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You're looking super svelt these days, how have you slimmed down?''I was on track to do it before but I broke my ankle, now I've started Tabata training.
Here at Reveal, we're big fans of the bubbly Bristolian so we thought it was time we had a catch up about dieting, boot camp and her loved-up life with boyfriend Luke!
But I'll always have a big ass!''What's your diet like?''I've been eating healthily, I do like a drink but I've been eating loads of greens, salmon and chicken.

I'm still a chocoholic, but now I get a frozen banana and syrup and mix it up in a mixer and have a frozen yogurt. I eat dark chocolate too now because it's better for you.''Are you still doing boot camps?''I've stopped them for now – although they're good for you and your fitness levels go through the roof, I find whenever I come home I'm starving hungry and get back on it! If I'm in a restaurant, instead of saying no to the deserts because I'm on a diet I remember I'm on a 'body transformation' and how I'm going to look when I'm done!''How's it going with boyfriend Luke?''Still loved up – I can't get rid of him!

I'm really hard work - I like to do everything and hate missing out!''Josie is supporting Miss Teen Queen UK – the beauty pageant with a difference.

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