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A standard McVitie’s chocolate digestive contains 85 calories; a light one has 77 – a difference of just 8 calories which can be burned off in less than a minute of swimming or running.
A Tesco low-fat yogurt has more calories per pot – 130 – versus the Activia standard yoghurt with 123 calories. Our research also uncovered misconceptions amongst consumers about what the terms reduced fat and light mean.
In August Populus surveyed 1,005 UK residents online about their consumption of low-fat, reduced and light foods asking: how often they ate these foods, the reasons they chose for doing so and what they thought the terms low-fat, reduced-fat and light meant. We took a snapshot sample of twelve low-fat, reduced and light products from across all supermarkets, and compared them with their standard counterparts and other products on criteria such as the calorie, fat, sugar, salt content and compared ingredients.
Weight loss with prescription and no prescription appetite suppressants — facts and tips. August 5, 2015 By Michelle 10 Comments Kim sent in the following question that I thought maybe some of you guys could help with? Since that time, our eating habits have changed due to some health issues and we are now focusing on a lower sodium and lower fat diet. I would be interest to know how others in similar situations are making the best of sales and couponing. While it’s true that processed food is much easier to find coupons for, it is not impossible to stretch your budget being healthy. Indeed, you probably should seek medical advice before unilaterally making such a dramatic diet change.
Unlike other sites on similar topics I will not burden you with my medical situation or medications, although I assure you that in my case by far the biggest impact on my daily life is the diet challenge. But our taste buds can get used to eating less salt in a few weeks and then you're more likely to enjoy food with less salt, or without any salt at all. So you want to eat healthy for the holidays by having Tofurky rather than meat?  The Tofurky folks even have a neat comparison to show you that a serving only has 0 cholesterol and 190 calories vs.

This tradeoff between sodium level and cholesterol appears to be quite common in products from the US food industry.
Where other web sites have useful information related to this topic, I will not hesitate to give such links and ask that they consider reciprocity. Products labelled with these terms only have to contain 30 per cent less fat than the standard version, yet only sixteen per cent of those people surveyed understood this.
We looked at a broad range of different foods products from the leading food brands to give an overall picture of how low-fat, reduced and light products differ from the standard versions.
NewsOur advice for consumers on what to do if you have BHS vouchers now on the Mirror's website.
If you are trying to eat healthy but you’re confused about how to incorporate it into your grocery shopping, start paying attention to the packages on the food. So all of our toiletries, detergents, pet foods, paper goods and non perishables are purchased there. I make my own multi-grain bread & substituted unprocessed, healthy snacks throughout the day for meals (to keep blood sugar levels even). Unfortunately, the people who do have the right qualifications usually don't know how to give practical advice and often treat low salt and low fat as independent issues. Women who might be pregnant, pregnant women, nursing mothers, and children should not start low fat diets without consulting medical personnel about appropriate dietary goals.
This lack of information seems odd to me since it is estimated that 30 million American suffer from both high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Indeed, throwing away the salt shaker and avoiding foods with visible external salt is only a small first step and doesn't have much impact by itself. A popular whole-grain bagel had 440 milligrams of sodium, a best-selling pancake mix had 200 milligrams per pancake, and raisin-bran cereals had between 230 milligrams and 350 milligrams per cup serving. I have no financial interest at all in any of the links on this websites except for the Amazon links that are clearly identified as belonging to Amazon.

We are calling on Morrisons andIceland, the two remaining supermarkets yet to adopt the traffic light labelling system, to do so as soon as possible.
Once you learn the tricks of the the drugstores couponing world, you will be able to get most of these items for free or nearly free, which frees up some money to buy healthier food. Since 47 million are estimated to high blood pressure alone, this means that 64% of Americans with high blood pressure have a cholesterol problem also. Salt is hidden in processed foods and most people are unaware of how much salt is added to these types of food. A maple and brown sugar-flavored instant oatmeal had more than three times as much sodium as its original flavored version. Print the table below out and take it with you to the grocery store if you feel confused about the labels on your food. Be sure to make use of your $$ off total purchase coupons…for example, I always use my $5 off $30 purchase coupons for healthy sale items or produce at the Fresh Market or Publix. Read the label on these foods, and only eat those that do not contain large amounts of added salt. Finally, it never hurts to reach out to specific companies and compliment their products, because they will usually send you coupons in return. Think about it…if you spend more on food now, but less on doctors and medicine overall, you saving money!!

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