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Khloe Kardashian has a bangin’ body after losing 13 pounds with intense workouts, a dairy-free diet, exercise and corset waist training. Khloe works out 4 to 5 days a week, and said Beyonce is her fitness inspiration, Examiner reported. In addition to rigorous workouts, Kardashian claims corset waist training has helped her get flat abs.
Khloe and her sisters Kourtney and Kim Kardashian also do corset waist training to flatten their abs and slim down their waistline. While it may sound odd, “waist-training” or the “Corset Diet,” is a weight loss trend some women use to winnow down their midsection. Khloe’s sister Kim said she wore a waist trainer to bed every night to make her waist smaller ahead of her May 24 wedding to Kanye West.
The measure sounds drastic, but actress Jessica Alba has credited wearing double corsets around the clock for three months for her dramatic weight loss after each of her two pregnancies.

Celebrity fitness expert Gunnar Peterson, who trains Khloe and her sister Kim, also gushed over Khloe’s dedication to exercise.
Peterson, creator of Gunnar’s Core Secrets fitness DVD, said Khloe’s workouts include cardio, plyometric pushups, hauling a sled, dead lifts, resistance bands and ab exercises. Following the birth of her second child Saint West on 5 December 2015, Kim Kardashian West has announced she has once again turned to Atkins to shed her baby weight – and she’s already looking fantastic! Below is a meal plan, showcasing the types of foods, and number of carbohydrates Kim will be consuming over the coming months to slim down ahead of the North American Summer. ABOUT ATKINS: the original low-carb eating approach, the Atkins program has been scientifically reformulated as the Atkins Nutritional Approach – an easy to follow, flexible four-phased program that helps followers build a diet around whole foods rich in vitamins and ‘good carbohydrates’ including low sugar fruits, leafy green vegetables, whole grains, nuts, legumes, dairy, good fats and protein (fish, poultry, red meat and tofu) – while at the same time eliminating highly processed carbs such as white flour (white bread, white pasta) and sugar. The Atkins Nutritional Approach comprises four key phases, and individuals can choose which stage of the program to begin depending on their own personal weight and goals. Atkins Nutritionals recommends breastfeeding mums commence the program in PHASE 2 or ‘OWL’, consuming no less than 40 grams of carbohydrates per day.
The initial stages of the Atkins program are designed for safe and effective weight loss, while the later stages are formulated for ongoing weight management and healthy lifetime eating.

A new range of delicious and nutritious wholegrain brown rice chips are the ‘must have’ for all entertainers – one bag simply won’t be enough! For home cooks, the traditional OXO cube has been a trusted favourite in kitchens for generations. To celebrate the launch of two new wraps, Sprouted Grain and Garlic Butter, the lovely people from Farrah's are giving away a prize pack to get you inspired! Kardashian West famously lost 30lbs (13.6kgs) by following the eating plan after the birth of her first child, North West, in 2013.
Atkins has developed a range of great tasting low carb snacks and treats to allow followers to stay on track.

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