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Memory experts believe the increased oxygen and blood flow that’s needed during walking┬áimproves circulation to key areas of the brain, which makes it work better. Currently I coach a u12s team and from memory this is the age group where kids start to get injuries. Only after this light warm-up, which should last about 5-10 minutes, should you attempt to stretch and I don’t think static stretching is any use before a game.
Stretching used to be considered the main activity before a workout and you would always see teams do stretching before a game. To increase flexibility include all muscles groups in your stretching routine: From shoulders, back, thighs, calves and arms. Children under the age of 10 merely need to do light jogging and stretches to get ready to play. The same way you have to gradually slow down either your bike or your car, you need to slow down your body after a workout or exercise: 5-10 minutes of slowed-down, easy activities will go a long way in helping your body recover from a workout and will almost certainly prevent you getting a muscle strain.
Adding a good before-and-after routine to your workout will give you the best chance of avoiding injuries and may even help improve your performance, it will also allow you to play sports for as long as you are injury free and stretching will go along way to helping you stay in Sport. Hi, Coach Diary, “The other night we played a cup semi-final against one of the bigger clubs (2nd Team at our age group).

Would you like to see the FAI introduce a 'intro to coaching' course on how to be an effective coach and basic principles required? Do you think they should introduce non competitive leagues from u8s to u12s, starting competitive football at u13s?
Warming up goes a long way toward preparing the body for exercising, both physically and mentally.
Even if you are a righty, it doesn’t mean that you should neglect the left side of your body.
Include all the actions of kicking, striking, passing, jumping, shorts bursts, side steps, moving backwards etc. However, players above U-10 who don’t prepare to play with warm-up drills before a game risk poor play on the field and even injury. Players should spend at least twice as much time resting as they do working prior to a match.
Anyone playing soccer or any sport for that matter should always cool down after any activity. Stretching is still a beneficial activity prior to working out, but only after you have sufficiently warmed up and studies have shown that DYNAMIC is better than STATIC before a game.

If you have reached a point in your stretch where it hurts, relax to where it feels comfortable and hold the stretch. Make sure you stretch both sides equally, so all of your muscles are evenly ready for action. I have always done a warm up with the ball followed by dynamic stretching and finishing with static at the end. The reason for this is that stretching cold muscles can directly contribute to pulled and torn muscles. These types of stretches are known as sports-specific stretches, and they focus on the muscles that are used for your particular sport.
When FCB’s Albert Benaiges came to Dublin in 2011, he spoke about the benefits of Dynamic Stretching before a game and Static after it.

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