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Sweet potatoes (large), Vegetable oil (for frying ), Salt and 3 more.. Peeled and cubed potatoes, Non-dairy creamer and 1 more.. Bacon drippings, Potatoes, peeled and sliced and 2 more.. Potato , scrubbed clean and sliced wafer thin, Olive oil and 1 more..
Potato (peeled or unpeeled , as you prefer) and 2 more..

Annatto oil, New potatoes , cut into 8 slices and 2 more.. Mashed or baked sweet potatoes, Greek-style yogurt and 3 more..
Sweet potatoes, Fresh cranberries, can use frozen and 7 more.. All-purpose flour, Baking powder, Salt, Ground nutmeg and 8 more.. Sweet potatoes, Egg yolks, Ground cinnamon, Ground nutmeg and 3 more.. Thanksgivukkah and Turkey Latkes aside, Chanukah just wouldn’t be Chanukah without a batch of traditional potato latkes. Your efforts will ensure that Surfmark becomes one of the most important destinations for knowledge sharing.

As regular readers of the IJN blog will know, we’re big fans of holiday cooking and baking, and latkes are no exception!
According to Wikipedia, potatoes are essential to latkes, so as you say, perhaps using other vegetables really doesn’t qualify as latkes.
I made a good one this year from Mark Bittman (new york times)…but do these count as latkas??

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