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When love is in the air and you want to get all dolled up for your special someone and you purchase that sexy outfit and a pair of killer heels, the only way you can complete your perfect get-up is with an equally romantic makeup look. Your daily beauty regiment will go a long way to bring out your natural youthful glow and give you soft smooth skin which needs the minimal makeup.
Pink is the color most associated with femininity and it seems fitting for this special occasion.
Taking a glitter shadow (silver) use it like you would eyeliner and line your lids, both top and bottom, into the corner of your eye. Let your lips look soft and luscious with a sheer gloss or even a light pink, don’t overdo it or you could end up looking like cotton candy. Celebrate this day of love by bringing out the woman in you, by following these Valentine’s Day makeup looks and ideas enhancing your feminine charm will never be easier. Eye makeup designs are the new thread, we have seen it go viral- from video tutorials to pictures, from catwalks, to celebrities.
All materials, unless otherwise noted, were taken from the Internet and are assumed to be in the public domain. Every woman wants to have seductive eyes and in order to make them look fabulous and turn heads everywhere you go it is very essential to know how to apply the eye makeup. Both the tone of your skin and the color of your eyes should be taken into consideration when deciding on the right makeup for your eyes. The eye color represents another factor you should count in choosing the right colors for your makeup.
Counting very important facts regarding your eye colors and skin tones are as important as ensuring that your eye makeup does only what it is supposed to do, and that is enhancing your skin tone, eyelashes and eye size and not diminishing these natural features.
Most women also use mascara in order to accentuate their eyes and this regardless the color of their eyes. We all makeup aspirants and makeup fanatics have had a certain point in life where we all began, and we all began confused and terrified of the vastness of this field and this industry. I can say this as I have gone through all this and even after being the field of makeup for quite sometime, still I face the same problems (partly due to my impulsive nature as well). As a makeup starter its very important to have some basic products in your stuff to begin with. Also you can buy multi-tasking products that do more than one job which makes the investment amount sound well spent and cost effective.
Loose Powder - Buy a one that looks larger than life (LOL) and stays you for a longer period of time.
A perfect Bronzer - Choose a bronzer which is 2-3 shades darker than your skin tone and is preferably matte. Highlighter - Highlighters generally come in paired with bronzers so if you find the right one then you are sorted.
Eyeshadow Primer - These are the must so that you get a maximum impact from your eyeshadows.
Some makeup accessories like brow gel (MAC or TBS), Duraline (Inglot) and most importantly a makeup fixing spray. Lip products - Lipsticks, lip glosses and lip balms are something where you can invest in as much as your pocket takes you. Makeup Brushes - I always recommend to begin with really good quality brushes as they allow a fantastic makeup application and shall be with you on your makeup journey for the maximum time. I have always got a lot of stuff from online shopping sites in INDIA and abroad and they have played a larger role in understanding of the brands.
Let me list a few of my favorite sites and also add in a coupon for discounts (non sponsored) in case I can. This is a fairly new site for me and although I got my first shipping order fast, the second one hasn't arrived yet so my finger are crossed.
I’m sure we can all agree that red is a gorgeous color for a bridesmaid dress (kudos to the bride for an impressive color motif). The solution to this is simple: Add a healthy dose of color to your cheeks and lips, or create a contrast by defining your eyes. Before you decide on your makeup look, remember the tried-and-tested makeup rule: Focus on one feature at a time.
For foolproof red dress makeup ideas, I looked to no less than Hollywood’s red carpet stars. If you think about it, wearing red lipstick with a red dress should be written off as a makeup no-no.
The trick to doing it right is to find a shade of lipstick that matches the color of your dress. From a sultry red lip to a blossoming pink cheek these are a few Valentine’s Day makeup looks and ideas that will have your special someone falling in love with you all over again. Begin by creating a base, apply a foundation that is close to your natural skin tone and evenly blend it into your skin. Prep your eyes by using an eyeshadow primer as your base (one that is close to your skin tone), this helps your eye makeup last longer and also makes it easier to remove.
Then using a darken pink go over your eye again up to the crease but not covering the silver liner. Chances are you’re going to wear some sort of makeup for your wedding day; the question now is, what look are going for?
When you make an artistic eye makeup, the eyelashes extensions are a must in order to complete the final look. In the event that there is still a problem or error with copyrighted material, the break of the copyright is unintentional and noncommercial and the material will be removed immediately upon presented proof.

And if your think that your overall appearance can be affected by a wrong applied makeup, you should take into careful consideration some things like the colors you want to use in your makeup. Knowing which eye makeup to apply according to your eye color and skin complexion means knowing to determine the colors of eye shadow which will work best on you. If you are a woman with blue eyes then you will look best with shades of blues, if you have brown eyes then you should go for the brownish tones and for the women with green eyes the most suitable choices in their makeup are the green undertones.
With billions and trillions of makeup products, diversified makeup levels and branches, whether to choose the profession or not, personal makeup and grooming and a plethora of such questions can baffle a newbie's mind. The biggest question I am asked all the time by friends, acquaintances, FB friends and my lovelies readers is "What do I need to have in my makeup bag?".
I personally advice to invest in a decent amount of good quality products albeit the price, as they take you through the best part of your makeup journey without any qualms and trial and errors.
Always buy colors which you think will last with you for a long time and shall be put in use so that they don't remain sitting on one side of your makeup kit. My favorites are Bobbi Brown foundation stick, Kryolan Ultra foundation stick, Maybelline BB stick (not so impressive though) or Shiseido the Makeup Stick foundation. I love the Bourjois Bronzer - its matte and perfect color, Benefit Hoola Bronzer, Shiseido the Makeup Bronzer, Clinique True Bronzer and Guerlain 4 Seasons Bronzer.
Here there are lot of varieties to choose from and you can make your custom made blush palettes with brands like Inglot etc. You may not need all the brushes in the market but a few handy ones shall be great to go with.
I have some of these makeup sites that I have always trusted for their genuine products and faster and better services.
This is a great site to buy makeup brushes, accessories, powder products, skin care and hair care. I prefer and love BH cosmetics as they have excellent palettes for beginners and their other products are equally phenomenal. These brushes are fantastic for beginners and for people who want affordable high quality brushes for a hassle free makeup application. I shall have to really plan a fantastic post in this series for makeup artist beginners and that shall air soon too. I don't give 100% on the authenticity of the content here and it is subject to change without prior notice. Have picked up some pointers and am looking forward to getting some of products you mentioned. I will be attending my friend’s wedding at the end of the month, and I’ll be one of her bridesmaids. It is dramatic and eye-catching—but for some, it can also be a difficult color to pull off. Now, if you’re not quite sure whether you’ve applied too much or too little makeup, simply wear your red dress.
Read on for easy looks you can follow that will no doubt make you stand out at the wedding.
Take it from its undertone: Match the shade of red to its tone, whether it’s more yellow or orange, blue or brown. An easy palette of rich browns, grays and beiges looks beautiful when worn with a red dress. We reserve the right to exclude comments which are inconsistent with our editorial standards. Use a blending brush to blend all the colors for a subtle pretty eye, but wait, the look is not complete yet. Red lips would not go well with this particular look but if you plan on an intimate dinner you could pair a great red with simple black eyeliner on your top and bottom lid (cream liner for the bottom and liquid for the top) and a light dusting of a rosy hued blush.
If you are looking for some amazing makeup art ideas combined with lashes extensions, below are some amazing ones which will inspire you all.
Unfortunately not too many women know how to makeup their eyes and many of them end up looking quite unattractive especially when trying to create the smoky eyes. Usually the colors you should choose for your eyes should be some complementary tones to your skin tone.
A good advice would be though to opt for using more subtle mascara during the day and heavier mascara for the evenings for a more appealing effect. This question is a very wide spectrum one and ranges from a personal user to a fully fledged makeup artist. It boosts the confidence in anyone as its a great medium to put ones' best feature forward.
I shall be talking mostly about the brands I love from the drugstore and departmental stores and products that are found in India. Colorbar and Bobbi brown make shimmer bricks while MAC has some amazing highlighters in their Mineralize Skin finish range.
MAC Paint pots - Groundwork, Painterly, Soft Ochre and Bare Study are the classiest and most widely used colors. I choose between Maybelline Gel liner, MAC Chromaline Gel liners, YSL and Estee Lauder Double Wear liners. I was always a mascara freak and invested in branded mascaras as well as drugstore brands even though I know they have a smaller shelf life. Lipstick palettes are easier to decide which shall be your 'it' lipstick color and then you can purchase as many times the color that you love the most. The quality is good, the shipping has improved and their customer services are really fantastic.

Right away, you’ll see how your dress changes your skin tone, and you can adjust your makeup accordingly.
As obvious as this tip is, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to go overboard with makeup when you’re wearing red. This kind of makeup works well with practically any color, and can be used for most occasions. It is a wonderful part of feminism, so the make up is an important part of woman’s look. Keep your blush to a minimum so that your eyes become the highlight of the show by using a soft pink gently across the apples of your cheeks. Choose a purple shadow and blend it into the outer corner of your lid for a subtle cat’s eye and line the outer corner of you lower lid with this shade as well. The most important thing is to learn how to use makeup and avoid the tendency to overdo it. If you happen to be among the women with fair skin, then the colors you should put in the makeup of your eyes should be the blues, pinks and silvers.
One can take this as a basic guide for making their makeup shopping list as the options are endless if one could find them.
Choose the ones that are not too orange so that you don't look weird and they can enhance the contours of the face and double up as a contour powder.
My favorites are Bourjois Clubbing Liners and now a days they come in all colors one needs. Of course the most opted color is BLACK but you can try some fun colors in Violets, Browns and Greens to enhance your eyes. Always choose a mascara that goes with your lifestyle too like waterproof ones if you are always on the run and washable versions if your work is often confined to closed areas. Kryolan makes absolutely inexpensive and very very good quality brushes so do check them out too.
Definitely not for shy wallflowers, as it requires its wearer to be bold and beautiful (again, confidence is key). The only problem you might encounter with nude makeup is its tendency to make skin look grayish or pale when worn with red. Because of that, today I have for you some wonderful night makeup ideas.Let’s prepare for a night party! You only need to draw attention to your eyes and in order to let this thing happen you need to enhance your overall appearance. If you have a darker skin tone then the colors you should use for your eyes are the browns, bronzes and greens.
NYX also makes fabulously long wearing retractable liner pencils and a brand called VOV (found in beauty stores) makes a fabulous black eye pencil which has a hugely respectable position in my bridal makeup kit. To make your eyes appear bigger, line your eyes using black kohl eyeliner and apply three coats of mascara to your lashes. For amazing look at night you can use a little darker colors of make up or put your favorite makeup colorA in multiple layers.
Finish the look with a thin sweep of black eyeliner over the silver so that it is just visible.
There are several ways to improve the appearance and one of them are back tattoos that look amazingly beautiful and very elegant. How do you want to wear makeup so men want to wear watches therefore view a list of the best mens watches for 2013 from the world’s best brands for a great gift. Dior makes blush duos which are perfect since you get 2 colors in one and trust me these products last forever even though they are high on the price tag. In case you love liquid liners than L'Oreal makes really decent ones and so do Bourjois Clubbing liquid liners.
These allow a perfect match of colors and textures and you can also duplicate a matte grey-brown as a brow powder. Although the list is endless, I advice everyone to have at least 5 shades of eyeshadows in their beginner kit viz., Brown, Black, Beige, Ivory and a metallic gold. What's a good moisturiser for oily skin- am currently using Acnemoist, which is good but looking for something better.
But be careful and don’t make the eyes and the lips with dark colors in the same time.
Stay away from bright colors as a initial investment as these are the colors that you may not use that often and you need a certain amount of makeup practice to sport these colors properly. The fashion experts recommend to put out the eyes or the lips, not the both in the same time. I prefer Kryolan Dermacolor fixing spray to create a lovely matte complexion and MAC Fix plus for the dewy effect. Such posts in beauty reviews are very helpful for someone like me who does not live in a metro and has to depend on online or second party purchase of beauty products.I am looking forward to your review of Real Techniques Brushes as I am just venturing into eye makeup.
I really liked it, post like these always help the audience to know more in detail about beauty products.

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