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Essentially, I’m now following a ketogenic diet, which means as few carbs as possible (through vegetables and a small amount of fruit), with some protein and lots of fat.
The trick seems to be about drinking more water (3-4 litres a day, which sounded impossible 3 weeks ago but is now quite easy) and increasing fat consumption (eg. Once I get back to a healthy weight, I’ll slowly reintroduce carbs, but in a smaller way. I was relieved that it confirmed everything I’ve been researching on my own, and that it gave an explanation which my parents and friends could understand, making it easier for me to explain my insulin resistance. Remember, I’m not anti-carbs, but I realise that consuming too many of them has made my insulin get out of control, leading me to become overweight.
This post about eating earlier at night to avoid acid reflux and sleep better, and also intermittent fasting. Whilst situated in a dungeon-like environment in the basement of the hospital, it was super high tech and most impressive. The various tests measured anthropometry (height, weight, skeletal measurements, skin fold thickness, body circumference), impedance (fat and fat-free mass), BodPod (body composition) and DEXA body scan and bone density. Not surprisingly, I have 50% body fat but was relieved to hear that my bone density is excellent. Starvation mode is a state in which the body is responding to prolonged periods of low energy intake levels. Ordinarily, the body responds to reduced energy intake by burning fat reserves and consuming muscle and other tissues. After prolonged periods of starvation, the body will utilize the proteins within muscle tissue as a fuel source. If you have a significant amount of fat to lose then your metabolism will barely drop at all, even on severe restriction your extra adipose stores will make up any energy requirements you have.
A ketogenic diet is extremely protein sparing, the idea that you need carbohydrates to stop your muscles from wasting away is a complete fairytale. BTW, I also like this post about the benefits of ketosis, including the positive impact relating to seizures, migraines, bipolar, ALS, dementia, as well as cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, and Epilepsy.
Still no cravings, not really feeling deprived of anything, and I rarely think about food, although I am nervous about an event I have coming up next weekend, wondering if there will be anything I can eat. My digestion is much better and the bloating is mostly gone (I can suck in my stomach again!).

The acne problem seems to be 95% resolved, despite getting my period at the beginning of the week.
As well as the BodPod and DEXA scan, I’m in the process of attending various other health-and-beauty appointments, with a haircut, 6-monthly dentist check-up, and a visit to the chiro.
Going out for a shopping day was tricky with all my water consumption – multiple trips to department stores bathrooms! Low carb psyllium pancakes inspired by this recipe by Becky Brooks which I used as the basis, but I added some macadamia powder, a teaspoon of xylitol (fake sugar) and served it with 2 slices of bacon, 1tbs of butter, and 20ml of maple syrup.
In my case, it was about 4-5 meals of different sizes, and I went over the 1000 calorie suggestion on both days (1100 on Day 1, and 1045 on Day 2). It sound rather boring, and is not meant to be a long-term strategy because it means missing out on lots of other essential nutrients.
Jimmy Moore from Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb has tried it out too, as a way to shift himself from a weight loss plateau, and CarbSmart and KetoDiet also take a look at it, with some more examples of mini meals.
Read about six high-fat foods that are good for you and Sometimes a 90% fat diet is good for you in Time magazine, and see these suggestions from Low Carb Layla and Happy Texans. Feel free to leave helpful comments below, including suggestions for ketogenic-friendly meals. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Stomach fat can be hard to lose but our Healthy Mummy weight loss balanced approach 100% works and the 10,000’s of mums who use our plans and have incredible results are proof of that.
Hot Products (P) Page(305): Popular keywords for searching manufacturers, suppliers and products. Go back to Week 1 to catch up on my background, as well as my insulin resistance revelation.
I’ve been putting the wrong type of fuel in for my body, like putting leaded petrol into a car which needs unleaded. This is something of a relief and certainly makes things easier, but I think I would still make it work now if circumstances were different by being more organised, so don’t lose hope! It wasn’t much fun but is harmless in the short term and did seem to help with the weight loss. I hope that down the track, once my weight is at an ideal level, I will be able to slowly reintroduce carbs and eat them happily in moderation.

More detailed results are sent to the endocrinologist and GP, so I have to wait for these, and I can ask to take the test again in about 6 months to track my progress. During short periods of energy abstinence, the human body will burn primarily free fatty acids from body fat stores. Specifically, the body burns fat after first exhausting the contents of the digestive tract along with glycogen reserves stored in muscle and liver cells. People who practice fasting on a regular basis, such as those adhering to energy restricted diets, can prime their bodies to abstain from food while reducing the amount of muscle burned.
Because I’m eating mostly fats and proteins, this is what my body is burning first, and then my stored fat (converted from excess glucose originally). A ketogenic diet stabilises glucose and maintains very low levels of circulating insulin, so access to liberating energy from your adipose stores is unhampered. As long as you have enough energy available via consumption and adipose stores there’s no need to stress, it’s ridiculous to even consider that your body is stupid enough to rip apart your structural tissues for the meagre glucose spine for energy – a very metabolically expensive process with a tiny yield. It comes as a shock that I simply can’t eat everything in front of me, because in the past, I would happily go back for seconds. It is an extreme, super-short-term experiment designed only for someone who already has metabolic syndrome (insulin resistance), and I figure two days is enough for me. This makes me full, I have no cravings, I rarely think about food, and it’s reducing my reliance on glucose for energy, burning my stored fat instead. After prolonged periods of starvation the body has depleted its body fat and begins to burn lean tissue and muscle as a fuel source.
Specific hormones, such as my insulin levels, need time to adjust, as does my lifestyle in general. And it does require calorie counting and being able to concentrate to do it properly. Read more about Fat Fasting here.

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