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The Healthy Low GI Low Carb Diet: Nutritionally Sound, Medically Safe, No Willpower Needed! Despite negative speculation in the media regarding the future of the low-carb diet, this revolutionary dietary phenomenon continues to attract an enormous following. These tips lighten the transition of starting a low carb diet, keep you focused and increase your results. Let’s take a look at the labels on our food packaging, make a few different choices and use every allowed carb to the fullest. Use your cell phone to take photos of great new food options while you’re in the store.
All seafood, including shellfish and crustaceans such as oysters and shrimp, is high in protein and contains omega-3 fatty acids.

Fill your low carb diet with fruits and veggies, fresh fish and shellfish, lean meats and poultry, and full fat dairy. Grab this printable, Low Carb Restaurant & Fast Foods Guide with almost 350 selections from 25 restaurants. The lure of the rapid weight loss causes converts to radically adjust their dietary habits in order to meet the demands of the lifestyle. Omega-3 fats protect against heart attacks, and are vital to the proper function of brain and nerve cells.
Particularly ardent critics of the diet include vegetarians who are offered no alternatives to the high meat content; and what of those of us with a sweet tooth or those who need natural fibre in their diet? In this groundbreaking new work, Dr Charles Clark has devised a low-carb, low GI plan that caters for all types of dietary requirement.

It's vegetarian-friendly and nutritionally-balanced, allowing for previously sinful foods including pasta, pulses, fruit and puddings.
What's more, he has set out to counter the criticisms of those who argue that low-carb lifestyles can be detrimental to health. A series of medical case studies proves how adopting a low-carbohydrate diet can in fact be of benefit in certain key areas of health. So, if you feared you could never be part of the low-carb crowd, look no further-this is the diet for becoming slim and healthy the low-carb, low GI way, without cutting out the foods you love!'We've all heard of Jen and Madonna using high protein diets to lose weight.

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