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As you can see in my poorly drawn diagrams, controlling your weight is just a matter of making sure the battle between "calories in" and "calories out" is won by the right side. Now that you have a pretty good understanding of why calories are the key to controlling your diet and are therefore the key to weight control, it's finally time to learn how you can control your own weight and reach your specific goal through a little thing called calorie counting. Add up all of the calories in everything you consumed and get your grand total for the day.
Counting "calories out" is a bit weirder than counting "calories in." You can't just search for "stood up" or "scratched my head" or "walked my dog" or "drove to the store" or "kept my organs functioning properly" and see EXACTLY how many calories were burned. The above form will calculate your estimated Basal Metabolic Rate, which is the number of calories your body burns at rest. You can make a small decrease to your daily calories in so that it ends up being below your daily calories out. Instead of reducing your calorie intake, you can just as easily increase the number of calories you burn per day by exercising. If your "calories in" were pretty much equal to your "calories out," then by now you should know exactly what you'd need to do.
For general health purposes, you never want to make large or fast changes to your calorie intake.
So, that's everything you need to know to use calorie counting to control your diet, which will control your weight, which means you'll be able to make your body do exactly what you want it to do.
Counting calories may be an effective way to lose weight, but who is really going to stick with it long-term? It’s tougher than it sounds to get into the habit, but chewing more really does make a big difference. In the Maximized Living Core Nutrition Plan, we advise 3 things that need to be changed in everyone’s diet regardless of your heritage or genetic composition.
As these three changes transcend all cultures, the exact amount of fat, protein and carbohydrates someone can process largely depends on where your ancestors are from.  For example, northern descents seem to favour diets high in protein and good fats, whereas individuals from warmer equatorial regions seem to thrive on higher amounts of unprocessed carbohydrates, including fruits, vegetables and whole grains. However, it is HORMONES (not calories, grams of fat, or even your genetics), that are the MOST essential parameters that dictate what diet is best for you.
In the Maximized Living Seminar, we utilize a client questionnaire, and direct participants to the proper blood tests for leptin to determine what diet is best. If you don’t visit this site on a regular basis, you receive recipes and read our latest posts via Email.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. It goes without saying, not everyone has the luxury (or time) of having pre-prepared meals served right in front of them.
If you have trialed and tested the macro life, and find that you’re definitely not one that is able to consistently record your macro intake each day, here are some simple ways to maintain weight loss without constant tracking!
Remember, in order to promote weight loss, we want to be running at a calorie deficit (calories burned > calories consumed). If you are not keen on the idea of weighing out all of your ingredients or simply don’t have the time, your hands can be used as measuring tools.
By making some of these simple switches without counting your macros each day, you are able to save countless calories to be utilised far more effectively!
More specifically, it will explain how to make your weight do exactly what you want it to do through the very simple process of calorie counting.
By doing some simple first grade level math (3000 - 2500 = 500), you can see that there are 500 left over calories that are taken in but NOT used by the body. When you find each food, adjust the serving size to approximately the amount you ate of it. For example, if you want to lose weight and are consuming 3000 calories per day and burning 2800 (just an example), try reducing your calorie intake to 2500 calories per day instead of 3000. Sticking with the same example, you'd continue consuming 3000 calories per day, but you can burn off an additional 500 each day through some form of exercise. If you want to gain weight and were consuming 2000 calories per day and burning 2300, just make a small caloric increase to something above 2200 (like 2500, for example). To lose weight, either decrease your calorie intake by a small amount, increase your activity so that you burn more calories, or do a combination of both.
Keep a log of your weight somewhere so you can keep track of exactly what your body is doing. Reduce your daily calorie intake by 250-500 calories (or burn an extra 250-500 calories per day through exercise) and monitor what your weight does for the next couple of weeks. That means if you are 500 calories under per day, you will lose a perfectly fine 1 pound per week. Join over 5000 subscribers getting free tips and updates to help you lose fat, build muscle and be healthy.
The more you chew, the more saliva you release into your mouth, so the more you chew the more liquidy it's going to become. He knows how to get fat-loss results and was even chosen as Canada's Top Fitness Professional for his dedication to his clients' success. That was actually one of the methods I used as well when I had my big weight loos, the chewing made a big difference.

Day-to-day life will get in the way of health sometimes, so it’s important to keep track as best you can. If you find yourself struggling to achieve this, get rid of soda, fruit juices and any other sugary drinks!
Choosing calorie-rich foods may help you hit your daily intake, but those calories may not necessarily contain the ideal macros. While they are three completely different goals, they are just three different types of weight control.
You will then see the full nutritional information (and most importantly, calories) for the specific amount you ate of that food.
Your activity level is also factored in to help guess how many other calories you burn per day in addition to your BMR. Doing so would mean you are now taking in more calories than you are burning, and this is what will make you gain weight. HOWEVER, if there is some form of error in the calorie counting of either your calories in, your calories out, or even both, then obviously it becomes possible for something to not work correctly. It is recommended that weight should be gained or lost at a rate of about 1 or 2 pounds per week.
All you need to do now is put this information into effect, stay consistent and enjoy the results.
If you chew your food, then it means that your body will have an opportunity to figure out what it is you ate, and therefore signal the brain that you've received the nutrients that you need, and that you've received the amount of food that you need, and you'll eat less.
After all, the stomach will calculate fullness based on the volume of what you intake, not the amount of calories. Weight loss, weight gain, and weight maintenance are just the three things you can do once you reach this goal. This should give you a very clear picture of why calorie counting is the key to weight control.
If you just wanted to maintain weight, then for this example you'd increase your calorie intake to an equal 2200. Because 500 calories below each day, multiplied by 7 days in a week, equals 3500 total calories under for the week. They've actually done studies on this that the more people chew, the less they eat, and that from this they get better digestion, which means they get better use of their nutrients, and they have more energy.
In other words, if you're having a smoothie, which you don't chew, you need to pretend to chew before you swallow. Instead of iced tea, go for herbal tea with natural honey (if you’re a sweet tooth!). Sure, a massive pasta dish will give you a food baby, but you’ll feel hungry again sooner!
However, it's the general ability to control your weight that allows you to make these things happen. Forget carbs, forget fat, forget protein, forget every single thing you've ever heard about diet and nutrition. Like I mentioned before, the calorie counting for "calories in" can be fairly exact, but "calories out" can only be estimated. If you only wanted to maintain weight, in this example you would just reduce your calorie intake to an equal 2800.
I don't like counting calories or trying to find foods and see how many calories are in them. Hardick is the co-author of the best-selling Maximized Living Nutrition Plans, used in natural health clinics worldwide, and is a contributing author of The Cancer Killers: The Cause is the Cure. Your body actually uses a ton of calories every single day even when you aren't doing anything. What is the best way to eat for fat loss and energy increase?"Really great question, Tracy.
Because these are the calories your body is burning and using up, they are nicknamed calories out.
A glass of wine is a good digestive aid, and you're getting the health benefits, and your liver likes it better. Hardick's seminars and care for patients, he teaches and implements the principles of Maximized Living which he has championed his entire life. She's been a holistic nutritionist for 15 years, and she specializes in digestive and intestinal health. Whatever it is to make it liquid before you swallow.Dave: From a practicality standpoint, do you find that clients who follow this rule, are they taking an hour to eat every meal? She's a speaker, a teacher, and she's just full of all kinds of knowledge that I know we're all going to benefit from. Does it make people's meal time really long?Lorene: No, actually, because they'll stop eating sooner. They may find they're going to have more food left on their plate than they would have had before they started chewing. I got started because, like many people who end up in the health industry, I had health problems.

People were just looking at certain types of phytochemicals that were in the red grapes that weren't in the white grapes.
I thought I was far too young to be having all these issues, and so I went to the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition to become a holistic nutritionist. It's a fermented product.It's all about balance, because if you don't have a balanced sort of perspective, if you try to adhere to some really strict diet regime, whether it's a lifestyle choice uptight diet, or it's a calorie restrictive type diet, you're going to be unhappy, and you can't live that way. The truth is, most people go on these diets, and they lose the weight, but then they gain it back. It's been great.I didn't expect to have it morph into a career, but it did, because there was a lot of people who have similar problems to me, and they weren't getting answers either. From that, I morphed it into focusing on gut health, because there was a connection for both my arthritis and my endometriosis for gut health. What can you do when you're not with your friends to up the nutritional quality of your diet, because you've got free choice now. Her question basically surrounded creating a diet that's good for weight loss and good for increased energy, but without counting calories.
I'm sure you deal with clients all the time that think it's all about calories in calories out.
From a gut health standpoint, what are some other, what's a simple thing that someone could do to improve their digestion?The Importance of Eating Fermented FoodsLorene: Well, they could add fermented foods. You can take probiotics, but they don't necessarily aid the digestion of your meal as well as fermented food. Where would you begin with a client that's looking for weight loss and energy?Lorene: First of all, I'd want to see what the client is doing with their daily eating habits.
Sorry, the habits can change, but you're not going to give up your life because you've decided to lost weight or decided to be healthier. It's funny, because I just met with a client today and this was exactly the conversation we were having.
Let's see what's worthwhile in what you're eating, and then let's just scale it back, if he's overeating.You Have to Start Really Chewing Your FoodBut the problem is with a lot of people, especially if they're lacking in energy, there could be something else going on with symptoms in their body.
So going back to Tracy's question, she was saying, "I want more energy and I want to lose weight. One of the easiest ways to start, and I know this may sound simplistic, but people really need to do this, is to chew your food. If you wanted to eat sauerkraut, I just put it on top of the soup just as I'm about to serve it. About a year ago I read this book on fermentation and was in a real kick to eat more fermented food. Are there other specific foods that you recommend that are easy ways to incorporate fermentation into your diet?Lorene: Oh, sure.
Do you have a set standard, like don't drink this many minutes before or after a meal?Lorene: I would wait 1 hour after a meal, and then drink all you like. If they drink between meals, and make sure they're quenched, and they can drink about half an hour, they say 15 minutes, but I say half and hour before you eat, too.
Don't buy that one.What About Wine as a Fermented Food?Then things like red wine, or white wine, in small amounts, actually aids digestion.
That's something I'd like to tell my listeners about, because I think it would be very helpful for many of them. Can you tell us just a little bit about what's in the course, who should maybe consider taking the course?
What's it's all about?Lorene: Well, it's a combination digestive course, and fermentation course. It essentially is 4 weeks of teaching people really how their body works from a digestive and intestinal, how to improve gut health and all that sort of thing. It's even been shown to be helpful for people who want better performance from exercise, people who are suffering from stress, diabetics, people with heart disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, cancer, depression. You name it, gut health has been connected now, officially, with research studies, officially with everything. Is that possibly because they never had the chance to health their gut?Lorene: Yeah, because a lot of people don't know that their gut health isn't optimal. If you give it what its looking for, it will take care of you, because we're programmed to survive first and foremost. In one of my earlier podcast episodes, I believe actually it was podcast number 1, I talked about how for a long time I suffered from bloating and gas after every single meal. It wasn't till I really analyzed what I was eating and removed a bunch of foods and added a bunch of foods, that now I can eat without that. I don't know how most people feel, but a lot of people when they have issues, they're very frustrated. Anyone listening, I'll, in the show notes, put a link to Lorene's fermentation and gut health course, so you can check that out.

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