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The care and effort that goes into planning the menu, setting the table and lovingly presenting the food… total satisfaction and pure enjoyment! Well, it’s important to make sure that your guests will eat everything on your menu, so do check whether there are any specific dietary restrictions, etc.
I kept all the meats on the starter platter so that people could pick and choose what they wanted. Strolling the Vegas Strip at Night – Strolling at night gives you great atmosphere and better weather than during the day.
Shopping at La Martina Р somewhere in the underbelly of the endless designer stores below the casinos is a unique boutique called La Martina.
Gambling Lessons– Obviously, this one is not for everybody, but I was delighted by the outcome of the gambling lessons.
While I suspect this is still mostly true, I did have a good time eating in Las Vegas on this last trip and I attribute most of that to the battle of the West Coast burger joints: Fatburger vs. If you are going to check out a buffet, I highly recommend Wicked Spoon in The Cosmopolitan hotel.
I throw everything {except the tortillas} in my food processor and pulse it a few times around until it's smooth. Wrap rolled tortillas in plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight or for at least four hours.

If I'm getting super fancy on ya, I'll plate them on their side {they're laying flat in the above pic} topped with a jumbo-sized black olive and skewered with a toothpick. Initially discovered on a study abroad trip to Buenos Aires, this is the first stateside La Martina store I’ve seen. By just strolling through the casino at the right time I caught a 10 am lesson on Roulette and then an 11 am lesson on Craps. A modern, gourmet take on buffets that is easily the best one I’ve ever had in Vegas, other trips included. If you want more than two ingredients in your drink, The Cosmopolitan is just about the only place to get it.
They offered a¬†Horseradish Infused Vodka Bloody Mary and an even better Bacon Infused Bourbon Bloody Mary. I constantly change up the recipe, based on what is in the pantry at the time or what I'm in the mood for. The photo above was from the top of the Mandalay Bay hotel (note: other than the view, there is little reason to ride the elevator up to that bar). I figured those were the obvious places for good food on the Strip and if I couldn’t go there I would be pretty much out of luck. We made a habit of asking cabbies which was the local favorite (no clear consensus) and then tried to taste test and decide on our own.

I was skeptical of using bourbon in a mary, but the Bacon Infused Bourbon Bloody Mary blew me away.
Sadly, I didn’t take as many photos of the drinks at Vesper because it had a dark, speak easy vibe that made it hard to take photos. Disclosure: I am a Beachbody Coach and this blog contains affiliate links from which I earn a small commission but I never recommend anything I don't fully believe in or have tried and loved myself. I actually learned enough to then go out and try my new Roulette skills and win a little money.
In the end, I think I have to give it to In N Out Burger, since they have a low carb option where a lovely lettuce wrap replaces the bun.
The Schezuan Button Flower (aka buzz button) floats in the cocktail but when you take a nibble it makes your mouth tingle and pairs with the zippy cocktail perfectly! The Craps lesson got me started but was not enough for me to feel confident trying it with real money on the line. The Chandelier was also the only spot on the Vegas Strip that we could find using the liquid nitrogen trend in cocktails.

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