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Privitera couldn't afford weight loss surgery or expensive diet plan programs, so she used at-home workout DVDs to get healthy and fit. Rebecca Privitera desperately wanted to lose the excess weight she had carried around her entire life.
But when she lined up to weigh in, Privitera realized the scale wouldn’t hold her 381-pound frame. However embarrassing this moment was, it wasn’t enough to prompt Privitera to change. A few weeks after her wedding, Privitera’s new mother-in-law asked her to join her in a 5-kilometer run. There were days during her high school years when she would eat McDonalds for breakfast, lunch and dinner. She was a 16-year-old who weighed more than 300 pounds and developed a blood clot in her leg. Now, more than two years into her weight-loss journey, Privitera is incorporating new foods into her diet. Instead of focusing on calorie restriction, she focuses on eating reasonable portions of healthy foods. She credits her success to the support of her husband and family, but also to the community of people around her. Privitera works out six days a week, taking Sunday off, and spends anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours a day exercising.

She has continued to use home videos because it keeps her from making excuses to miss workouts. Are you looking for a fun and different way to bond with your bridesmaids?? Ask me about a “Maids and Me” group session at a discounted rate!
In 2010, she had the opportunity to do it when her employer organized a company weight loss challenge. A couple of months later, in early 2011, the Cabot, Arkansas, native was put on bed rest because her blood pressure was too high.
He told her they couldn’t afford weight loss surgery or food supplement programs, and she would have to lose weight the old-fashioned way. She posted her results on Facebook and the overwhelming response from her friends and family pushed her to continue exercising. She started looking up calorie counts for meals before going out to eat in order to make smarter choices at restaurants. She recalls being able to eat an entire half-gallon of mint chocolate-chip ice cream in one night. Even with this serious medical issue, she still made poor nutrition choices and her weight continued to balloon into adulthood.
She allows herself to indulge once in a while, reminding herself if she wants something she can eat it, just not all the time.
She has been able to avoid any physical setbacks by training safely and not over-exerting herself.

During these times she has had to rely on people like her mother-in-law to tell her that she has what it takes to keep going and accomplish her goals. Privitera says she has helped other women lose a combined 200 pounds by motivating them on Facebook, Instagram and through online communities like the ones she uses.
She told them that overweight teenagers can make small choices now that will make a world of a difference in their lives.
Her 13th race of the year was in late October and it was a big one: her first half-marathon. With my easy to follow personalized work out plan for the weeks leading up to your wedding, you will firm up all of your important areas as well as lose any extra lbs that might be lingering around.
She has used programs such as TurboFire and Beachbody, and is now on her fourth round of P90X. She’s developed friendships and found accountability partners in the people who use the online message boards for these at-home programs.

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