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Eliminate (if it is possible forever) potatoes (they have no nutritional value, you will not lose anything) and corn from your nutrition and reinvent the way you prepare the main course.
Include in your menu zucchini, spinach, green peppers, tomatoes, broccoli and cauliflower – all of these delicious vegetables can be consumed in great quantities daily without gaining a gram of fat! Choose a source of lean protein (eggs, chicken, fish and turkey) at every meal to achieve this type of effects and to lose weight quickly. Without water there cannot be produced any exchange at the cellular level, and the sensation of dehydration is often confused with the one of hunger.
Not only that, it gives you energy to do physical activities, which in turn would make you healthier. The infographic above provides 30 effective ways to lose weight. Although you have tried countless times to keep a diet, your current figure proves that you really need a change in your type of approach – you still have a few extra pounds that stubbornly insist to annoy you and you must find the real reasons why this happens.

We remind you that starch free vegetables, low in carbohydrates and full of vitamins should occupy an important place in your diet. There is a trick to do this: use a spray with oil instead of directly pouring it from the bottle into the pan.
We advise you to be more accurate especially when it comes to drinking, because water is essential for the initiation of the weight loss process. Therefore, if you don’t drink enough water you will eat- and you don’t want this, as you wish to lose weight.
It helps maintaining the elasticity of our skin for a youthful look and it is vital for the functions of our organism.
This helps prevent various kinds of ailments including heart disease, high blood pressure, certain forms of cancer, gallstones, breathing difficulties, and type 2 diabetes.

Some of these include keeping a food journal, exercising for 30 to 60 minutes a day, planning for cravings, and avoiding trans fats and cholesterol. Healthy, lean proteins help you feel full up faster, increase your metabolic rate and help building muscle mass. Put oil in a spray bottle and use just the amount necessary for greasing the pan and not for drowning your food in oil. Plain water is the best, especially if we decided to change our lifestyle and lose a few kilos.

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