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When you pack your kid's lunch box, you need to keep your kid's taste in mind as well as haelthy diet principles. Dilruba Rice (mix veg and paneer rice)- Dilruba (mixed veg rice) is an ideal Lunch box meal for kids as well as adults. Meat And Vegetables Are A Standard Dinner Option, But Putting Them All Together In A Casserole Is Something That’s Not Only Healthy And Unique, But Delightfully Delicious Too. Different vegetables and paneer has been added to make it more delicious as well as nutritious. I usually mix semolina with gram flour to make dhokla for kids so it is lighter and healthier.

This picture shows Dhokla, red grapes, tamarid and dates chutney, a biscuit for dessert and some dry roasted peanuts.
I add grated paneer in Moong dal paste with some spices and chopped coriander leaves and make cheelas. I have lived in France and USA, and some things are quite different here than in our country.
Also, in India, kids eat their lunch either in their class rooms or outside in the play ground.
But in most western countries kids are not at all allowed to eat food in their classrooms.

In the cafeteria they can either eat canteen's hot food or they can eat the lunch that they have brought from home.

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