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A low-sodium (salt) diet may help lower blood pressure and prevent build-up of extra water in your body. Even if you take a pill for blood pressure or a water pill (diuretic) to remove fluid, it is still important to have less salt in your diet. Be creative and season your foods with spices, herbs, lemon, garlic, ginger, vinegar and pepper. High cholesterol and lipids (fats) are associated with the build up of plaque in the arteries of the body that can reduce blood flow to the heart or head. By following a diet with less total fat, low saturated fat, and low-cholesterol, you can help control your blood cholesterol and reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke. A family history of heart disease, a diet high in saturated fat and cholesterol, smoking, lack of exercise and obesity can all contribute to your risk of hardening of the arteries. Iron is a part of the blood-oxygen delivery system, and without proper levels of iron, you may begin to feel the weakening effects of low iron; tired all of the time, pale, listless and irritable. Heme iron is absorbed better than non-heme iron, so it is best to eat non-heme iron with heme iron to increase absorption.
To increase the potassium in your diet, try to eat at least 2 high and 2 medium potassium fruits along with 1 medium potassium vegetable each day (see attached food lists). Eat or drink the foods listed in Group I (green) as often as you like while following an eating plan to stay at a good body weight.

Parmesan crisps are zero carb, easy to make and they store well in containers, the fridge or freezer. Add your favorite no carb herbs and spices to transform the flavor: try Italian herbs, Mexican spices, minced garlic or hot peppers.
Add chopped cucumber, celery, radishes, diced boiled egg, chives, grated cheese and full fat mayo, olive oil, Ranch or Blue Cheese dressing.
Add poppy or caraway seeds, and substitute chicken broth for the water to create a savory bread. Complete shopping lists organized into balanced keto meal plans – including stall breaking carb-up days! This diet can help those with high blood pressure, heart failure, kidney disease, or other conditions in which swelling or fluid retention can occur.
Even if you do not add salt while cooking or do not use the salt shaker at the table, you are probably eating too much sodium. A low-sodium diet can help you feel better and may even keep you out of the hospital.  To help you, here are a list of foods and their sodium contents. Individuals with high triglycerides may also need to reduce foods high in sugar or refined carbohydrate, and avoid alcohol. Not just for exercise, but for everyday life: brushing your teeth energy, walking up the stairs energy, going to work energy, baking cookies energy.

If you do not eat animal products, you will need to eat twice as much non-heme iron rich foods. Potassium-rich foods will help maintain your blood potassium levels, a factor which controls many body functions. Do this by eating 6 to 10 servings of bread or starchy foods, and 5 fruits and vegetables each day. Here are five delicious zero carb recipes for citrus chicken salad, rustic breads and wraps, crispy crackers, and savory Italian meatballs. That is because we eat processed foods, like frozen dinners, fast foods, boxed noodle rice dishes, canned soups, and canned vegetables. When reading food labels, low sodium is defined as 140mg of sodium per serving, 400mg or more is high. Potassium-rich foods may be needed if you are taking certain medications such as some types of diuretics (water pills), or if you have a medical condition that is causing you to need extra potassium. Although fruits and vegetable tend to contain the most potassium, listed below are other examples of foods that contain large amounts of potassium.

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