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Thanks Flavia for the excellent tips on how to get the most benefit from drinking pure, refreshing water with a twist! Hi Flavia, I’m concerned about the erosion to teeth that the constant exposure to acidic lemon will cause.
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Share Pin Tweet YumTotal Shares 18KOne of my favorite weight loss topics to talk about is infused water! Also called detox water, fruit flavored water, or fruit infused water; infused water can generally be any combination of fruits, vegetables, and herbs immersed in cold water. I began making infused water back in April 2012 with my first flavored water post Day Spa Apple Cinnamon Water.
You can make a serving of infused water in a single glass, or use an fruit infusion pitcher to make a large batch. Drinking water to lose weight and be healthier is one of the easiest habits you can have, especially when you can make so many types of A infused water choose from. Everyone has their favorite fruit infused water ingredients, but some are more popular than others. This Day Spa Apple Cinnamon Water recipe has been my most popular personal detox water recipes of all time. This is the classic lemon water recipe you’d find everywhere, and in the top 5 for good reason. What better way to increase your water consumption than to drink infused water for weight loss?
The best thing about drinking infused water or detox water is that you can try any combination of fruits and herbs to create your own recipes.
My name is Audrey Johns and I would like to share my remarkable weight loss story with you. I found that when I stopped eating all processed foods, anything with chemicals, preservatives and artificial sweeteners, and increased my water intake the weight just started to fall off!
AFFILIATE DISCLAIMER Links on this website may lead you to a product or service that provides an affiliate commission to the owners of this site should you make a purchase. We all know or have been told that drinking lemon water first thing in the morning is especially good for cleansing the liver and to A kick start our digestive system, and it is completely true, but lemon water does much more than that, lemons are also a good source of citric acid, potassium, calcium, phosphorous and magnesium. Here is the top 10, out of many, benefits of drinking lemon water, and I am sure after reading them you will want make it a regular habit, I did!
All content on this website is for informational purposes only and should not be considered to be a specific diagnosis or treatment plan for any individual situation.
I discovered through my own attempts to get fit that most exercise and diet programs simply don't work for women. From exercises just for us, to the special nutrition needs of women, I'll help you understand your body better and learn to live a more healthy and fit lifestyle.
Lemon juice helps flush out unwanted materials in part because lemons increase the rate of urination in the body. Vitamin C is vital for healthy glowing skin while its alkaline nature kills some types of bacteria known to cause acne. Ascorbic acid (vitamin C), found in abundance in lemons, promotes wound healing, and is an essential nutrient in the maintenance of healthy bones, connective tissue, and cartilage. Studies have shown that drinking water naturally boosts your metabolism, and drinking fruit infused water for weight loss can be an easy way to increase your water intake. While infused water has the benefit of being full of flavor, it also has no calories, making it a very powerful tool in your efforts to lose weight and gain better health. That recipe turned out to be really popular, and went viral on Pinterest with over 2 million views within the first year.

Lemon, lime, strawberries, apples, and oranges and the most popular fruit ingredients, while cucumber, mint, basil, cinnamon, and ginger are the most popular vegetable ingredients. Also called Lemon Detox Water or Lemon Water, this detox water recipe has the benefit of being really simple and tasty. I originally wrote the Day Spa Apple Cinnamon Water recipe on a blog post back in April 2012, and it got picked up on Pinterest right away. This Mango Ginger Water recipe has been at the top of the charts since it was first introduced. Make a pitcher to drink all day and watch your weight loss go up!A I also like to have a fruit infused water bottle with me when I’m on the go for infused water water anytime, anywhere.
Boosts your immune system: Lemons are high in vitamin C and potassium, which stimulatesA brain and nerve function. Helps with weight loss: To fight hunger cravings maintain a more alkaline diet, this is becauseA lemons are high in pectin fiber. Aids digestion: It encourages the liver to produce bile which is an acid that required forA digestion, which reducesA heartburn and constipation. Is a diuretic: Lemons increase the rate of urination in the body, which helps purify it fromA toxins, therefore, helps keep yourA urinary tract healthy. Clears skin: Lemon water purges toxins from the blood which helps keep skin clear as well, thisA is thanks to the vitamin C component helps decrease wrinkles and blemishes. Freshens breath: The citric acid can erode tooth enamel, so it can help relieve tooth pain andA gingivitis. Relieves respiratory problems: Warm lemon water helps get rid of chest infections and haltA those pesky coughs.
Keeps you zen: Vitamin C is one of the first things depleted when you subject your mind andA body to stress. Helps kick the coffee habit: Normally after a glass of hot lemon water, you dona€™t crave coffeeA in the morning. Use of this website and the information contained herein does not create a doctor-patient relationship. As a registered nurse I began to study nutrition for women, became a certified personal trainer and developed workout and diet programs just for women.
It’s atomic composition is similar to saliva and the hydrochloric acid of digestive juices. Therefore toxins are released at a faster rate which helps keep your urinary tract healthy.
Sure, they are acidic on their own, but inside our bodies they’re alkaline (the citric acid does not create acidity in the body once metabolized). A reaction occurs when the positive charged ions from food enter the digestive tract and interact with the negative charged enzymes. Studies have shown people who maintain a more alkaline diet, do in fact lose weight faster.
These simple detoxA water recipes are inexpensive, have almost zero calories, and taste great too! For a full one week detox plan, check out my Detox Diet Week post and give your weight loss a kick start, or try out a Detox Tea for a hot water detox drink.
Since then, I have created a lot more infused water recipes, and written a book called Fruit Infusion: A Collection of Day Spa Inspired, Fruit Infused Waters.
You can refill your infused water pitcher several times without losing a lot of flavor, and the pitchers also look really nice on a kitchen table. Even though this lemon water detox recipe has only two ingredients, lemons and mint, the sweetness and sour from the lemons create a delicious flavor while also providing lots of Vitamin C and the mint adds a refreshing taste. Along with boosting your metabolism ginger also is a natural pain reliever, from migraines to menstrual cramps ginger heals a lot of pain.
It’s got the great taste, and the health benefits of the cucumbers and lemons flush your system and help you feel better.

Other reasons include: fills you up, flushes your system, and naturally helps your body release fat cells. Detox drinks should also be low in sugar and free from any artificial sweeteners or chemicals. I have tried every diet out there, South Beach, Weight Watchers, Atkins, sugar free, fat free, calorie counting, you name it Ia€™ve tried it. Any health concern or condition should be addressed by a doctor or other appropriate health care professional.
Always consult with your own doctor in connection with any questions or issues you may have regarding your own health or the health of others. The citric acid in lemons helps maximize enzyme function, which stimulates the liver and aids in detoxification. Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) found in lemons demonstrates anti-inflammatory effects, and is used as complementary support for asthma and other respiratory symptoms plus it enhances iron absorption in the body; iron plays an important role in immune function.
Lemons contain both citric and ascorbic acid, weak acids easily metabolized from the body allowing the mineral content of lemons to help alkalize the blood.
Since lemon water purges toxins from your blood, it would also be helping to keep your skin clear of blemishes from the inside out.
Lemon is one of the few foods that contain more negative charged ions, providing your body with more energy when it enters the digestive tract. Combined, vitamin C is an essential nutrient in the maintenance of good health and recovery from stress and injury.
It is best to brush your teeth first, then drink your lemon water, or wait a significant amount of time after to brush your teeth. I personally find myself making better choices throughout the day, if I start my day off right, by making a health conscious choice to drink warm lemon water first thing every morning.
They are individual experiences, reflecting real life experiences of those who have used our products in some way or another. Also called Detox Apple Cinnamon Water, this recipe is delicious and has the benefit of being metabolism boosting.
Drinking cucumber water for weight loss is also very popular recently because of one main reason….it works well!
The most important thing to remember is that any recipe works, as long as it helps you drink more water. The information and opinions found on this website are written based on the best data available at the time of writing, and are believed to be accurate according to the best discernment of the authors. Lemons are also high in minerals and vitamins and help loosen toxins, in the digestive tract. Additionally, you can rinse your mouth with purified water after you finish your lemon water.
Those who do not seek council from the appropriate health care authority assume the liability of any injury which may occur. The digestive qualities of lemon juice help to relieve symptoms of indigestion, such as heartburn, belching and bloating. The American Cancer Society actually recommends offering warm lemon water to cancer sufferers to help stimulate bowel movements.
The publisher of this site is not responsible for any errors or omissions in any content herein.

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