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Time to talk about all those heart rate charts.  They are so neat and tidy, they make everything so simple and clear. The biggest problem of all with these pretty heart rate charts is that there is a HUGE variation in heartrates between similar healthy individuals which lowers the values of the charts right off the bat. So those pretty charts are all based upon a formula that only takes age into account and nothing else and then arbitrarily divide it up into pretty zones.
When training its often not possible to stop and measure your heart rate with a watch and with your finger on your pulse, swimming is a great example of where you cant do this.
For example, one way to do interval training is to sprint for 2 minutes of 100%, then to walk until you get down to VT1 and then sprint 2 minutes again. Do the Conconi test or beep test to measure your anaerobic & aerobic threshold, or max HR. I wont google the Karvonen formula so I can pretend I knew what you were talking about Seriously, I dont know. So do you believe it is more important to maintain a target heart rate or to have a more intuitive approach of how hard one is breathing? The VT1, VT2 method is *not* intuition – these are very important physiological markers. Or, you could do the smart thing, and do fasted cardio in the morning to deplete glycogen stores, then load up on carbs right afterwards so as to expand your glycogen storage capacity and be able to do longer bouts of higher-intensity exercises in the afternoon. There’s no reason why you should have to choose between aerobic and anaerobic exercise.
Anybody who is half serious about losing weight and doing cardio for the long-term will go out and run instead of using a stupid cardio machine.

BMI is a bad joke, they tried to do a ratio taking weight divided by a misscalculating area-volumen, and considering than muscle or fat are the same for weight..
Why is it so hard for people to understand that cardio is just how fast your heart beats and how long.. 100% heart rate (and VO2Max) can be achieve with 2min or 5min (for exemple running 600 or 1500m).
Meet Joe Wexler — an obese man who doesn’t understand why he weighs 770 pounds despite his “healthy” diet that has him eating an astonishing 10,000 calories per day! He was shocked to learn his favorite foods — such as ranch dressing and ice cream — are high in fat, and not exactly ideal for dieting. But after a doctor warned that he was dangerously overweight — and, essentially, slowly killing himself, he realized he needed to make a change.
He has since dropped down to 652 pounds — and was approved for gastric bypass surgery, which he has undergone.
They obfuscate this by talking about the ratio of calories taken from fat versus other sources, but that is totally misleading. For a typical couch potato who is trying to lose weight only what would be better, 5-10 minutes of intence cardio or 1 hour of moderate cardio? A very intense weightlifting session for 30 minutes would leave your body burning through calories for hours afterward, while a mild jog on a treadmill for 45 minutes will have relatively no calorie burn within 5 to 10 minutes of finishing. My suspicion is cardio manufacturers expect its user to become demotivated on their average priced machine long before the user experiences lasting gains.
Its intent may have stayed the same, a tool for measuring sedentary individuals weight in mutual relationship to their population, but its application has changed.

The linear equation had a confidence interval of ±5–8 bpm and the nonlinear equation had a tighter range of ±2–5 bpm. Scooby, you should be precise about what you call MAX (max heart rate, max power, max speed). Life, confessed to eating “two full meals plus snacks,” and struggled to comprehend why he remained confined to his home and ineligible for weight-loss surgery. He recently went to the gym for the first time, and met with a nutritionist, who helped him establish a more balanced diet. If you have any fears about this, go to your doctor and get a physical, its a really good idea before starting any exercise program anyway! The graph you used, aslo used in Wiki is corect regarding effort, but the VO2Max should be taken off in the first line. Anyone with a reasonable level of fitness will usually see better results from shorter, more intense workouts A. Quite a terrible advice when you’re an ultra-runner, trying to improve yourself on pace. By that definition I would’ve constantly tried to go way lower (thus run way slower) in order to get my heart rate down.

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