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Make ME over is back – and I’m so excited to talk with you about something so critical – skincare.
It’s not the most fun topic, because there’s no cute tutorials that have fun make-up colors to go with it.  BUT it is SO critical! I have learned a lot about skincare over the past year, and I’m really working on taking care of my skin now so I don’t regret it years down the road. Use a high-quality cleanser 2 times a day, every day.  Not negotiable!  Clear all that gunk off of your skin at the beginning and end of every day! Toning your skin helps to restore a pH balance in your skin.  This essentially helps to even out your complexion (so you don’t have pink blotchy patches).  Many skin products have toner built in – make sure you read the label!
This is where I have struggled for many years, but I am honestly working on getting better!  Protection from the sun is a huge defense against premature aging.  Make sure that you use sun protection that protects from both UVA and UVB rays! Are you overwhelmed yet?  It doesn’t have to be complicated, I use Mary Kay’s TimeWise miracle skincare set, and it takes care of the 5 things you need every day in just 3 steps every morning and night.  It takes less than 3 minutes!

I am well aware that not everyone will use Mary Kay’s skin care products, but if you’re not using their set, you should make sure that you are using a set from another high-quality brand. What do YOU use for your skin care every day?  Do you make sure that all 5 areas of your skin’s needs are met every day? About UsPinkous daily publishing, interior design,Decoration,beauty, fashion and wedding ideas.
A leading manufacturer of premium quality copper, copper alloy and stainless steel coil and strip. He said that anti-aging doesn’t need to be fought with an expensive label, but with a product containing alpha hydroxy acids.
These are acids that occur naturally and really help anti-aging better than expensive creams and potions.
However, besides following these steps it is vital to have a good sleep, avoid stress, drink plenty of water, exercise regularly and follow a healthy diet for gorgeous skin.
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