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For remote destinations we ship thro Indian Government Speed post, pls allow 2 weeks for delivery after shipping. What do Hot & Heavy, colonization cupcakes and George Clooney circa "Facts Of Life" have in common? The Curvy Girls episode, featuring Virgie Tovar, aired November 21!When I got the email from the Ricki Lake Show I was standing in the middle of the Forever 21 Plus section at 4th & Market (not to be confused with the Forever 21 at 5th and Market) in San Francisco with my friend, Alex. Today is the official release date of Hot & Heavy: Fierce Fat Girls on Life, Love and Fashion.
Virgie Tovar, MA is one of the nation's leading experts and lecturers on fat discrimination and body image. Rachel Marcus came up to me during the pre-dyke march gathering at Dolores Park during Pride weekend as I was chilling outside a tent my friends had set up, holding some healing crystals and sipping some hibiscus tea - as one does. My grandmother, Esperanza, was a master seamstress - having learned all her skills from her mother, Manuela - until she got Parkinson's. I had just decided upon going with the more versatile non-studded option when I checked my phone (I know: rude!).
The book didn't even have a name, and when I pitched it originally it had been an anthology exclusively about fat sexuality.
How do Hot & Heavy and Thanksgiving intersect and why am I taking H&H with me tomorrow? My mother, Maria, liked to use glittery puffy paint to enhance denim skirts she'd turned into minis. I was finishing grad school and had almost lost my mind due to the strange politics and sociopaths that academia seems to attract. I encourage folks who have thoughts about my work to go out and have a conversation with someone about what you loved (or hated.. You know how suspicious I am of health and fitness rhetoric, ghurl, but being around Rachel felt really good. First, Thanksgiving is the second big holiday in the trifecta I (and many others) celebrate - Halloween, T-day and Christmas. She'd draw entire scenes from The Little Mermaid on the pockets of the skirts, and she'd turn discarded, seemingly hopeless things into elaborate and beautiful gifts for me.
But I was in love with my research about fat women, and couldn't believe how much my life had changed since I started the research. I also know that there are fat folks who have fitness oriented goals who deserve someone amazing to work with them on.
And even though it's the second, it seems to be the official kick-off to the annual ritual of increased discussion and news coverage around food shaming and diet talk. She made me leopard-print jumpers and fashioned my hair into gloriously high side pony tails. I wanted to introduce you to Rachel because I love her philosophy and I think she's revolutionizing the idea of fitness.
I know for a lot of people the holidays are fraught with anxiety on multiple levels: family, past, food, money.
It was from the show's assistant producer letting me know they liked my Lose Hate Not Weight campaign and were thinking of inviting me on the show.
She helped me practice fierce quippy one-line retorts to defend my body against the rapid onslaught of attacks it constantly buffeted.

I started jumping up and down - right there amidst the sequined cheetah print maxi dresses and the color block jeans.
When I take the book with me I can flip to the page of the friend I need most in that moment.
We did a preliminary phone interview that afternoon while I stood outside the Ferry Building, pacing as I broke down my thoughts on fat and gender, fat and sex, fat and the dieting industry, my fat history. I remember the sound of their voice, the way they look when they laugh, what they would say when my family was erupting into the strange drama proffered by my aunt's internet boyfriend who she met at the Greyhound bus station one time and who now refuses to talk to any of us while he eats mountains of my grandmother's food and pretends to have a secret job but has no driver's license and insists he's Cherokee. She said they were planning a show called "Curvy Girls." I was excited but a smidge worried: was this show going to be curvy-positive or curvy-negative? It is a place where shoes are optional, and glorious mouths open and big tummies rollick when women laugh.
This is a magical place, where giant clams stake their place on the lagoon floors, where glow worms dance during full moons, where a prehistoric language still percusses on the tongues of every inhabitant, where papaya is perfected by humidity and sunlight, where the dragonflies are as big as hummingbirds. As a little fat girl, it was clothing that became symbols of my body's failure to conform, and as a grown & ferosh fat lady, it is clothing that has become a claim to visibility and a challenge to conquer, alter and radicalize. And so does Deah Schwartz ("Take Off the Damn Shoe!") with a little bit of Margitte Kristjannson ("Who Wears Short Shorts?") and Sydney Lewis ("I Came to Femme through Fat and Black"), of course.
I have to understand the dimensions of my body - how wide my upper arms are, how big my bust is, how my hips are shaped, how many inches I need to account for when I sit down (and my belly pops more!) - when I'm buying or altering clothes. Whenever I see Syd we eat ridiculous packaged baked goods and drink many lady cocktails while she regales me with the many quotes from Toddlers & Tiaras or Honey Boo Boo that sum up complex theoretical concepts like heteropatriarchy or radical queerness through tea cup pigs and go-go juice. I feel like my wardrobe - the hair birds, the sequins, the tiny veiled hats, the endless nautical-themed outfits - is part of my healing process. Second, Thanksgiving is a holiday that is essentially about celebrating the seizure and occupation of land that was once ungoverned in many senses.
And I see our bodies - and the self-loathing many of us carry for our bodies - as part of that same legacy of colonial occupation. I encourage you to reflect on the wondrous things your body has done for you this year or month or week. I was playing a little game of hide and seek with the crabs as they popped in and out of their subterranean burrows, and that gave way to writing wishes in the white Pacific Island sand: if anything magical could happen by doing this kind of thing it would be in this place. I wanted to write a book that would change the way that we talk about fat, a book about fierce, unapologetic, sexy, sassy, ruthless, middle-finger-extended-to-the-world fat girls! En route to Culver City the cab driver began to tell me about the time he was arrested and accused of theft for having moved 2 bicycles from in front of the pizza place where he was first employed.
At this point in the story I still hadn't been introduced to the dazzling world of fat activism. He pulled over for about 20 minutes to tell me the tale and because I was early and giddy I listened attentively while sequestered in his car. Just outside the green room was a magical candy land filled with every imaginable treat and beverage!
Now I was 27 and I sent my proposal for Fatties of the World Unite all the way from Christchurch, New Zealand to California, to Seal Press.
An entire room dedicated to donuts, a dozen flavored coffee and teas, every kind of candy and chips and crackers, every kind of gum.
The senior editor wrote me back about a month (or maybe three) later, telling me she liked my voice and that she would see what everyone else thought. I ended up getting some coffee and watching a taping of the show on the screen in the green room. Interestingly, what I got out of the exchange was not the rejection but rather the pride that the senior editor had written me and told me she liked my stuff.

I also had some good news to buffer the rejection: I had been accepted to the Human Sexuality Masters program at San Francisco State University, one of the only of its kind in the world and one of two similar programs in the United States.
I'd been fantasizing about some day being taken into a special room where my hair and makeup would be done by brilliant professionals.
I discovered lots of things, among them that some fat women feel that they are not allowed to be "girly" in childhood because of their fatness and that this may lead to gender confusion. The stories the women I interviewed told were fascinating to me and to other scholars who found out about my work.
He flat-ironed my bangs, did some amazing curls, added some clips in for volume, and then took it one step further: he weaved pink tinsel into my hair! After that it was time for makeup, and the makeup artist knew that I was down for the drag. I got to hear some celeb gossip and I also heard that my hair guy was off to do something with Johnny Depp's wigs after our little hair encounter.
Fat Studies was actually a feature at conferences I was attending for the first time, and presentations of my research filled entire rooms with interested participants. When I was nearing graduation I wrote the senior editor of Seal again, asking if she remembered me and telling her that this fat thing was catching on. I had meetings with other writers and mentors, most of them said I’d never get it done on time.
I got in touch with bloggers, writers, vloggers, scholars, activists, big women I saw at Costco (“Hi, you look really fierce.
Glee's Amber Riley was right down the hall and so was Marie Denee of The Curvy Fashionista.
For a topic that is relatively new and very taboo (increasingly taboo with the redoubled efforts of the War on Obesity), I was amazed that so many women were willing to share their stories with an unknown editor, to use this word, to be part of something so different. There were nights I stayed up reading the same submission over and over, nodding with recognition, sometimes crying because the story held resonance or remembrance or regret that we shared.
If you are fat you could live your entire existence truly believing that you deserve nothing approaching what I call life. I tried to do that, but it was a no-go so we settled on the chunky camel heels with an ankle strap I'd packed. I realized that in my desire to empower women I wanted to edit out parts of the story that made up the tales of liberation the contributors were telling. I added some sheer pink ankle socks with polka dots (Forever 21) to make the outfit a little bit more me. I wanted to show them only the shiny, fun bits, the bits that come after a lot of thinking and dreaming and contemplation and pain.
I got prepped by the producer (who I instantly fell in love with) and then I got mic'd up and sent out to where the taping was happening. I realized that my attempt to mask these parts of the story was my way of trying to protect readers from having to relive experiences that had hurt them, but I realized that to do that would be inauthentic. I could hear Ricki and the audience on the other side of the wall while I waited to be unleashed onto the stage. I was shown a diagram of the stage and directed to walk this way and that way, behind the coffee table, down some stairs and I would be there in the presence of la Ricki. This book is amazing and historical, a book that will still be read in fifty years for the first or fifth time, and I’m honored to have been given the opportunity to oversee its creation.

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