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FRUIT SMOOTHIES WITH GREEK YOGURT RECIPESCool-as-a-cucumber smoothie recipes from sparkpeople. You can also use plain, non-fat yogurt (which is a great smoothie thickener) and let the other ingredients give your smoothie the flavor you want. I know sometimes when I am making my Easy Blueberry Banana Almond Butter Smoothie, I end up dipping my spoon into the almond butter and adding a little more almond butter than I should – but hey, we’re all human right?
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I love making a smoothie with cocoa powder, soy milk and a little dash of peppermint extract - it's like a Thin Mint cookie!Meg on January 7, 2011Big fan of smoothies in the morning! As well as having a wonderful taste that reminds us of summer, Strawberries are high in vitamin c and manganese.
Below we have some easy strawberry smoothie recipes for you to try out, they are very quick to make and incredibly healthy! Add all of your ingredients into the blender and blend until they form a smooth consistency.

This recipe for strawberry smoothie is made with frozen yogurt instead of ice cream, which will produce just as wonderful a flavour with half the calories. Although this strawberry smoothie recipe may not be quite as healthy as our original one and it may not be a smoothie you would want to make every day.
It is still packed with delicious and nourishing fresh strawberries and makes a perfect treat on a warm lazy afternoon.
As professional Baristas we are always making great efforts to adopt a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. We love to make smoothies and shakes using our high performance blender, and our blog is where we post the latest blender recipe creations. This blog chronicles the light, easy and delicious recipes, tips and hints that help me balance my love of food and desire to be happy, healthy and slim.
They are best made from fresh strawberries, but can also be mixed from frozen, making this a smoothie available all year long!
There are some wonderful and tasty low fat varieties around that work incredibly well in a strawberry smoothie recipe.
Just throw all the ingredients together into the blender, and process until smooth and frothy.
Just throw all the ingredients into a blender and process until the mixture is smooth and frothy.

Pour into a glass and serve with a small scoop of ice cream balanced on the edge of the glass. Earn points towards dollars off your grocery bill, and get personalized points offers based on what you buy most. Throw in a handful of fresh berries instead.Add a tbsp of PC Blue Menu 100% Pure Natural Wheat Germ for extra vitamins, minerals andfibre. Also, Garden of Life Raw Protein powder is a great Vegan, gluten free, dairy free protein powder to add if you're trying to put lean body mass on (post workout). And for those of you looking for that touch of luxury, regular frozen yogurt can also be used… It’s still much healthier than ice cream! It is highly recommended you purchase a cherry pitter if you plan to make this smoothie in larger batches or frequently, as pitting the cherries with an ordinary knife can be laborious.
Thanks!Courtney Walberg on January 7, 2011I made a smoothie the other day with coconut water, frozen fruit and a scoop of protein. They should be loaded with complex carbs, powerful proteins and fiber to keep you and your kids satisfied and focused for hours.

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