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The question: Which is better if you’re trying to lose weight: low-fat foods or low-calorie ones? The problem with low-fat foods is that even though they may sound diet-friendly, they’re often loaded with sugar—which is super caloric.
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If you’re not worried about calories, then move along and enjoy your jar of peanut butter. The trick to keeping this recipe low in fat is to use nonfat yogurt and PB2, instead of peanut butter.
All you need to do is combine all of the ingredients into a bowl and whip it together with a spoon. I think one serving is the perfect amount to enjoy with one medium-sized apple, giving you a tasty and nutritious 150 calorie snack. This is not a sponsored post, but it contains an affiliate link that supports this blog with your purchase. Yep, fat is good for you in moderation, and I do eat it in oil, nuts, eggs, and things like avocado. Foods can be low in fat but still have a relatively high calorie count if they have high levels of sugar.

The consumer body's overall advice for people trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight is to read food labels carefully, particualry labels related to calorie content (sometimes calories are listed as kcals – 1,000 calories – so a kcal of 1.5 would be 1,500 calories). The researchers listed the calories, and fat, salt and sugar content, of various foods, showing that many low or reduced-fat options offer only small reductions in the overall calorie count. See the comparison results on the Which? The consumer survey showed that 60% of participants reported eating low-fat, reduced-fat or light foods under the misconception that they are automatically healthier. The researchers also point out that products labelled as reduced fat, light or lite only have to contain 30% less fat than the standard versions, yet this was understood by only 16% of people surveyed. Always read the label: How low fat can still mean high calories (and most of us don't know the meaning of 'light' food options).
With an account you can keep track of pages on the site and save them to this tab, which you can access on every page when you are logged in. No reproduction, transmission or display is permitted without the written permissions of Rodale Inc. Just make sure to watch your portion size; since these foods do contain a healthy amount of fat, they also tend to be calorie-dense.
A favorite of mine from childhood (eaten while enjoying an episode of Wishbone— anyone remember that show?) is apples dipped in peanut butter. PB2 is a powdered version of peanut butter that has been processed to remove much of the fat. But you have to cut calories to lose weight, and peanut butter has a looot of calories and fat.

Will be making mine with full fat yogurt, and rice malt syrup in order to lower the sugar content. It is also likely that some people actually consume more calories while eating low-fat foods because they eat more of it than they would of a full-fat version. Some cheeses, for example, have 30% less fat than their standard version but are still high-fat products. You can use regular peanut butter if you don’t have PB2, but your dip will be higher in fat and calories. Although, peanuts are legumes so our bodies do process them similarly to carbs & they are apparently not good for people with thyroid issues to eat. So I like to find ways to eat more peanut butter without the toll it takes on my weight-loss goals. Today it gave a breakdown of its research into the calorie, fat, sugar and salt content of leading brands and supermarkets' own brands of various food items, including cheese, margarine, pizza and chocolate snacks. I tend to think that my thyroid, although functioning well enough to pass a blood test, is not working as well as it should, but i still haven’t been willing to give up peanuts.

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