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She has shed a whopping 70lbs in the past six months after giving birth to twins Moroccan and Monroe. Her new look was a marked contrast to her appearance at the start of the diet when she was much heavier.A  The proud singer, now mother to Monroe and Morrocan has also graced the cover of Us Weekly magazine. Double trouble: Mariah's twins Monroe and Moroccan are seen in their baby carriersMariah began the regime with a 1500 calorie a day special menu and workouts three times a week. Mariah said it was not just her appearance that gave her the motivation to get back into shape. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Victoria Wellman writes for The Daily Mail, “Losing weight is always a question of mind over matter, but for one morbidly obese wife and mother, getting healthy was easy and fun.

Moore recently wrote about her weight loss experience for The Huffington Post, explaining, “My husband Keith and I were seriously overweight most of lives.
The breaking point came for Jen in September 2009 when, at a local amusement park with her daughter, she was asked to get off a ride because they were unable to securely fasten the safety bar over her stomach.
Hooping has been a big part of her personal transformation, not just in terms of losing the weight, but in finding a new career for herself as a result.
Toni of Tonikikii Performance Art makes her debut and spins on down the rabbit hole! Corey makes an impressive debut hooping out back while waiting for his laundry! Jane’s spinning a hula hoop on one foot while reading a map on Benesse Island in Japan.

I am, after teaching for over 2 years, one of the slowest learners i’ve ever met, hahaha!! Now she supplements her hooping with some cardio machines and some strength conditioning for her muscles. And then I started teaching in Feb 2010, and it totally snowballed, so then i was teaching in addition to my own personal hoop time.

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