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As promised, I am finally sharing my recipe for my high carb, low fat, refined sugar and gluten-free Vegan Sweet Potato Brownies. The first time I made this recipe was in January 2015, the day I did a photo shoot with an old high school friend of mine at Arlington Garden in Pasadena, CA. We started off our day in the kitchen with a green smoothie, moved onto a romaine lettuce taco and rice pilaf for the main dish, and finally, sweet potato brownies for dessert. I know I don’t use salt often, but after having had made this recipe a few times, I really do taste the difference when it is included. Dates: a good source of fiber, essential minerals and vitamins, such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, thiamin, riboflavin, folate, vitamin K, and so many more! Figs: excellent source of minerals like calcium, copper, potassium, iron, selenium and zinc. Pink Himalayan Salt: along with sodium it is relatively high in iron, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, potassium and chloride. These Brownies look awesome and sound yummiiiiieee for everbody’s tummiiiie ?? Can’t wait for trying them out soon! Whenever you start your Amazon shopping through this link, FFV earns a small commission at no additional cost to you.
To save time with this vegan breakfast hash you can use leftover quinoa (or cook it the day before) and use cooked leftover yams.
This also makes for great leftovers the next day, just keep the avocado separate when reheating.
Herbamare is a French seasoning salt it’s sold at health food stores and Whole Foods. Susan’s Kitchen BlogOil-Free Baked Portobello FriesDo you know why vegan cooks are so creative? Slow Motion MiracleNo Place Like HomeFrom the time I was a little girl, the plants and trees growing around my house have always been a part of what makes my house feel like home.
It’s about this time of year that you remember what you used to scarf down in copious amounts as a child.
I agree; it’s wonderful that people are beginning to become more health-conscious and able to fuel themselves with cheaper, healthier options!
This low fat sweet potato soup is savory, with a hint of natural sweetness from the roasted sweet potatoes.
Slowly pour the fat free milk into your roux mixture and whisk until mixture thickens, about 7 minutes. It was so much fun having my time in the kitchen documented, and viewing what I do in the perspective of another person. It brings together the whole recipe, balancing out the sweetness of the potatoes, syrup and dates, but also not blinding them in the recipe.
I shared this with my parents, friends and younger cousins, and all were surprised by the fact that this recipe was dairy-, refined sugar- and gluten-free!

Brownies have gotten a makeover, and are better than ever before ?? These brownies are packed with tons of vitamins and nutrients, without skimping on any flavor! I have no tried this swap out myself, but after doing a bit of research online I see that people have done that in other brownie recipes with much success, and I am sure it will be just fine! Hey you can even make it for dinner if you want to and serve it with corn tortillas, or roll into a burrito. When quinoa and yams are almost done, saute onions dry in a non-stick pan for 4-5 minutes until soft.
Instead of kale, I’m going to try it with beet greens, because I just used a bunch of beets in a roasted vegetable dish, and the greens are just waiting to be used. I use it because it has more flavor than regular sea salt and makes my recipes taste better as there’s dried herbs in it as well. I think it’s because we’re constantly being tempted by interesting dishes on restaurant menus that are “vegan except for.” You know, the chickpea appetizer that is vegan–except for chicken broth. In my childhood, it was my father’s pomegranate tree outside my bedroom window, and the specially grafted fruit tree in our backyard, lovingly created by Mr. These golden sticks of glory will come into your life (your mouth, to be more specific) and change everything everywhere for the better forever and ever.
I’m subjecting you to my unabashed run-on sentences simply because this is the only place they are remotely acceptable.
The nonstick spray adds only a trivial amount of fat (unless you drown the squash in it, of course).
The balanced flavors taste so buttery, rich and creamy and yet this soup is LOW FAT. This low fat sweet potato soup recipe makes 6 servings. This website does not give any medical advice and does not advocate or support a particular weight loss program, product or service. Just having had the opportunity to  share my passion with another person is always so rewarding.
Cut the potatoes into chunks and place them into a steamer for until soft, about 15-20 mins. I am here to share recipes and lifestyle tips to inspire others to take charge of their health. I find using steamed potatoes a much easier way to ensure they cook quickly and are moist while staying oil-free instead of roasting in the oven. Even the nonstick spray companies are allowed to say there is no fat, as long as you limit the amount of spray you use. I agree that it’s usually fairly difficult to get assorted veggies to crispen up to a true fry texture! Lay them flat in one layer on a cookie sheet that has been sprayed with nonstick cooking spray. Always seek the advice of a medical professional when starting a new diet plan and for information regarding the health benefits and risks of a low fat diet.

Hacking up a b-nut squash can be precarious, so just make sure to take your time if you would like to keep all your fingers intact.
Although, if you pre-heat the oven while the pan’s inside the vegetables tend to get a bit crunchier on the outside and softer in the middle, much like the traditional taters we all covet.
Roasting will take about 20 minutes per side. I like to roast extra whenever Ia€™m roasting vegetables.
Clicking on a link here will open a new window, it won't remove you from the Best Low Fat Recipes website. More about roasting vegetables from the One Green Generation website. Place into your lined dish and bake for 20 mins, or until a fork comes out clean when poked. Spread the butternut squash fries onto a foil lined baking sheet, spray with an even coating of cooking spray, sprinkle with salt, pepper, and any other spices you so desire, and toss to coat.
Dipping veggie fries in ketchup can be a bit of a nutritional pitfall, but it doesn’t have to be if you try to stay organic and sugar-free.
That way I can bag and freeze whatever I dona€™t need and skip this time-intensive step next time I make low fat sweet potato soup. Place the roasted sweet potatoes in a Dutch oven or stock pot along with the next 4 ingredients (water, garlic, salt, stock) and heat on medium until the sweet potatoes absorb half the liquid, about 10 minutes. Make sure the fries are in an even layer on the baking sheet before sticking them in the oven, using multiple baking sheets if need be. Allow to cool slightly. This step softens the browned outer parts of your newly roasted sweet potatoes. The roasted cumin, cilantro, and smoked paprika combined beautifully with the sweet potatoes. Roasting gives this soup such an intense and wonderful flavor and boiling the sweet potatoes afterward makes the soup smooth instead of chunky.
Repeat twice more with the remaining sweet potatoes and liquid until everything is pureed smooth. Pour back into your Dutch oven or stock pot and set aside. Place your chopped onion and 1 A? cups of chicken stock into your blender or food processor and puree. Do this right along with your sweet potatoes if youa€™d like, just make sure the onion gets pureed well. I like to use frozen chopped onion because I can measure the correct amount and my eyes dona€™t burn. Heat and whisk this roux (butter and flour mixture) until it bubbles, about 3 minutes (you dona€™t need to brown the roux because youa€™re starting with flavor-intensive browned butter).
Slowly add the fat free half and half to your roux, whisking until thickened, about 3 minutes.

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