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Beyonce revealed that she was 195 pounds at her heaviest when she gave birth to Blue Ivy, and she worked hard to lose the baby weight! Beyonce experienced a total sexual re-awakening after giving birth to her now 1-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy. Beyonce chose to show off her post-baby curves in her new music videos for her visual album, “Beyonce,” because she worked so hard to earn them!
It seems that Kanye West is truly happy with his marriage to Kim Kardashian but she is NOT because he’s already gaining that marital weight and she didn’t marry a chubby Kanye!
Everybody knows Kanye West has a lot of excess baggage, but the rapper’s fed up wife Kim Kardashian forcing him to shed some of it—namely, the 15 pounds of weight and the spare tire he gained since their daughter North’s birth last June. Meanwhile, the 37 year-old musician-turned-designer is getting creative about covering up his expanding gut, including wearing oversized T-shirts that “make him look like a potato sack on two legs,” says the source. How sweet: Kourtney Kardashian slipped into a pair of tight-fitting skinny turquoise jeans on a family outing in Calabasas yesterdayHer boyfriend Scott, meanwhile, was carrying little Penlope in a carrier.
Relaxed approach: Kourtney gained 45lbs during her recent pregnancy but says she is in no rush to shift the poundsBut with her daughter only just six weeks old Kourtney is 'not really' thinking about losing the weight just yet. The speed of her weight loss led to health issues, documented in an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.
It seems that she has now learnt her lesson, taking a healthy approach to her post-baby body. The delivery was 'really easy,' Kourtney said - and just like with son Mason she delivered the baby herself, pulling her out. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
The daughter of body-builder and actor Mickey Hargitay and actress Jayne Mansfield, Mariska was always conscious about her figure and tried to take a good care of her body. Coincidentally, just minutes after my friend's shaming of her slight weight gain, Tamera addressed that very topic on the show. Though the Beyonces and Ciaras of the world make post-baby weight loss look like a magic show, the reality is that no normal mom, with the responsibility of caring for a child and all that it entails, can snap back like a rubberband. Thankfully, Tamera took on the criticism in stride and is embracing her baby weight like a badge of honor.

Singer Jessica Simpson is reportedly pregnant, seven months after giving birth to her first baby. Simpson spent the past months gushing over her new daughter and life as a mother, whilst struggling to shed the baby weight. On se souvient encore des toilettes en or installes pour le mariage de Kim Kardashian et Kanye West.
Car si sa jolie petite North peut esperer un avenir prometteur tant qu'elle restera aussi mignonne, Kim n'a pas toujours compris qu'elle n'avait pas le physique pour jouer les tops. Kendall Jenner fronce les yeux en voyant la robe qu'a choisi de porter sa soeur, Kim Kardashian. The mom revealed she dropped 65 pounds after giving birth to her daughter, and she wanted to show off her curves and sensual dance moves like she had before having her child.
She lost the baby weight and deals with all his demands, so she wants him to loose the doughnut around the middle. But she lost 55 pounds in a matter of months, through strenuous workouts—including an on-call personal trainer and 100 squats a day—and by following the Atkins diet. Her role on this show has garnered Mariska a number of prestigious nominations and awards, including Golden Globe and Emmy. You can add content to this area by visiting your Widgets Panel and adding new widgets to this area. Entre ceux qui achetent leur propre jet, qui depensent des millions pour un yacht ou les divas capricieuses a la Mariah Carey, on pensait avoir tout vu. Si l'on pensait que cette enieme fantaisie etait le comble du ridicule, le mari de la bimbo vient de nous prouver que nous avions tort.
Pourtant, le mari de Kim aurait deja mis de cote pres de 5 millions de dollars pour mener son projet faramineux a bien.
Avec son corps disproportionne, son visage artificiel et ses looks souvent mal doses, elle semble pourtant faire la sourde oreille. That is one of the reasons why a sudden Mariska Hargitay weight gain became the tastiest snack for the tabloids.
Some of the medications and painkillers she was prescribed after the injury had a side effect- it stimulated her weight growth.

Needless to say, while recovering after the surgery the actress had to take a break from exercising. Selon le National Enquirer, le rappeur veut se faire batir une cathedrale, au moins aussi impressionnante que la Sagrada Familia a Barcelone.
Not only is her professional career worth admiration: Mariska is also a founder of the Joyful Heart Foundation, which aims to help woman who experienced a sexual abuse. Selon l'un des proches du rappeur, Kanye serait fascine par la superbe Sagrada Familia d'Antoni Gaudi a Barcelone et espere bien s'en faire construite une aussi impressionnante.
Alors que sa femme et lui sont deja assis sur un pactole estime a plusieurs centaines de millions de dollars, le rappeur aurait donc le culot d'amasser des fonds sur internet. However, all of her achievements were temporally forgotten, when in the mid 2000s the media got preoccupied with Mariska Hargitay weight gain. The answer is pretty simple: in 2005, already at the age 41, the actress found herself pregnant for the first time. Despite all these conditions, clearly unfavorable for the weight loss, the newly-baked mom has managed to get rid of most of the extra pounds in quite a short period. Qu'il s'estime deja heureux d'avoir un talent pour gagner de l'argent, contrairement a Kim qui ne vit que pour montrer son imposant derriere !
She did this by exercising and following a healthy diet, which included plenty of organic vegetables and fruits. The actress admitted she was so happy to learn she’s carrying a baby, her body shape no longer even mattered to her.
Although today Marisa is a bit chubbier than she used to be before giving birth, she loves her new body, because it just screams she’s a mom. Of course, even then Hargitay avoided junk-food and tried to use as many fresh fruits and vegetables as possible- she realized the necessity to consider the health of her baby.

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