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Another day, another informative post thanks to the World Spinning and Sports Conditioning Conference! We Americans ingest entirely too much sugar and trans fats and it’s contributing greatly to our obesity epidemic. Paleo is a diet that focuses on natural foods, such as animal proteins, fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, etc. A diet that consists of fruits, veggies, olive oil, cheeses, lean meats, fishes, red wine, etc.
Okay, so I was expecting some sort of dramatic conclusion from the session, but at the end of the day, it all comes down to eating REAL food. Rotating the amount of carbs you consume from day to day will help you feel better over the long haul, and it will allow you to burn more body fat than consuming a low-carb diet in which you don’t include high-carb days.
Instead of having a daily plan, it’s crucial to understand how many carbs you should consume each day of the week, because your diet varies significantly from day to day.
I do, however, love the wine debate: are those on the diet really monitoring how much wine they’re drinking?

This includes high-protein foods: meat, eggs, protein shakes, cheese, and vegetables and fruit. This plan allows you to consume foods that are high in carb content or fats but not both at the same time.
I love living a healthy lifestyle and inspiring others to make quick, easy changes to better their lives as well! Our corn-fed meats are too pumped up with antibiotics and hormones; grain-fed red meat would be much better due to the high omega-6 content. Bubbs had the same advice that I love to give out: instead of aggressively cutting the crap foods, focus on adding the good foods. I have tried Paleo in the past, but the whole no carbs (in the form of bread or rice, etc) wasn’t for me. I am mainly motivated to remain vegetarian for health and environmental reasons, but I take great care to make sure that I am healthy and that my body is functioning properly.
But your metabolic rate—the number of calories your body burns every day—also begins to decrease.

However, drastically changing up the amount of carbs you take in on a daily basis helps rev up your metabolic rate. You can even consume desserts such as angel-food cake on some days so long as they are extremely low in fats.
These kind of startled me because I know that all three of those nutrients are essential to a healthy pregnancy and developing baby. The following plan is based on a bodybuilder who typically eats about 300 grams of carbs per day for of-season bodyweight maintenance. I think it’s important to do a lot of research before one switches their style of eating.
I’m constantly learning and researching the vegetarian lifestyle so that I am doing what’s best for my body!

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