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The amazing Shae Jovan Motivating Mum for July shares her mid month July update and is loving the 28 Day Winter Weight Loss Challenge.
Hi there, for those of you who don’t know me, my name is Shae Jovan, I’m one of the Motivating Mums for the month of July & in turn for the Winter Weight Loss Challenge. And best yet, my kids sit in awe watching me in my home gym, they think I’m just soooo strong, stronger than daddy even, lol!
Mum Monique, 25 and a mum of 1 has been using the lose baby weight healthy eating plan and smoothies since June 2014 and has lost 5.2kg. Take 2 table spoon of lemon juice and 1 pinch of sliced ginger in water when you drink water regularly. We all know that apple is very healthy fruit for body and brain and apples are also very good for lose weight easily.
You can take Oats in your breakfast daily in the morning or snack time to lose weight fast. If you like to eat tea or coffee daily then switch to green tea if you want to lose weight.
People who are overweight can get very annoyed with others telling them they need to lose weight. Before we look at the health risks associated with being overweight we should maybe define the definitions of being overweight.
We become overweight because the energy intake in our diet (the number of calories we eat) exceeds our energy expenditure (the number of calories we burn). Weight loss requires some lifestyle changes to be effective and it can be hard to get started on this. I wasn’t in the habit of weighing myself regularly because I wasn’t trying to lose weight, but one day I did weigh myself and found that I had lost about 16 pounds without even realising. The surprising thing was that I didn’t need to continue with this calorie reduction to stay at my new lower weight. Aiming to lose weight over a period of a month helps to ensure that you won’t cause yourself any health problems relating to fasting or other extreme dietary regimes. I’m not a weight loss guru but based on my own experience I would suggest taking note of what you eat and when and how much. Using the Smarter goals technique will enable you to identify exactly what you want to achieve in terms of weight loss and the timeline for this. A tip from Paul McKenna in his book, “I can make you thin” (amazon link), is to chew your food slowly.
After the end of the month of disciplined sensible eating and weight loss, I would recommend regular weigh-ins to stay focused on not putting weight back on. The incredible Lisa Hagarty has lost an amazing 39kgs in 10 months with Lose Baby Weight and has been a Motivating Mum for July. The injury I have is really making me change things up and making me be more creative and step out of my usual exercise routine that I had in place. My favourite recipes that I have loved on the Winter Weight Loss Challenge have been the Warm Poached Pear with Yoghurt, which was a very welcome change to my daily smoothie, and a great warm start to my early morning.
A couple of weeks ago I went through all of my clothes and had to chuck out 7 bags worth of clothes that were too big !!! The next couple of weeks are going to be a challenge as we are going on a family holiday to Queensland, but I will be prepared with my favourite vanilla Healthy Mummy Smoothie mix, blender and will do a big grocery shop when we get there.
As far as weight loss has gone I have lost 1.2kgs since being on the Challenge, but I have lost 1cm from everywhere on my body, as long as those scales and measurements keep going down I am really happy.

So I wish you all the very best for the rest of the Challenge and am so looking forward to seeing all of your great results. I do get embarrassed when my eldest 2 watch me at times, because I’m still ashamed I am this size, but then I have to remind myself of how good I’m doing and that they are not judging me, they want to join me & that’s because I am setting a positive healthy example for them.
When you eat apple it decrease your hunger and thus it stops your taking food continuously.
Baked foods are enriched with more nutrition and are good for health so try to eat more baked food instead of fried food.
The advice could be on the television, in the newspapers, or on the internet, but if you’re overweight it always seems to be the same message – “you need to lose weight”. The measure that’s usually used to determine if we are underweight, normal weight or overweight is the body mass index (BMI) which compares your weight with your height. Once I felt a little better I went back to eating just like I had before and I didn’t really put any weight on.
If you need to lose a lot of weight I believe a lot can be achieved in the first month and the healthy eating habits can be established and followed up over a longer period.
This can be in the form of imagining how we will look and feel when we have lost the weight, so we enjoy in advance the sensory experience of being successful in achieving our weight loss goals. Different sources have different words that the letters in Smarter stand for, but for illustration here we’ll call it: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-specific, Evaluate, and Revise. This means that you don’t gulp the food down and you give your digestive system an opportunity to respond to the food you have just swallowed, which means you feel fuller as you eat, and you eat less at each meal as a result.
If you weigh yourself every day there is a danger that you might become discouraged if you notice you aren’t losing much weight right away and give up on your weight loss plans. Continuing with the food diary is also an excellent idea, since I have found that it’s easy to get back into bad habits. Like instead of running I am now swimming once a week and I am focusing on my upper body work out more than my legs when I do a weights work out at the gym. The Baked Moussaka for One, which ended up being big enough to feed me for 2 day’s worth of lunches and the Chilli Con Carne which I usually make for the family, but it was great to have a healthier version and the family didn’t even notice the difference. I’ve gained arm muscle something I never thought I could achieve with the Lose Baby Weight plans. Obesity problem causes many diseases like heart attack or diabetic problem.  By dieting you can lose weight but it is a slow and long term process. In this case we are being made to think that unless we are stick-thin then we are some kind of obese loser. I have identified my target weight, worked out a timescale for achieving it, and the reductions in food intake and increases in exercise that would be required. Before I lost this weight my BMI had been 27.3, which is well into the overweight zone, putting me at risk of all the problems listed above. I think I must have reached the higher weight at some point due to overeating and the amount I normally ate just maintained my weight at that level.
This can be a real eye-opener as a lot of people (myself included) are often unaware of how much they actually eat over the course of a day. There are various specific techniques for doing this and some of these are outlined in the NLP books I talked about in another article.
In my own accidental weight loss success I didn’t weigh myself for about a month and I was very pleased with the result. A year or two after losing the weight I talked about here I have found that my weight can creep up by a pound or two (or three) if I’m not careful, and regular monitoring helps me to get back on track if I start to stray into old habits.

I have had some pretty sick kids this month, a lot of sleepless nights and to top it off I injured my ankle and knee really bad in a fall and the exercise that I usually do has been very limited. I’m also doing as many of the Winter Weight Loss Challenge exercises that I can being restricted by my injury.
Take 3 table spoon of lemon juice, 1 pinch of sliced ginger and 1 table spoon of honey with a glass of water after each ? hour. I have no time for this type of message and paying any attention to it is just a recipe for unhappiness.
There are various websites where you can calculate your own BMI, one of which is provided by the NIH here (opens in a new browser window). If we combine this type of diet with lack of regular exercise, even walking regularly will do, then the extra energy is stored away in our bodies in the form of fat and the health problems listed above are more likely to develop. After losing the weight my BMI was 25.1, which is still just inside the overweight zone but much better than before.
Once I had lost the weight, when I went back to my normal eating patterns I just maintained that lower weight. I’ve heard overweight people initially claim they eat very little and can’t understand why they put on weight, only for the answer to become clear once they review what they have eaten using their food diary.
Also, not knowing how the process is going can help to “keep you on your toes” and focused on the job at hand.
I gained 6 lbs in 3 weeks and then lost like 5 ounces this past week, even tho my belly got bigger Unintentional weight loss in older adults I joined a weight loss competition knowing that I had a good chance of winning. And I started to go through clothes that I had stored in vacuum bags a few years ago that I had put away when they were too small for me and even some of these clothes were too big. The other weight loss message that we receive is much more helpful, and I believe paying attention to this message will lead to greater health and happiness for most people. This was achieved without any drastic reduction in food intake, just a slight reduction over a sustained period.
Which is encouraging, because as long as you don’t start overeating any weight loss can be maintained fairly painlessly. Once you know how much you actually eat currently, you can plan how to reduce this a little each day as required. I ve always been great at working hard and reaching a goal Not gaining much weight during third trimester?
So because I got rid of about 90% of my wardrobe I needed new clothes, it was so exciting to be able to buy clothes from the “normal” stores just off the rack and I fitted into everything that I tried on in a size 14. But let me tell you something more interesting that you can lose weight by eating these foods more and more.
However, a few years ago I caught a virus that made me lose my appetite a little for about a month.
No bingeing at weekends, or special treats, just eating a little less consistently over time. Aim to consume four to six small meals How can a 13 year old girl lose weight in a month?

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