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The first year was spent on doing the wrong things… I still ate crap but tried to burn it off with the gym.
Jocelyn, age 28, went from a size 12 to a size 0 and kept it off for 4 years by changing her eating habits. I’m learning to love the fact that even at 120 pounds, I have stretch marks, that my stomach isn’t perfectly flat, that my legs aren’t sticks, and that I get stomach rolls when I sit down.

I believe that if we approach weight loss systematically by making small changes in our habits, we are more likely to keep weight off than if we make major sacrifices (i.e. Are you tired of dieting & exercising but still not able to shed those stubborn fats from your body? Within the last 8 months I’ve changed my eating and started weights and this is what I look like today: picture of me in purple dress.

I was so embarrassed when my boyfriend lifted me and said I was the heaviest girl he had ever dated.

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