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Yum yum yum yum yum and all in all, it only took me 15 minutes My head is a bit big today! In the food processor combine spinach, olive oil, salt and pepper, cream cheese and parmesan cheese. Dredge chicken in egg and then in bread crumbs or try Paleo bread crumbs recipes and saute one side until brown, place on baking sheet browned side up. Check out How to Make Spinach & Feta Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breast by Adale C on Snapguide. Check out How to Cook Spinach Stuffed Grilled Chicken Breast by Creative Traveler on Snapguide.

Optional muffin add-ins include: mushrooms, diced bell peppers, low-fat cheese, basil, oregano, pepperoni, ham, turkey, bacon, zucchini, carrots, tomatoes, cilantro — the list goes on! There’s something so appealing to me about a cooked mushroom poking out of something.
I rushed home and started cooking dinner…and guess what I finished cooking in 15 minutes!
Ambitious Kitchen is a health focused food blog with beautiful, creative recipes and feel good inspiration. I’m excited for it to launch, but let me tell you, it takes more work than you would think!

These muffins are perfect on a english muffin, great before or after a workout, and perfect for a low-carb, gluten free snack.
Simply layer the veggies and cheese you’d like to use in muffin tins, then pour your egg white mix in and bake until nice and golden. I totally sympathize with you on the whole going-going-going feeling, but hey at least you are eating well!

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