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An effective training programme is one that works all the major muscle groups of both the upper and lower body. Scientifically, muscle tone actually refers to the degree of tension in a muscle, which is part of the way it functions.
When people say they want “toned” muscles, they mean they want to see the shape of the muscle more so than they do now. If you”d like to learn more about my bespoke fat loss and toning plans, click here for full details.
I was pretty excited when I found out Motus Strength had opened up directly opposite our Fulham studio and even more so when they invited me over for a trial session! A short while ago we had the pleasure of meeting the super strong and inspirational young woman that is Lauren White. For this third instalment of Fashion Industry Fitness Myths, I’ve had the pleasure of chatting to former professional model and fitness dynamo, Christine Dash. You probably know The Food Doctor for their product range – a staple in the health isle of most supermarkets and one of the first brands to bring the UK ready-to-eat meal components with real nutritional benefit. Body image, self-confidence, self-awareness… all inextricably linked with health, fitness and your overall wellbeing.
As those of you who read my blog or have worked with me on bespoke plans will know, I take an obsessive interest in learning all I can about fitness. In Fashion Industry Fitness Myths Part 1, we heard from, Russell Bateman on his role in re-educating models on healthy and sustainable diet and training methods. This entry was posted in BEST WAY TO LOSE BELLY FAT and tagged Best Way to Lose Belly, Best Way to Lose Belly Fat, Best Way to Lose Fat, Lose Your Belly, Ways to Burn Belly Fat, Ways to Burn Stomach Fat, Ways to Lose Belly Fat on February 3, 2014 by Flat Abs. Working up the motivation to do exercises to lose belly fat at home can be tough. If you want to lose belly fat, you need to control what you eat and get involved in a regular exercise program that you can stick with. There are many exercises to lose belly fat at home that you can do to get the results you want and have fun in the process. This entry was posted in EXERCISE AT HOME and tagged belly fat diet menu planning, belly fat diet plan, exercise at home, The Best Ab Workouts For Women, Tips For Losing Belly Fat on February 2, 2016 by Flat Abs.
The health risks of processed foods are often hidden in likes of fast food burgers, baked goods and delivery pizza. When you take a bite out of an apple or eat banana, you are enjoying a food that is free of processing, as long as the apple is not dipped in caramel, and the banana is not found in banana cream pie. To maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle, it’s important to be aware of the health risks of processed foods and limit the amount that you eat on a regular basis.
This entry was posted in HEALTH ISSUES and tagged belly fat diet menu planning, Best Diet to Lose Weight, Foods that Fight Belly Fat, Health Problems Of Being Overweight, Processed Foods on January 19, 2016 by Flat Abs. And the two sexes have other vastly physical differences and similarities, both internally and externally.
This entry was posted in BEST DIET TO LOSE WEIGHT and tagged belly fat diet menu planning, belly fat diet plan, Best Diet for Flat Stomach, diet plan to lose weight, Flat ABS Diet for Men, weight loss diet for men on January 12, 2016 by Flat Abs.
Whether you’ve just had a baby, like to drink a lot of beer, or just have a tendency to overindulge in fattening foods, you may have a spare tire around your midsection that you want to get rid of.
These foods don’t sound like your typical “diet” foods because they are all high-calorie, high-fat foods. MUFAs are plant-based fats that are the “good-for-you” type of fats which protect against heart disease.
MUFAs also help lower blood pressure, protect against Parkinson’s disease, and reduce inflammation in the body. People with bigger waistlines are more likely to have large amounts of deep-hidden belly fat, suffocating their organs.
Add nuts and seeds such as almonds, walnuts, pecans, cashews, pine nuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and flaxseeds to your cereal, yogurt, oatmeal, smoothies, salads, stir-fries and baked goods.

Try to stay away from white breads and rice, flour tortillas, muffins, cookies and other processed snacks and include whole wheat breads, brown rice, corn tortillas, quinoa, barley, bulgar, and other whole grain products. It’s important to do cardiovascular exercise to burn calories, as well as weight training to build lean muscle mass.
If you reduce your normal calorie consumption from say 2000 calories a day to 1500, exercise for 60 minutes most days and include foods containing MUFAs in your diet, you will see slow, steady results.
This entry was posted in Nutrition Tips and tagged belly fat, monounsaturated fats, monounsaturated fatty acids, MUFA's on August 1, 2013 by Jennifer. It is nothing but the abdominal obesity which needs to be reduced in a right way to remain healthy. And this is fair enough – there are so many ridiculous products on the market claiming to magically achieve just these things, who can blame the poor folk led to believe a targeted solution exists? Whether you are working hard or working out this week, we’ve got a new playlist to keep you going. As soon as I entered the high ceilinged, airy warehouse space, I knew this was my kind of gym. Not only a hard working PT, Lauren is working hard to make a difference to peoples lives in many different ways. What you may not know is that they also have their own clinic on London’s Harley Street. For a long time, I knew of it, was vaguely intrigued by it, but had never got around to actually getting some.
Everyone knows that exercising is very healthy for our bodies but many people abandon their exercise routines and at-home workouts because they feel that they are more of a chore than a benefit.
How to lose belly fat with chocolate, avocado, nuts, seeds, olives, olive oil and canola oil. Doing a thousand stomach crunches a day won’t give you ripped abs if you’ve got hard-to-lose belly fat covering them. Studies show that foods rich in MUFAs tend to lower “ LDL ” cholesterol (the bad kind of cholesterol that clogs up the arteries) and raise “ HDL ” (the good kind of cholesterol which takes it away from the arteries and clears it from the body). The Mediterranean diet has been touted as one of the healthiest diets in the world, most likely due to their high consumption of MUFAs. Visceral fat, the kind deep in your waistline, could be the most dangerous kind of fat and could increase your risk heart disease, diabetes, stroke and certain cancers. Experts say that you’re at greatest risk if you’re a man whose waist is wider than 40 inches or a woman with a waist wider than 35 inches. Eating more whole grains and less refined carbohydrates changes the glucose and insulin response, making it easier for the body to mobilize fat stores. Muscle burns more calories than fat, therefore the more muscle you have means the more calories you will be burning all day long. This is a much healthier way to lose weight and keep it off compared to crash diets that don’t last.
The results will be a smaller waist, more self-confidence, decreasing your risk of certain diseases and maybe even a better sex life. Dealing with belly fat can be very difficult, especially if you live an inactive lifestyle.
However, when the lovely Ekaterina at Organic Burst sent me some over to try…well, that was that.
The 5 diet tips for men below are designed to help lose that unwanted fat around your waistline.
Research shows that certain foods may help lose that annoying belly fat such as dark chocolate, avocados, nuts, seeds, olives, olive oil and canola oil. Studies have shown that eating these foods can prevent fat distribution in the “central” area and can preserve lean muscle mass while dieting. It’s important to lose fat around your waistline because it is linked to high cholesterol, high insulin, high triglycerides, high blood pressure and other problems.

Of course these are just general guidelines and people with smaller measurements may still have unnecessary abdominal fat that should be shed.
While carbohydrates and protein have four calories per gram, fats have nine calories per gram. Furthermore, whole grains have much more fiber than refined carbohydrates so it fills you up quicker and keeps you full longer so you eat less. The best way to eliminate this belly fat problem is by performing a regular workout plus a healthy diet. Tricep kickbacks won’t melt off bingo wings, nor will the abductor machine slim your inner thighs. Men are not hardwired to collect fat as easily as women, but women have a much higher pain threshold. Losing belly fat having a treadmill, swimming, biking along with other cardio have been proved effective for men and women.
Losing fat, be it belly fat, upper arm fat or any other sort of fat, comes down to burning calories. You need them to absorb certain nutrients, protect cell membrane integrity and for your nerves to transmit messages correctly.
How to Lose Belly Fat with Treadmill ExerciseLosing belly fat with a treadmillWhile exercising a treadmill, one must keep your speed of the treadmill in your mind always.
If you haven’t already heard, then you need to check out the newest edition to the squad. You should experiment with the treadmill first, so you would know when you can pick up your pace.
Your goal should be to pick up pace from the quick walk to a leisurely jog and thereafter from the jog to a full run.
Your workout on a treadmill would come out much more efficient when you are aware of your MPH. When your body gets used to exercising around the fat burner for 15 minutes, you’ll be able to move on to the next level of exercising. With an average the treadmills are positioned for 15 minutes, as beginners could possibly get exhausted or injured when they exercise beyond this limit. Begin with five minutes of brisk walking the treadmill, 10 minutes of jogging and also 15 minutes of running. By doing this, your total treadmill workout will come to Half an hour.treadmill walking workoutsUphill ClimbAfter three weeks of treadmill exercises, the body will get used to the walking, jogging, running routine.
Start with a five minute warm-up with walking on the treadmill and move on to 15 minutes of uphill climb after which running for next 10 minutes.
Treadmill exercises to lose belly fat need to be combined with abs exercises and a strict diet to ensure effective lack of belly fat.
After the treadmill exercises you need to do about 40 crunches, cycling abs and abs to bolster the stomach muscles. Also, reducing your intake of crabs, sugar along with other junk food is also necessary if you need to get those washboard ripped abs.
The treadmill exercises have to be followed in the aforementioned order for absolute defectiveness. As the body gets used to the exercises you perform, it must be given some extra work every once in while. Thus increasing the amount of difficulty every week, well help you achieve your ultimate goal faster.

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