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2Face Idibia is one of Nigeria’s most respected artist in Nigeria today and he has come a long way to become this relevant. A casual look at 2Face wouldn’t reveal the music legend is already 40 as he looks like a man in his mid 30’s. He celebrated his 40th birthday sometime last year as a concert ‘Fortyfied’ was held in his honor.
Terry G has debunked the rumour that he was a relationship with Beverly Osu…He claims they were just christian friends. Last night, I automatically showed my ID as the cashier reached for a cheap bottle of Shiraz. Sure, I know that, on a long enough timeline, this situation will warp into some weird blessing.
Lots of my peers think it’s adorable to wear pink sweatshirts with kitten unicorns, and it totally is. One time, I got too zonked to continue a long overnight drive, so I stopped at a cheap hotel in the middle of nowhere. I was waiting for the G train once, sharing a bench with a woman who definitely hated me: “Why?” she asked, pointing first to my right wrist then to my left upper arm. As I attempted escape from the same cashier I mentioned earlier, she stopped me: “Wait wait wait!” I looked to see if I forgot a depressing bouquet of asparagus or something. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. I didn’t even much think about it, since, even though I’m 27, I’m regularly asked to provide proof of my booze-buying legality.

I don’t think that age difference, while admittedly not nothing, is that big of a deal after a certain age.
The front desk employee essentially asked me to empty my entire wallet to prove I was old enough to book solo and not a poorly disguised runaway. If fellow passengers assume you’re off to see what college options the Bay Area offers (instead of what you’re really doing: visiting friends from college for a five-year graduation reunion), they’re more likely to surrender the window seat or extra pretzels.
Even weirder when you’re the only one in a group of friends who gets awarded “sweetie” while everyone else is “ma’am.” No.
I want to hear their experiences, especially boys because that is not a big problem at all for girls. This can be annoying for a lot of reasons, but none quite so awkward as those involving my love life. Sure, I’d like to rock my Vans every day, but it isn’t conducive to looking — oh, I don’t know — old enough to legally purchase cigarettes? Nobody will let you do completely boring adult things without a great deal of grief when you look so young. As soon as we reach about a block from the bar, I’m unzipping my wallet for its retrieval if it isn’t already in an easily-grabbable pocket in my coat. Sorry, but just because biology gave me a forever kid-face doesn’t mean you get to assign condescending monikers to further demean my adult status. Nope, I’m still an adult human with bodily autonomy who deserves a respectful amount of space and from whom you should get express consent before engaging in physical contact with. There’s no way you’re that old!” I tried to laugh politely but it was tougher to maintain poise as she continued, “Well, I guess I have to accept your fake ID as real!” she said.

Not that I want to purchase cigarettes, but dammit, it would be nice to be able to without getting interrogated about my age.
When you look young, people are constantly underestimating you anyway — not fun when they employ language that undercuts your authority even more. Actually, you should be doing that with kids and teenagers too, so just, like, check your life, Touchy McToucherson.
I mean, I was buying a stupid $11 bottle of wine on a Wednesday night among a menagerie of other depressing items like frozen spinach and eggs. In the meantime, I’m learning how to navigate these waters I never asked to be tossed into. I dated someone my same age for years but since he had a beard and stood a good foot taller than me, we intercepted a lot of judgmental looks. I clearly wasn’t in the midst of hatching a diabolical plan to perpetrate some underage party rage. He knew how old I was before asking me out (thanks for the clarification, Tinder) so it was fine. But this wasn’t an unfamiliar position for me to end up in — as a person who apparently looks younger than I actually am, I get to routinely defend my age. However, when older dudes approach me in real life, with zero knowledge of my actual age and presumably thinking I’m much younger, it can get a little creepy for sure.

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