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In this plan we start with a traditional bacon and egg breakfast, enjoy a chicken salad for lunch and two grilled chicken kabobs for dinner. As soon as we created our new budget at the end of December we also created a weekly meal plan. There are many versions of the low-carb diet, but it’s important to find the one that’s right for you!
If you’re looking for more resources on low carb diets, there are a few great resources on Amazon. You’ll notice that many of the recipes in this meal plan are marked with (*) at the end! Ty for sharing this, I’ve been struggling with my weight & how to eat right for years!!

Low carb has taken a pretty big spotlight recently and helped lots of people in lose weight, myself included! While each low carb diet is different, the main objective of the diet is to limit carbohydrates. By following this low carb meal plan, you can focus on adding more protein to your diet and eliminating as many carbs as possible. To make it easier for you, all the recipes marked with (*) are listed below for easy access! I was looking for bread and muffin recipes that did not include regular flour and I came across almond flour.
This meal plan runs from Monday-Sunday and includes a lot of easy meals, which is great for those who are especially busy! Years later, I still follow that same diet because it works so well for me and I never feel deprived.

Low carb diets usually focus on adding lots of protein and fat into their diet to use as fuel and energy for the body. There are a few unmarked that are exactly what they say they are and only a few ingredients.

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