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Make healthy choices when you're traveling by choosing these light snacks from the convenience store. A single dish is all you need for our collection of one-pot meals that are far from one-note. From sweet to savory, here are 58 different homemade snack recipes to satisfy your vegan cravings. I’ve always wondered about this logic, as it seemed to go against the common sense that eating more calories then we need to is what makes us fat, not the source of these calories.
The Low-fat foods trend really started picking up popularity in the early to mid 1980’s, and by the mid 1990 Low-Fat was all the rage. According to the USDA food availability data charts, there was an average of  3,200 Calories per person available in the USA in 1980.
This is about when Low-fat really started to take flight, thanks to aggressive marketing and government support. Total milk intake decreased over the 90’s but intake of low-fat milk skyrocketed by comparison. Over the next two decades the amount of calories available per person increased up to roughly 3,900 Calories per day.
Our ratios of Saturated Fat to Mono-unsaturated and Poly-unsaturated fat also all stayed relatively the same over this time.
Basically, allowing food companies to Market Health and Weight loss back to us is what caused us to eat more, not eat differently. If your goal is weight loss, remember concentrating on one Macronutrient (protein, carbs or fats) does not necessarily mean you are eating less.
You do not need to eat low fat, low carb or low protein…you just need to eat a little bit lower EVERYTHING. I just wanted to say thank you to Brad and to say that I am NEVER straying from the ESE lifestyle again. Any attempt to make desserts healthier, while simultaneously ruining the flavor, is pretty ridiculous. Been thinking about the whole reinterpretation of the heart hypothesis and de-fearing of saturated fats while promoting pasture fed animals, whipping cream in coffee, raw whole milk, butter and coconut oil for frying et cetera. While helpful correctives, you can’t get away from the high calorie content of fats and the need to utilise the macro nutrients in general that go into ones mouth. That’s funny, I was raised exclusively on skim milk, so just drinking full milk straight is gross to me.
I just wanted to know if there are any forums to go to discuss progress, get support, or get questions answered. About Brad PilonBrad is an expert on intermittent fasting as it relates to losing weight and gaining muscle. When I snack, I try to stick to fresh fruits and vegetables, but sometimes I want something with crunch, not the moist crunch of a carrot but the carb-filled crunch of a potato chip.
My taste in snacks runs from the very simple (baked tortilla chips) to the unusual (roasted okra). Using a mandolin or v-slicer, slice one medium russet potato (peeled, if you like) as thinly as possible, taking care that all slices are the same thickness. Microwave at full power–watching closely–until spots of brown begin to appear, about 4-6 minutes. Salt and Vinegar Chips: Dip each potato slice into cider vinegar before putting it on the parchment paper.
My favorite spur-of-the-moment snack is simple: rinsed, canned chickpeas sprinkled with Creole seasoning. You can use different spices in both of these recipes or leave out the seasoning altogether.
This week I finally got around to trying a healthy snack that so many bloggers have said that they love.
Timing is crucial for these chips: too long and they taste burned, two short and they are chewy rather than crispy. Unfortunately for me, your warning about the microwave chip gadget came too late- luckily mine was only $2 at a thrift store! I can’t wait to try the kale chips – it never even occurred to me to have kale that way! Thanks for all thw wonderful snack ideas , shall try them except for the kale chips, just doesn’t appeal to me either. I try to keep some containers of sliced green onions, blanched carrots and celery, diced tofu, reconstituted wakame seaweed or julienne cucumber, and shredded daikon radish in the fridge for a spur-of-the-moment mug of miso soup.
I started making microwave potato chips a few years ago after 28 Cooks posted a recipe for them — soo, sooo good. I make something similar to your roasted chickpeas but I always soak and cook the chickpeas fully before roasting them. I know you’re really busy with your blog but have you thought about filming you making your recipes and uploading them to youtube? I think you would be greatly popular and many people would really benefit from seeing you make all these interesting and wonderful dishes. I love potato wedges – just cut the potatoes into wedge shapes, toss in a tablespoon or less of oil plus seasonings and bake in a hot oven for approx.
I had to laugh when I saw this post because I made both the kale chips and the chickpeas the day before your post!

I think I may now have to break down and buy a mandolin so that I can make those potato chips.
I like the cheesy roasted chickpeas from Vegan Lunchbox (a sprinkle of nutritional yeast before roasting). My favorite snacks are probably sliced veggies (carrot, cucumber, turnip, swede, cauliflower, bell pepper etc) with a dip. For the longest time, my supermarket listed Mustard Greens as Kale, so when I first started trying greens, I always though Mustards were Kale.
I made the potato chips successfully, and then I tried it with beetroot, and it worked too! Oh my goodness, i just love chick peas and vegitable chips, I have a new favorite though that has made me want to swear off fries. I have made kale chips a couple of times and they are COMPLETELY addictive (made a huge batch one time for a road trip with my sis and they were demolished before we were halfway to our destination)!
I just bought some kale for the first time today; I’m really excited to make some kale chips tomorrow! Do you think using a paper towel in lieu of the parchement paper would still work for the microwave potatoe chips?
Does anyone know about how long the microwave chips will "keep" after making them? These ideas are fantastic!Although, I did try them for my kids, and they didnt seem to like these idea's as much as I did. I sometimes coat roasted chickpeas in chickpea flour (not very original, I know!) and they end up extra crunchy. Your stomach is growling, but to your utter dismay your watch says lunchtime is still further away. Low-fat whole-grain crackers, a piece of fruit or some raw vegetables etc are found to be extremely helpful in minimising the intake of food during the next mealtime.
Benefits of fish and cod liver oilYou consume fresh raw green vegetables and fresh fruits to keep yourself healthy and to prevent you from diseases. Vegetarian Dieting during PregnancyVegetarian diets are packed full of nutritious fruits, vegetables, and salads. How can you help your child participate in summer sports safelyIn order to tackle the hot sun, you need to listen to what your body says. What are the dietary changes that help in controlling high blood pressure?Increased blood pressure is often considered as a ‘silent killer’.
What better idea to protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses that are funky, cool and fashionable.
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I’ve been vegan, vegetarian, low carb, high fat, low fat, fast 5, warrior, paleo, panu, ect, ect. We’ve been hearing that the American epedemic of obesety was macronutrient based, but the firgures here are more logical.
This may seem odd to some, but I already feel healthier and have more energy after only fasting since 6PM last night!
But my very favorite, the one crunchy snack that almost everyone loves, is also the easiest to make: microwave potato chips. Line the turntable tray of your microwave with parchment paper and place the potato slices on it without overlapping. Lift the chickpeas out of the bowl with a slotted spoon and place them in a single layer on an oiled baking sheet.
Kale chips sounded perfect–a green leafy vegetable magically transformed into a snack.
Turn the chips over and bake for 3-7 more minutes, until crispy and edges just beginning to brown.
I keep a bunch in the freezer so that it’s easy to grab a few when I’m hungry or hot or both!
All comments are read and appreciated, and if you have a question, I will try to respond within a couple days. I want to try all these snacks, I haven’t had potato chips in a long time and your chickpeas look fantastic! I am CONSTANTLY looking for healthy things to snack on, but usually rely on store bought rice crackers. We also make the frozen grapes but we like to use the black seedless instead of the green seedless ones. I don’t have a mandoline or v-slicer (not even sure what that is) so I used the slicing side of my box grater. Kale harvested in the colder months is much less bitter than the summer kale – I found it to be a noticable difference! I have been looking for new snacks since school started and I can’t wait to try the microwave potato chips. You combine olive oil, some balsamic vinegar, and a little garlic in a bowl, then toss the kale in it before you bake it. I have been looking for GOOD-TASTING and nutritious recipes….this is like a gold mine!! I make polenta and add any array of spices I have on had, the other day I just added some lime juice to the batter and some sea salt and pepper.

I don’t like fruit in general, so it can be difficult to eat enough each day: these make it easy because I like the texture so much better! I take the kale leaves (removing as much of the thick stalk as possible while still allowing the leaf to hold together) and toss gently in a bowl with some olive oil, nama shoyu (or low sodium tamari) and honey.
I almost reached for the bag in my pantry, but then I remembered your microwaveable chips, and decided to try those instead.
The way I make them, they are not bitter at all, not exactly lo-cal- I use tahini, but I think of it as PROTEIN.
I used a Silpat for the roasted chickpeas, and they didn’t burn at all, even though I forgot to toss them. But I came up with something very interesting, very healthy, and something so yummy that my KIDS actually agree! I bake kale chips at 225 and I put sesame seeds, sea salt, olive oil and a bit of pepper on them. If you snack on these healthy food materials, you can effectively cut down the second or third helpings while having main meals. Your child should be taught how to provide himself with first aid when exhausted under hot sun. Serving sizes have increased, availablity has increased and affordability has also increased while options for being entertained while sitting down have increase along with the whole seated job thing.
I’ve been making these for years, and I even bought this totally unnecessary gadget, which I used exactly once. The problem for me is that it’s all too easy to over-eat chickpeas when they take so little effort to chew. When it looks like it’s almost done, spray it with soy sauce and sprinkle liberally with sesame seeds.
Try whisking the oil and vinegar together beforehand, like a salad dressings, then tossing to coat. Usually, I stick to air-popped popcorn … and kick it up with a sprinkle of seasonings. My slices weren’t perfectly even, so the thicker parts were a little chewier, but they were still great! I also like eating frozen corn as it is, with only a little salt and sometimes garlic powder. Once it was cooked very very thick i placed it on a cookie sheet to firm and chill completely. Repeat three times, the last time sprinkling them with the remaining chili powder and salt. Perhaps my kale was just overly bitter; if you give them a try, please let me know your opinion. I am already thinking what kind of flavors I can mix in and what other root veggies I can try… have you tried sweet potatoes or carrots?
However, be warned that staying away from a snack altogether and waiting for the lunchtime to come is not a wise option. I think I initially started it as it matched up pretty well with what Men’s Health was recommending at that time.
There are recipes all over the internet for roasted chickpeas, some using soaked dried beans and others using pre-cooked beans.
When they are golden brown and crispy (about 50-60 minutes in total) remove from the oven . Maybe I’ll have to sneak kale into a recipe one of these days and say it’s spinach, ha! I’ve been wanting to try roasted chickpeas and will give this a try soon (as well as trying the microwave chips!).
People think it’s odd, but they also think peanut butter and pickle sandwiches are odd, and there’s no way you could stop me eating those!
They never ever last long in my house and the great hing is you can make the batch as big or as samll as you like. I did another bunch in the oven, lightly sprayed with oil, and the microwave chips were more even and consistently crunchy. Nuts and seeds are high in protein content and monounsaturated fat and will thereby make you feel fuller for a longer period. I’ve also discovered that the way to get the chips crispy without burning is to stop the cooking just as they begin to brown, let them sit in the microwave for a minute, and then finish the cooking.
Fresh fruits and raw vegetables easily provide a feeling of fullness and the fat content is absolutely zero. I’m pretty confident that if you follow the instructions below, your potato chips will come out golden and delicious every time. You can also do it with just olive oil, tamari and italian seasoning (but my vote is for the sweet version). Experts say that small snack-like meals in between are far more beneficial than taking main meals thrice a day. Overall, I preferred the canned–the texture was lighter and less hard than the dried version.

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