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Plenty of low-calorie sandwich recipes, low-calorie salad recipes and more low-calorie lunches that are perfect to pack for the office. A week's worth of quick and healthy dinner recipes designed to rev up your metabolism and help you burn more fat and feel more energized.
A rich-tasting and yummy vegetarian dinner with tangy tomato sauce and filling lowfat cheeses.
Cook pasta in boiling salted water for 1-2 minutes less than the package directions say (so it's still quite firm and little undercooked).

Stir frys make a terrific weeknight dinner since they come together really quickly and can be made healthy too. Poet Patrick Mackeown has a very interesting background, diverse in both culture and experiences. Fred Opie is a Professor History and Foodways at Babson College and a contributor on the radio show The Splendid Table.
Mackeown was born in 1966 in London, England and raised in Turkey, Wales, and various parts of England.

Educated as a philosopher, he has worked as a salesman, computer operator, internet technician, and a chef as he developed is writing chops. Mackeown’s poem below about Louisiana Jambalaya is not particularly historic, but jambalaya is and his history as a chef gives him creditability with this food historian.

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