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If a hamburger and french fries that has been left for a year does not rot, then that only demonstrates two points: 1. Therefore, I purchased a McDonald’s Happy Meal on April 20th, which included a cheeseburger and french fries (to be used for an experiment), a small Coca-Cola (which I gave to Tai Ming to drink), a toy (that I kept for myself to play with). Note: The dorm is ventilated, I discovered an insect today, but the hamburger and french fries did not attract any flies.
Have to go away on business during the weekend, so two days without photos, will add them later! April 30, clear, 10-26 degrees Day 11 of the experiment, multiple moldy spots have appeared on both the bottom and top of the hamburger. May 1, a very large portion of the beef’s surface has been covered by the white colony. Also, I plan on soon going to the Beijing City Health Quarantine station to do some tests on this hamburger and french fries, and hope to uncover even deeper things.
One, today I called the quarantine station, and they said they probably are not open to individuals, as I am a student. I asked about professionally determining the species today, and the estimated money required was four digits, so I dropped the idea. Recently many people have been leaving comments, amongst them many very reasonable, that whether food rots or doesn’t rot has a lot to do with moisture and humidity, that food not eroded by micro-organisms is arbitrarily because of added preservatives, is not correct. Yesterday someone said the french fry hanging a dumbbell was PS‘d, so today I selected another french fry to take photos.

A temporary simple set-up, made of simple things, using a stack of books to hold down two chopsticks.
One netizen’s suggestion I approved very much of, here appealing to people everywhere in the country to join me in perfoming experiments, to see the changes of a hamburger in different environments. As for the control group, a control group for the hamburger’s is too difficult to do. It appears that french fries, after going through special processing, can become a type of completely new construction material.
In rare situations, I would still eat [McDonald’s or fast food]~ Actually, domestic food is not clean either. Help us maintain a vibrant and dynamic discussion section that is accessible and enjoyable to the majority of our readers. The three mold spots on the bottom of the hamburger have grown, a new mold has appeared on the top, for a total of 3 spots [on top].
The control group must be a controlled variable, and I do not know the hamburger’s formulation and production process.
The french fries are hard, can bear 0.75kg of pressure without breaking, the 2kg dumbbell disc was its end. The hamburger has basically completely rotted, the texture has become soft, and is absorbing a lot of moisture. As a result of lifting it up a few days ago but not wanting to flip the hamburger over, I did not photograph the top of the bun.

The colony on the beef has changed to green color, maybe the same strain as the one on the bread.
Actually, in the air exist various different kinds of germs, its just that only in places conducive for germs will they breed.
I remember when taking nutrition class reading a document on using various saturated fatty acids, that amongst them, palm oil had the highest saturated fatty acid content [not sure if these scientific terms are translated correctly]. Also, recently I clearly feel that after opening the hamburger, the exposed skin on my body becomes very itchy. Although the top part looks more yellow than the bottom part, it has already completely gone bad.
Actually, it is enough that everyone enjoying the photos for this small experiment is enough. As for humidity, indeed Beijing rained for several days before the experiment began, and there was rather high humidity. I completely agree with what netizens have observed: The water produced from the process of breaking down of sugar.

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