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Facts, Hints, Tips, Advice and Inspiration on everything to do about health & weight loss. Food manufacturers started using them because they extended the shelf life of their products. Susan Lundman began writing about her passions of cooking, gardening, entertaining and recreation after working for a nonprofit agency, writing grants and researching child development issues. Once you realize the dangers of foods high in saturated fat and trans fats, take the next steps to identify the foods and find more healthy substitutions. Follow the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, and limit your diet to about 22 g of saturated fat each day, or even as low as 15 g for the best protection against heart disease. Manufacturers hydrogenate most margarines to help them remain spreadable and have a long shelf life, creating trans fats in the process. Because they use shortening and margarine, manufactured desserts are normally high in both saturated fat and trans fat. Substitute small amounts of real butter or butter-canola oil blends for the margarine in your diet, and choose soft margarine instead of hard margarine to reduce trans fats. The process starts with polyunsaturated oil which is composed of fatty acids that contain double bonds. The food industry began hydrogenating oils to make food items more shelf stable so they would not become rancid as quickly. Certain animal meats and dairy contain a small amount of naturally occurring trans fat which has not been shown to have harmful effects on your body.

They can be found in cookies, cakes, biscuits, crackers, chocolate bars, shakes, ice-cream, deep fried foods, salad dressings, potato chips, fast food, donuts, margarine and microwave popcorn.
The guidelines don’t offer specific recommendations for trans fats, but instead recommend that the less you eat, the better. One brand of mini-sandwich crackers has 2 g of saturated fat and 2 g of trans fat in one serving, according to the U.S. Bake your own desserts using monounsaturated oils, such as canola or olive oil, instead of butter or margarine. Department of Agriculture, USDA, recommends that you completely remove trans fats, which are created by hydrogenation, from your diet. These double bonds prevent the fatty acids from packing tightly together, creating kinks in the fatty acids which keep it in liquid form.
Research has linked ingestion of trans fats to heart disease, cancer, auto-immune disease, altered bone health, fertility problems and type 2 diabetes.
The trans fat in processed food is what causes damage and has multiple health risks associated with them.
After processing, partially hydrogenated soy margarine has 25 percent polyunsaturated fats, 50 percent monounsaturated fat and 20 percent saturated fats, or about 2 g each of trans fat and saturated fat. Shadwell earned a Bachelor of Science in biological sciences from the University of California-Davis and a Master of Science in nutritional sciences from San Diego State University. Primary hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated food items include vegetable oils, such as soybean oil, canola oil, corn oil , safflower oil, sunflower oil, shortening and margarine.

When you eat trans fats, the risk of developing type 2 diabetes increases because trans fatty acids inhibit the function of insulin receptors. You can find trans fats listed on the nutrition facts label and hydrogenated oils listed under the ingredients section of all food products. The added hydrogen attaches to the double bonds causing the fatty acids to straighten and form a type of saturated fatty acids known as trans fats. Hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated vegetable oils are often used in baked goods and processed food items, like cookies, chips, crackers and even some frozen food items. Trans fats cause an increase in your LDL cholesterol levels and a decrease in your HDL cholesterol, increase your triglyceride levels, and cause inflammation which affect your risk for heart disease, heart attack, stroke and diabetes. These altered fatty acids are now solid at room temperature; therefore, they are more easily used in baked goods and other food products. You can check the ingredients list for any hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils because trans fats are not always listed on the nutrition facts label.

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