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Jamie has long campaigned for keeping cooking skills alive and cooking from scratch when you can, which should inherently get you eating more fruit and vegetables and nutritionally better food. Last year, one of the UK’s biggest supermarkets, Morrison’s, carried out a survey with their customers to reveal that over half of them eat the exact same meals that they were eating 10 years ago, with some of their favourites including spaghetti Bolognese, sausage and mash, and shepherd’s pie – none of which will win any prizes in the nutrition department!  It’s all too easy to get stuck in a rut and cook the same meals on rotation each week. A great way of helping feed you and your family exciting, healthier food is to plan ahead.  Finding time at the weekend to choose some different recipes to cook over the next week meals, it’s possible to pin down your weekly shopping list without filling up the basket with pre-prepared meals. When you’re cooking from scratch, Jamie’s 15-Minute Meals is proof that you can cook healthy family meals in less time than it takes to order in a takeaway or head for the drive-through – and you should save some cash along the way to.  If you’ve planned ahead what ingredients you’ll need for the week and not branched out from your shopping list too much (!), you could save some cash and calories.
Jamie magazine is an award-winning monthly from Jamie Oliver and his team – get 35% off a year's subscription now! Starting with some comic slapstick using a hand blender instead of the food processor advised, garlic, onions, chilli and spices are blitzed to the best of my ability before being poured into a sizzling pan. Whilst still mourning the absence of a properly chopped base, I cry into our chilli as I add my pulses and vegetables to the passata.
Aware that it's already been ten minutes I plead for the assistance of an extra hand to stir whilst the salad is being prepped. But, unfortunately not being blessed with the chopping skills of the expert chef, or having a mandoline at hand, the peeling of 'cucumber ribbons' requires slightly more concentration and time than anticipated. Having avoided any kitchen cuts or throwing of wine across the kitchen, I can say, at best, the result looks 'rustic'.
So whilst the kitchen calms to a halt we finally tuck in to discover, with a sigh of relief, it tastes pukka.

Following the record-breaking success of 30-Minute Meals, Britain's most-popular cookbook of all time, Jamie Oliver brought us the even-better 15-Minute Meals published by Penguin Books. Delicious, nutritious, super-fast food that you can eat everyday of the week, these recipes are easy to follow, clever, sociable and fun with his trade-mark of big flavours. Our 15-Minute Meal adventure started when Jamie invited us to join Penguin and his team at his Essex home for the early shoots of the book; so with sketch pads, pens and a Mac we ventured east. As each of the recipes can be prepared from start to finish in just 15 minutes, the design demanded a consistently clean, legible and organised layout, supported by nutritional information diagrams within the glossary. Once again, working alongside the team at Penguin, Interstate have created a modern classic. Sorting and shortlisting some of the thousands of images supplied by David Loftus for the behind-the-scene pages, chapter breakers and pagination. Selected spreads displaying the introduction, serve & cook, recipes, chapter breaker, nutrition, and behind-the-scenes pages.
I promise, eating well isn’t a challenge or a chore, and this month I’m going to get you on track to making healthy, tasty food the norm. Now, I’d never say we should all ditch our family favourites, but we’re so lucky to have all this inspiration around us – cookery programmes, cookery books, supermarket recipe cards, magazines, smartphone apps – showing gorgeous, healthy food from all over the world. To get a little more adventurous and variety in your diet why not try out a different fruit or vegetable each week? Her passion for food comes from having cooking lessons at a local college from the age of 10, and the nutrition side from a fascination for how the right foods can fuel the body.

Although, hurrying to combine the crunchy salad, it looks like the meal might be saved with a dash of lime and chopped chilli. Taking inspiration from all over the world, Jamie and his team embraced the tastes that we all love blending beautiful Moroccan flavours and Asian street food with great salads and sides, as well as family favourites; chicken, steak and pasta dishes - all designed to be achieved in just 15 minutes. These visual jamming sessions were essential to us creating a book that fitted with the energy and freshness of the food. Balancing typography with as much white space as possible, allows the reader to naturally flow through each spread, giving the impression of a simple and achievable recipe that can be prepared quickly and calmly. Try Jamie’s Greek chicken or his amazing veggie Keralan curry – they’re both from Jamie’s 15-Minute Meals, so super quick, balanced, nutritious and delicious! Take a look at Jamie’s vegetable sides and mains section on the website – it’s full of gorgeous food.
Numerous layouts, typefaces and colour palettes inspired by objects found around the set were explored, then dismissed before agreeing on a final scheme which would allow us the flexibility and clarity needed to support the recipes that would follow. This structured approached also influenced the photographic style used throughout, with each of the (30,000!!) stunning image options taken from overhead, ensuring all details of the finished dish can be clearly seen by the reader. Trying out these new things is a lot of fun, and having a varied diet is so important for your health.

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