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In this video I will be showing how to make some simple chocolate leaves and and "barks" its a very unique way to decorate any cake or desert!
In this video I will be teaching a very simple technique to create an amazing cake for any Nutella lover! One of my best geek friends had recently had his birthday and I was in a hurry to make something nice for him, but I didn't quite have the time so I had to think and act fast. I wanted to make a simple cake with accessible ingredients, that would be delicious and beautiful. ULTIMATE NUTELLA CAKE (KINDER BUENO, FERRERO ROCHER, NUTELLA MACARONS & HAZELNUTS FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA! In this video I will be showing a very quick dessert that looks fantastic but can be made so quickly! Two-toned rose swirl is one of the easiest techniques to decorate a beautiful, elegant cake.
This cake is perfect for caramel lovers: 6 thin sponge cake layers filled with rich caramel frosting and topped with salted caramel glaze. Layered cakes are a big tradition in Denmark, where we serve them to birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries – any occasion really.
When most people think of deceptive desserts, they probably think of a dessert looking like something else, for example savory food. This cake would make a great centrepiece for many different party themes, including Pirates, Danger Mouse or Superheroes.
In this video I will show you that it is possible to have baked goods for a breakfast or an afternoon treat with just your pot.

I learned this trick a few years back and I don't like to prepare my baking pans any other way. Sometimes called White Mountain frosting, this is an easy and somewhat less sweet frosting than buttercreams and others. Add vanilla and continue beating for about 5 minutes or until frosting loses gloss and stands in stiff peaks. Did you know you can make the most versatile leaf nozzle using just a disposable piping bag and a pair of scissors? But you can personalise it and use the same method for Peanut Butter,Vegemite or really any spread. It consists of simple cake layers filled with cheesecake filling and decorated with fresh fruit bouquet.
I love baking and I have been wanting to make this for a while and the the deceptive deserts contest popped up and it gave me some motive to make it. Ofcourse if you dont want to do the chu chu theme you could just make plain rainbow eggs or even chocolate eggs to kinder surprise theme!
Here, I have made Cousin Itt with a browned butter cake at the center and coffee buttercream for his hair.
This was for my brother birthday and he loves fishing (obviously) so I made this very simple cake.
Or, maybe, you wish to surprise your friend, who is crazy about this kind of sports, with an unusual gift? However, in my opinion, a dessert is way more deceptive if it is a savory food looking like a dessert.

The sugar syrup is slowly beaten into egg whites to make a light and fluffy frosting with no fat.Use it to frost an angel food cake or a chiffon cake.
It sounds really easy since they only consists of marshmallows and chocolate, but it turned out to be rather hard to form them correctly. In this instructable I'll show you how to do just that, and 8 different styles of leaf you can make with the same one piping bag hack.
Browning the butter imparts a delicious nutty flavour to it, and it goes great with coffee. Two of my favorite frosting recipes are whipped white chocolate ganache, and cream cheese icing.
I thought it would be a fun and challenging task that would be perfect for this competition.
Originally, I wanted these to be a bit smaller and not have sticks in them, but I changed it up as I was doing it because that would be a little too difficult for me right now. Boil to about 232° F to 236° F, or until syrup spins a thread when a small amount is dripped from a spoon.Place egg whites and cream of tartar in clean, grease-free bowl. Beat with hand-held mixer or wire whisk attachment of stand mixer until egg whites begin to hold their shape.

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