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There are twenty different types of amino acid , which combines in the form of long chain to constitute protein. For a normal and healthy life, it is important to include the right proportion of proteins in the diet. Well, but too much consumption of protein rich food can result in depletion of fat from your body. Ideal Protein diet is a 4-phase medically planned and professionally directed diet to support the weight loss process.
Ideal protein diet not merely about taking high amounts of protein, it is about taking the right amount. Ideal Protein weight loss program includes a low sugar content that is capable of providing sufficient amounts of protein for your body. This program is designed in such manner that you don’t have to lose lean muscle mass while you are burning the body fat. This weight loss program is entirely different from other calorie counting weight loss program that also decreases your muscle mass. Within a couple of weeks, the positive impact of ideal protein diet will be visible on your body.
Yes, different people have a different body, and so the impact of ideal diet will be different on a different person.
Ideal protein diet phases are step by step process by which you can achieve your fitness target. In every phase, you will observe a positive change in your health and this change will augment with every phase. In this phase, you have to replace your so called packed protein with real protein.  From breakfast to dinner you have to manipulate your menu. To get ideal proteins supplement, you can eat non-vegetarian food like fish, seafood, beef, veal, chicken, pork, deer bison, etc.
Vegetarian people can opt for food like algae, tofu, alfalfa, spinach, hot peppers, mushrooms, beans, sweet corns, collards, tomatoes, bell peppers, broccoli, cucumbers, fennels, etc.
The first phase of the diet should be followed strictly until weight loss goal is achieved. Well, you will regain some pounds of weight in this phase, but these nutrients are essential for overall health of your body.

After entering the second phase of your diet, you have to change your regular oil with olive oil or grape seed extract oil. With the help of diet plan, you follow in phase 3, you can restart your pancreas production of insulin.
You can consume eggs (white part only), bacon, ham steak, peanut butter, milk, almond, yogurt, veggie cheese, almond butter, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and banana in phase 3 of your ideal diet plan. After successfully accomplishing phase 1, phase 2 and phase 3, you get the final reward of health at phase 4. In phase 4 you will have oodles of choices form that you can select the best food for your body.
You may also feel headaches, fatigue, nausea, and constipation as a side effect of ideal protein diet. After completing the first phase your body will become used to of diet program, thus you can fight with these side effects. With the help of a protein rich diet, you can control your cholesterol level and blood pressure. Exercises are likely to increase glucose levels in the body that form gluconeogenesis and contribute in muscle mass. If you want to prevent your body from the side effects of ideal protein diet, you need to take care of the certain thing. Obtain protein from nonfatty and oily food like boiled egg (white part) or turkey or chicken. To obtain a best possible result from the diet, you have to understand the difference between hunger and craving. But remember one thing, the diet isn’t a magic, so you have to work with passions to see the impact of diet on your body.
This diet is designed in phases so that after completing one phase you can enter into another phase of the diet.
Once you complete all the phases of the ideal protein diet, your diet will become protein rich, and you get desired health. After that eat ideal protein food and then finish your lunch with 2 cups of fresh vegetable soup. Along with fruits and dairy products that you have included in your diet in phase 2, in phase 3 you can include grains in phase 3.

Your pancreas is trained to produce the right amount of hormones in response to consumed carbohydrates. Most interesting thing about this diet plan is that you will get healthy as well as tasty food. It is suggested to choose whole grain, fresh veggies, lean meat, and low-fat dairy products to get a constant supply of protein. All these side effects are observed during the first week or first phase of the ideal protein diet program. To obtain a more visible result, you can practice some light exercises to prevent muscle loss and encourage fat loss. With the right planning and cautions, it is possible to stay away from the side effects of ideal protein diet. Split your protein rich meal into 4 parts that are breakfast, lunch, snacks (evening) and dinner. For this, you have to analyze that when your body needs food and when it is tending that it needs food. This phase is quite simple to follow, and it guarantees long-term success in weight loss process.
To minimize the side effect of ideal protein diet, you can cut carbohydrate from your diet slowly. If you can differentiate between hunger and craving, you can easily accomplish your fitness goal. To keep balanced diet multi-vitamin, potassium, calcium, rich food is recommended for breakfast. One more advantage of drinking water before a meal is that; you will feel your stomach full and by eating abbreviated amount of food you will feel enough.

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