrinkles if used as directed. I recommend taking a collagen supplement if you are concerned about Minoxidil reducing your collagen production. Although I'll never know, I believe my excessive annual Summertime Minoxidil use was a primary factor in prematurely aging my face. It's important to tell you of my recent history with prescription injectables - they can make a dramatic difference. As documented in "Good Looking Loser's Guide to Inexpensive Skin Care - Prescription Drugs and Dietary Supplements", I had ~3ccs of Raidesse injected into my smile (nasolabial folds) lines back on August 25 2014. These filled in the smile lines pretty well, but are not responsible for any of the changes outside of the mid-face zone. At best, while responsible for reducing the smile lines near my mouth and beside my nose, neither of these had any effect on any other zones. I would be blatantly misrepresenting my results if I didn't mention the Radiesse treatment from last August, but this stuff was only shot into my smile lines - over 6 months ago. Although I think the dangers of Aspartame (an artificial sweetener) are exaggerated, other calorie-free sweeteners such as Splenda, Stevia and Monk Fruit are certainly more healthful. Everyday - No less than a liter of diet soda, but also 5 to 7 Kratom drinks in the original Crystal Lite powdered sweeteners which are Aspartame-based. These days, I drink and HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to opt for 'Skinny Girl' or other liquid Stevia-based water enhancers. 24 hours awake: 18 hours working, 2 hours eating, 1 hour at the gym and 3 hours being less productive than I should be. I wanted to tell you EVERYTHING so I do not unintentionally misrepresent or suggest that any one factor or product was totally responsible for my facial improvements.
But still - my daily routine (Hyaluronic Acid 3-5x, African Black Soap 2-3x) and weekly facials have been a very significant factor.
With daily use over several months, your skin will probably look better than it has in years.
If you have any comments or questions, please leave them in "Get Groomed", Good Looking Loser's Skin Care Forum. As the largest organ in the body and the part of the body that people see the most of, taking care of your skin is essential for looking your best.
By sticking to a skin care routine, you will soon find yourself with smoother, softer, more vibrant skin. Brussels sprouts are a great source of lutein which prevent cataracts and macular degeneration. Lying back with slices of either vegetable placed on the eyes for 10 minutes in the morning can help eliminate swelling.
Use of this website and the information contained herein does not create a doctor-patient relationship. Alexa Kimball, a professor of dermatology at Harvard, says, “It can be challenging for consumers to find the best products for their skin. The fruit and flowers are handpicked between April and May, then shipped to the Chanel Research and Technology Center, just outside of Paris, for a purification process known as Chrono-Extraction. And to celebrate its 10th anniversary, Chanel has launched three new densities of the cornerstone product, La Crème. The Renewal Oil immediately absorbed, and the Genaissance was simply magnificent, making my face feel fresh and energized.
After only one week, the skin around my eyes was noticeably firmer and brighter, and more youthful, especially in the areas where I was collecting crow’s-feet. Used liberally on my décolletage, fine lines and wrinkles were visibly minimized in just three days—even without my glasses! I had never used a morning routine, mistakenly believing skin needed a few hours to absorb moisturizers.

Formerly the caviar extract was sourced from wild sturgeon, long believed to offer the highest quality available. Sign up and get our best articles delivered straight to your inbox, as well as other subscriber-only deals from our luxe partners!
I've talked this one up and it's the first time you'll be excited when soap comes in the mail. But I'm a recent HUGE believer in this Activated Black Charcoal stuff, for teeth and especially skin.
Every Summer for the past 3 years, however, I used to soak my head in Minoxidil (3+ ml) several times a day. It's definitely not mandatory as we discussed in "Good Looking Loser's Guide to Inexpensive Skin Care (Dietary Supplements)". Not only can UV rays cause cancer, but they cause collagen and elastic depletion that leads to wrinkles and fine lines. Exfoliating removes dead skin cells, dirt, and grime so that your skin looks fresh and new.
A recent study has shown that a few simple tricks can help eyes retain and restore their vibrant youthful appearance. Always consult with your own doctor in connection with any questions or issues you may have regarding your own health or the health of others. For, regardless of good genes, UVA avoidance, and copious consumption of water, the vast majority of us will have a wealth of wrinkles by 35. But rigorous research and development, unique purification technology, and rare and potent natural botanicals (sustainably cultivated, too)? As well as the luxury of the delicious fragrance, the rich bronze packaging, and the custard-thick indulgent textures, it actually works. For my dry skin, I preferred the medium texture, but Texture Fine and Texture Suprême all deliver the same replenishing properties. Max Huber, an aerospace scientist, following an accident that left him with severe chemical burns for which he could find no relief. After the second week of using them together, I saw small lines disappear and the whole of my face felt a bit fuller and livelier. After three weeks, the evening’s application of serum came to feel like a minifacial for my eyes. New, powerful active ingredients, such as Lindera extract, Persian acacia extract, and yeast and soya protein complex, are said to help restore the cellular cycle’s functioning mechanisms. Despite the ultramodern plant-based formulations, the serum happily felt decidedly natural. Now La Prairie has discovered an alternative high-quality source in the Baerli sturgeon, grown sustainably on aqua-farms. It’s a nice light layer, preparing skin for the next step, the Luxe Cream and Eye Lift, which provides a really luxurious layer of moisture and which absorbs nicely. I am going to be 50 this year and have never had any kind of fillers or Botox, so the fact is, someone noticed the positive effects of La Prairie enough to ask me if I did anything! I simply feel these are quite good and that they are responsible for a great deal of my results.
But knowing how to get younger looking skin with Orogold Cosmetics will go a long way towards helping you to look and feel younger. These changes to your skin are inevitable and are cause by your genes, habits, and the sun. If your face is clean before you sleep, then your skin cells will have an easier time rejuvenating.
The sun also contributes to drying out your skin, so make sure that you are wearing sunscreen. There are many different ways to exfoliate, but the simplest way is to gently buff skin with a washcloth. Rita SabetiA and Victoria Italiano are here with Forever Young Anti-Aging and Weight Loss Center to tell us all about this new treatment.Right now, Forever Young is offering 25% OFF the Profound System! Soon it was a favorite must-have, one I began to pack in my handbag for quick midday or in-flight hydration. I realized I was now repairing my skin rather than having to apply more makeup to conceal its shortcomings. While these are among the priciest of products I have tried, I use far less, so they will last much longer. Use warm water and pat your face dry instead of rubbing it so that you do not inadvertently damage your skin.
This will also help to keep your skin cells full of collagen and elastin so that it stays firm and soft. Many moisturizers include sunscreen, but you want to be sure that it is a broad-spectrum SPF of at least 30. Some cleansers even have exfoliating beads in them so you are able to cleanse and exfoliate at the same time. It comes in a variety of forms and can have various effects (good and bad) on different skin types. At the time, Abdullah was technically still the crown prince, though he'd been de facto ruler for several years. I was floored by the lightness of the products, and yet as soon as I applied them, I could feel them starting to work.
I did not lose dark spots, but by week five, my skin definitely felt firmer and far less dry.

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