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Do the arm workout 1-to-2 days a week taking 1-to-2 days off between workouts if doing this workout 2 days a week. Hello Adrian,I used to refuse to take full length pics last year, but now am super confident!
Butt workout and told me I only needed ONE exercise per workout ONLY 1-to-2 times per week and to expect a change in my butt every 2-to-4 weeks. My jeans fit so great and I love looking in the mirror at my back view.I have used your program because it helped me win pageants and advanced in my modeling career.
What really helped was your advice on protein intake & I also lost a total of 45pounds. I wanted to find out are there any exercises that I can do for that perfect hourglass figure? TeenAm I able to still build muscle if I only eat weight loss foods (fruits, vegetables, etc) and about 100 grams of protein?

TeenSince i only have a little bit of belly fat i want to lose but i still need to consume calories to grow muscles for a bigger butt and arms, i plan to try to consume at least 1200. TeenSo as long as i get at least 100 grams of protein daily, i dont really need to eat many calories and can continue to eat weight loss foods along with the protein to build muscle and curves? I am just giving an estimate since I don't do calorie cunt for meals but I know I don't eat huge or heavy meals. Which workout schedule and diet plan combination is the best to use if I wanted to lose all my excess weight and bring out my curves as fast as possible?
I am wondering if it is possible for me to lose 30-35 lbs in 6 weeks and then another 20 lbs in 2-3 months after that? Also, would you be able to roughly estimate how long it might take for me to get a flat stomach according to how overweight I am? I tried to lose weight before by drinking juice only than smoothie only but it was not sustainable for me.

I drink water all day everyday with lemons and I do workout although most of my workouts are more weight lifting, ab workouts, legs, arms you know those types of stuff. I want a flat stomach and bigger butt lol I need someone to basically tell me what to eat, when to eat it and how to exercise and when to do it. I know u may not know about the pills and cream but I'm wondering if you ever used maca root for your workouts or known of maca root to be good for workouts?

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