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In the news this morning, there are quite a few stories surrounding how many years facial cosmetic procedures can take away.
Many people like to have treatments, but in a way that is very subtle, so others may notice the condition of their skin, or that their eyes look brighter.
Television shows such as 10 Years Younger and Extreme Surgery, have boosted the use of cosmetic procedures and have completely transformed peoples lives. So, realistically, if you are looking for a treatment that will take your look back a decade, most of the treatments available now will help you achieve that look, but in a very natural way, which we hope you are agree, is the best type of result. At Natura Skin Clinic, we’re proud to offer a range of high quality treatments that can result in a natural, more youthful look.
Its something that the British never really follow, but this year saw a huge amount of people watching the Super Bowl.
It may only be November, but if you want your skin to be your best accessory this Christmas, now is the time to start. They may not sound a likely trio but including carrots, oranges and wholegrain in your diet can have many benefits to the appearance and health of your skin.
Tea is more popular than ever according to new research, but did you know that it can have a positive impact your health?
Forget going under the knife to turn back time – just hit up your hairstylist for a cut that’ll make you look decades younger. Darker, monochrome shades can leave you looking washed out and may draw more attention to dark circles under your eyes.
Rather than having straight or blunt ends, opt for wavy tresses that frame your face and add body to your hair style. Up dos are elegant and sleek, but when they’re pulled back too tight they can draw attention to flaws on your skin. If you’re working a short hair style, like a bob, have your stylist layer it with longer, angular pieces around your jaw line and progressively shorter pieces towards the back.
To make you look younger, you are not enough just to use any particular facial care products. The entry of excessive calories will affect your metabolism which can invite disease, which then triggers the aging process.
If consumed regularly, tofu can prevent the occurrence of early menopause as rich in phytoestrogens. Milk is the best source of calcium is beneficial to strengthen the bone and prevent bone loss. Red meat contains a bad compound (HCA) and free radicals that could potentially damage cells. Not only invite coronary heart disease, smoking is also a poison that makes the skin becomes dry and dull. Exercise will make circulation and oxygen supply to the entire body runs smoothly so the skin becomes healthy and fresh. Many people often wonder “How Will I Look In 10 Years?” But a new study has shown that by having a combination of cosmetic treatments you can actually look ten years younger, now.
For the first time, a study by the University of Toronto, has found that cosmetic treatments can take up to an average of nine years from person’s age appearance.
In addition to quantifying the procedure’s ‘youth-giving’ effects, researchers found that the findings held true even when the patients were younger to begin with. Perhaps one of the most interesting conclusions from the research, (published in a report by The Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery) was that the more individual procedures the patient had, the greater the number of years between real and perceived ages.

Patients looked nine years younger if they had had a combination of 3 different procedures. The patients had all had a variety of facial treatments and had each undergone between one and three procedures.
Perhaps to be expected, those patients who had had more lifts looked notably younger than their peers who had had fewer procedures. The patients who had a total of three skin procedures, looked 8.4 years younger, in the eyes of the medical students.
The study has help strengthen evidence in the industry that not only do skin rejuvenation treatments work, but the results are visible in the perception of those around us.
The process of having these treatments must be done over the course of several weeks- even months. Many celebrities undergo cosmetic treatments to ensure they look their best when on the red carpet and in front of the cameras.
It may be the tales of fish wives, but for years many women have believed that oily or combination skin results in fewer wrinkle.
It's our understanding that rock goddess Gwen Stefani made a deal with a wizard when she was 27 to stop aging all together. True, the Zero Dark Thirty star isn't old by any stretch of the word, but she's living proof that 30 is the new 20.
When she came onto the set of Friends in 1994, she was a relative nobody in the world of show business. Staving off the effect of aging might be easier when you're already a stunning supermodel, but Elizabeth Hurley stands out among her supermodel peers.
Sure, Helen Mirren looks like a sophisticated older woman, but would you have guessed she's 67?
As she rose to prominence in the early '90s, Marisa Tomei was an object of lust for many boys.
Nights on the rave, smoking, stress and poor nutrition will have you looking haggard even under makeup. It is true that having better skin or a fresher more youthful face and body can boost confidence. Read on to find the perfect hair style that will get everyone talking and have you looking years younger. Whether you have long tresses or a cropped bob, bangs will finish off your do with a softer, more feminine feel.
To amp up the youthful factor, add honey brown, golden or copper highlights to your hair style to liven up your skin tone. Loose waves are great for texture and add a playful element to your look, which can make you look much younger. For a younger look, style your hair in a looser up do, especially one that’s slightly roughed-up or voluminous around your crown.
Begin a diet balanced with the amount of carbohydrate around 50-60 percent, 10-20 percent protein, and 20-30 percent fat will help you to look younger. Drink water about 8 glasses a day, to expedite the flow of blood that carries oxygen and energy sources to the organs of the body.
Avocado, for example, contain protein, carbohydrates, iron, beta carotene, vitamin B complex and folic acid which are all nutritious and soften the skin, nourish hair and protect the skin from the sun. They also took into account other factors, which could potentially influence a person’s looks.

The findings demonstrated direct correlation between looking younger and having a varied number of treatments. 22 had a face and neck tightening, 17 had a face and neck tightening as well as an eyelid lift and a further 22 had a face and neck tightening, an eyelid lift and Botox. The 35-year-old star looks at least 25, thanks to her flawless alabaster skin and megawatt smile. Their other crushes dwindled over the years, but at 48, the incredible Tomei is still breaking hearts. Such harsh treatment can result in rashes, sensitive skin, age spots, hyperpigmentation and an uneven skin tone. Now, for some people, this might not be the desired effect and some may feel that they want to look exactly as they did 20 years ago, but think about this seriously, if that is the case, the results will not be natural and it will be an obvious transformation, extreme in fact. We believe in offering a range of cosmetic treatments that offer a natural finish and that are not so obvious to others, but you know that you look at feel amazing.
What people do have to remember is that it isn’t something that happens over night, generally to achieve the look you desire you need a course of treatments and you have to make sure the aftercare is just so, the last thing you want is to have a beauty treatment then ruin the results by the use of beauty products or bad diet. Every single procedure is carried out in total clinical safety by highly experienced doctors. For those of you who entered the age of 35 +, there is a cheap and painless way to look younger. Vegetables such as broccoli can accelerate the healing process and prevent premature aging because it contain many beta carotene and vitamin C. The cumulative effects of having a package of treatments means you will ultimately look younger, but the gradual progression to younger looking skin won’t be overly obvious to your friends. Many plastic surgeons and doctors have said that in their professional opinion Demi has undergone several treatments including Botox, rehydration fillers, Titan neck tightening and fractional CO2 laser treatment.
Plus, she's had to deal with the stress of being in the constant spotlight, yet it has taken no toll on her face. Get used to eating fresh food as its nutrition has not been damaged to help you look younger. Soy milk contains lecithin which serves to encourage healthy skin cell regeneration, thus make you look younger.
Omega-3 fats can reduce levels of triglycerides which can prevent the constriction of blood vessels. Avoid reading, watching TV, or fiddling with the laptop until late at night, so as not to reduce your sleep quota.
But if you could go ahead and catch up with the rest of us regular folk, that would be awesome. This method can improve the metabolism of hormones in the body, and body can work more effectively so that the organs are not easily damaged. Just like your skin gets tanned to protect it from the sun, the cornea becomes darker in response to sun exposure.

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