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Healthy dinner recipesĀ are key to sticking on track with your personal fitness and weight management goals. Did you know that over 70% of Canadians wish they could find more time to plan inspiring and delicious meals for their family to enjoy at the dinner table?
By maintaining a consist schedule of meal planning and being active on a regular basis, you can easily maintain all your personal fitness and health goals. This week I encourage you to get active with you family, whether you follow this plan, head outdoors for a walk, play ball with the kids… whatever it takes just get that heart of yours pumping.

I’m part of the few 10% of Canadians that make a point to sit down each week to write out a meal plan and grocery list. It does take time and it can be a tedious task, however I find it helps me stay on budget and on track. It’s the perfect duo for success in achieving and sustaining whatever your goals may be. Personally, I like to build up a system and document many of the delicious recipes I come across.

Every week I go through my recipes and pick 3 to 4 meals with similar ingredients to add to my grocery list.

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