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Rather than buying a ready made, full of preservatives and sugar off the shelf barbeque sauce, try this easy home made version. Unlike some BBQ sauces, this one takes very little time, very little mess and shock horror, is a low fat recipe. Great go to sandwiches that have incredible flavor, and perfect for leftovers, or unexpected company. Soak the wooden skewers in water for half an hour, as this will stop them burning when cooking. These taste very good but next time I might try sauteeing the onions rather than putting them in raw. Do you have a question about a specific product, looking for a preparation tip, searching for suggestions? These Chocolate Desserts were created using our super rich and pure gourmet Swiss Chocolate!

Fire up the BBQ and check out the must have new gadgets, Grilling Tool Sets, BBQ Carts, Colored Tongs and more! In all, this one takes less than an hour cooking and preparation time, but the smells from the oven are spectacular. I did not have any celery so used celery salt (for the salt amount) - next time I may sub in green peppers. Order our Sushi Making Kit, it has a step by step recipe book and everything you need (except fresh fish). The cutting edge knives and kitchen tools found in the Products section will take your kitchen to a new level.
Compared to my BBQ ribs recipe, this one is about 100% quicker and easier, yet still manages to taste great.
You may want to cook them on an outdoor grill if you'd rather not have to clean the whole kitchen afterwards.

This is the easiest, simplest BBQ recipe I know, and I tend to use it when I forgot what I was supposed to be cooking.
Notice the Chef is using a NSF Maple Cutting Boards, used in all pro kitchens around the world! Choose from Global, Messermeister, Kasumi or Porsche Type 301 Cutlery Sets, Knife Sharpeners, Japanese Whetstones, Mundial Scissors, Chef Gadgets & Tools, Digital Scales, Meat Slicers, Thermometers, Knife Storage Ideas, Electric Sharpeners, Cleavers, Garnishing Tools and more!

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