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What if I told you that I knew a gal who made–and ate–at least one, if not two, super fatty desserts every day for a month and didn’t gain a pound?
During September, my friend Paula, from Whole Intentions and I wrote the cookbook The Sweeter Side of Candida which is jammed packed with over 70 dessert recipes that are gluten and sugar-free! So, you may ask, how could you have possibly created 40 desserts that were loaded with butter, nuts, coconut milk, coconut oil, eggs, etc.
The one thing I added to my lifestyle, and I’m waiting to hear the groans because I’m sure you know what’s coming, was MOVEMENT! So, if you want to eat dessert during the holidays, but don’t want to gain weight, maybe try taking wheat, sugar and dairy out of your diet and adding some exercise. Fasting is an age-old practice followed by millions of people all over the world to reduce weight rapidly. However, when it comes to weight loss, many consider fasting is the easiest process to follow. Fasting offers countless medical advantages like offering rest to the digestive system, detoxification of the body, inner stillness to the body, physical lightness and more.
For many, fasting enhances spiritual connection that rejuvenates their entire mental health. Few fasting plans like five fruits fasting, juice fasting, vegetable broth fasting and more can enhance good health in people. Fasting has to be done with maximum care; otherwise, it results in serious health problems. Prolonged fasting can cause slow growth in kids and teenagers, as it may result in malnutrition.
For those who are looking forward to healthy weight loss in the name of fasting, it causes mineral deficiencies, muscle breakdown and even vitamin deficiency.
At the initial stages of fasting, weight loss may be quicker, but the weight gain process once the person discontinues fasting may be even more rapid than weight loss.
Dieticians all over the world recommend certain types of fasting that are beneficial to lose weight. Transition fasting is a process in which one can become a vegetarian or a vegan slowly with the help of alternate day fasting. Take help of a dietician before following any type of fasting, so as to ensure that the path you are going to choose is safe for weight loss. One can rely on weight loss supplements that reduce appetite but they may have adverse effect on health in long run.
It is a myth that fasting can reduce your belly fat or post-pregnancy fat accumulated near the tummy area. Lucy Osborne – Naturopath, Nutritionist, Medical Herbalist and a Zest4life Weight Loss Consultant. We find here at Foreman & Jones that when people embark on the therapeutic diet and medicine to aid recovery from recurrent thrush that they lose weight (if they have weight to lose). A Candida overload affects the gut flora so means that the digestion doesn’t function at its optimum. The diet is usually followed for 4-6 weeks, and most patients decide to stick with the dietary changes they have made since they feel so much better, and lighter!
Turmeric has a lot of health benefits, and there is a reliable way to improve digestion with this turmeric-coconut milk drink recipe.

Turmeric helps with proper liver function, improves the blood flow and keeps the digestive tract running smoothly and can also help cure pain related to numerous conditions. Improper diet, poorly cooked food or those who do not chew properly all contribute to poor digestion and issues with the digestive system.
This drink provides anti-inflammatory properties and can be consumed at bedtime to provide the most benefits. Take two cups of coconut milk, one teaspoon of turmeric, ? teaspoon of black pepper, sliced ginger and one teaspoon of honey; Put all but the honey in a saucepan over low heat and leave until bubbles form. People can consume this mixture on a daily basis to help with relaxation, digestion and other health concerns. An alternative recipe is to use three teaspoons of turmeric, one tablespoon of powdered ginger and two teaspoons of black pepper. Turmeric contains curcumin, which provides the bright yellow color to curry, an Indian dish. Turmeric has been found effective against heart disease, cancer, metabolic syndrome and issues like Alzheimer’s Disease. Therefore, simply adding turmeric to the evening beverage before bed can be beneficial for the body and the brain at the same time. Who does that?–Only two ladies on a mission to bring those suffering from candida, and those on sugar and gluten-free diets, an entire cookbook of desserts that they could enjoy for the holidays.
More and more studies are coming out that link obesity, and other major health issues, with sugar consumption.
Not everyone needs to avoid dairy, but a lot of people’s bodies just don’t process it very well. There are tons of amazing substitutions out there these days that will not leave you feeling deprived. It does not require one to cook, control appetite to overeat, etc., thus, many choose this path to shed their weight.
This results in renal problems, early signs of ageing, multi organ failure and also sudden death at times.
This fasting can prolong for about 24 hours and doing this once in a month can extend the life span of a person. You are allowed to eat whatever you want one day, but the next day, you will have to restrict your diet. Avoiding non-vegetarian food entirely may not work out well for all, but transition fasting is a good choice. In order to deal with this, consuming turmeric with milk and even adding ginger can go a long way toward providing relaxation and helping with digestion. Turmeric has been a staple herb for Indians for generations, and they have found many curative properties in the spice that helps them feel healthier and avoid the risk of cancers and issues like Alzheimer’s Disease.
The antioxidants deal with free radicals and help the body get rid of them, allowing the effective use of fatty acids and proteins in the body. It can help in numerous ways and keep the body functioning at its best, allowing people to stay healthy and improve their mood at the same time. We didn’t want a single deprived person out there watching everyone else chow down on ooey gooey treats without something decadent of their own.
Well, the secret is in the things I avoided eating and what I add to my lifestyle that combats fat.

Milk is actually high in carbohydrates and can make it difficult for a person to lose weight. You can find over 70 awesome desserts in The Sweeter Side of Candida that can help you stay on track and keep the pounds at bay. There is another set of people who consider fasting as a severe and a dangerous process to lose weight – that causes various health problems in future. Consuming 300 calories in a day and not consuming more than 500 calories the next day helps improve digestion. It also helps the body fight off inflammation from arthritis and minimizes the issues related to diabetes. The curcumin in turmeric also helps neurons form new connections and improves the function of the brain, decreasing issues like depression and improving memory. Save that grass fed butter for your veggies, or eggs, or anything but bread and there’s a good chance you can avoid gaining weight during the holidays. There are other awesome sweeteners out there that will not make you fat and will not feed your candida. I do eat butter and occasionally very hard cheeses, as my body tends to deal with those better. Fasting is also followed as a religious practice in many parts of the world, and those who fast assert that it helps them stay healthy. Fasting without food and with fruit juice and water can also support substantial weight loss without affecting the energy level of the body.
The inclusion of turmeric means benefits in regard to conditions where inflammation is an issue.
If you really love your toast in the morning and would rather not give it up, try eating sourdough bread made from real sourdough starter. If you’re cramming chocolate bars into your mouth everyday at 4pm and can’t stop dreaming about that next sugar fix, you might want to take this online test or this blood test to see if you have candida.
If you’re trying to lose weight, maybe remove most dairy products and see if you see a difference. Fasting is also carried out to remove toxins from the body, and this type of fasting is known as detox fasting. Be it any type of fasting, it is always advisable for you to take the help of your fitness expert, dietician or your family doctor. Adults and the elderly can gain great benefit from consuming this beverage on a daily basis.
Instead of cooking instant soups, it is good to have boiled vegetables or the water after straining the boiled vegetables.
Personally, I have zero plans to give up grass fed butter–just making a public declaration of that.

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