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Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load are measurements that need to be used together to get a complete picture of which foods will keep you full for the longest period of time and help you control your appetite throughout the day. The Glycemic Index ranks carbohydrates based on how they impact your blood sugar level on a scale from 1 to 100. Foods with a low glycemic index are digested slowly and have a more steady impact on your blood sugar level (i.e. Foods with a glycemic load of 10 or less are low GL foods and foods with a glycemic load of 20 or more are high GL foods.
Example: Pumpkins have a glycemic index of 72 which makes them a high GI food, however, they only have 6 grams of carbohydrate per 100 gram serving, giving them a low glycemic load. In recent years there is a correlation of increasingly close relationship between high intake of processed carbohydrates and modern human diseases: diabetes, atherosclerosis, strokes, allergies, chronic fatigue, acne, cancer. Carbohydrates are a quick source of energy for the body, energy which the body of a quasi-sedentary man has nothing to do, than to deposit as fat.
In practice, a low carb diet exclude refined carbohydrates, minimize the richest sources of carbohydrates (high glycemic loaded) and sources of carbohydrates with high glycemic index.
Appropriate Food for a low carb diet: vegetables as various walnuts, seeds, nuts, avocados, coconut, eggs, fermented dairy (yogurt), fish, meat, berries.
This is a collection of motivation posters I created, covering low-carb food, diet and fitness motivation.

Sharing: I would be delighted if you decide to share these on your website or with your followers on social networks, however, please always retain the credit on the bottom of each image, and link back to this page if possible. Foods with a glycemic index of 55 or less are low GI foods and foods with a glycemic index of 70 or higher are high GI foods. While it tells you how quickly a carbohydrate impacts your blood sugar level, it does not take into account how much of the carbohydrate you’re actually consuming per serving and therefore how much of an impact it makes on your blood sugar level. Both theoretical considerations and practical studies but experiments have shown that a diet low in carbohydrates, that low carb dietmay slow or even reverse evolution of these diseases. When you eat refined carbohydrates (pasta, flour, sweets) is worse, is like putting kerosene in a gasoline engine.
Energy comes but a higher proportion of fat (from the stored and the food) and protein (variant to avoid medium and long term). As you can see the ingredients are quite diverse so you will be able to cook a lot of different dishes.
This is an important consideration because if you consume a high GI food that only has a few grams of carbohydrates in it, you don’t have to worry about impact on blood sugar level.
Being cheap to produce and easy to store carbohydrates (sugar contained in large amounts in cereals, potatoes) were the development of human society. Since theoretically, carbohydrates decrease to 40-60% to 20-30% of total calories, the difference being covered by fat and protein in different proportions, depending on genetic, objectives, type of exercise, food preferences, convenience, budget.

Compared to a ketogenic diet (which fall into the category VLCHF-very-low-carb-high-fat), low-carb diet premises are consumption of vegetables and fruits in relatively large quantities.
The most important thing is to familiarize yourself with healthy soup recipes which you should eat on a daily basis or at least once every two days. Foods with a high glycemic index are digested quickly and cause a more immediate spike in your blood sugar level (i.e. However, methods of increasingly advanced cultivation and processing of food and features modern economy led to much higher carbohydrate consumption than natural body. Feel free to experiment with various smoothies and healthy soup recipes and we guarantee that you won’t miss your old diet. Furthermore feel free to try out some more exotic salads that contain not only vegetables but also nuts and seeds.
If pre-agricultural human diet carbohydrates represented 10-30% of energy intake (calories), today is reaching up to 80-90%. These foods give you a burst of energy, followed by a plateau or crash which leads to hunger and cravings.

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