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For those who never know how to dress up for Halloween, and for those who receive a last-minute invitation to a Halloween party, there are some simple ideas that will allow you to build scary, witty and funny costumes.
You’ll need a black dress (make sure it has buttons in the front) and a pair of black boots. So ladies it's that time of the year, and of course most of us are flapping about wondering what we're going to wear! This is a really easy tutorial, I've tried this out - minus the scars, some of you may have spotted it on Instagram. These last two videos are by the same girl, and she has lots more on her channel which you can find here. Your eyes can become your most critical assets when it comes to making your face look thinner. Contouring is a makeup technique which you can use on your cheekbones to make them look angular. Sporting a double chin is a killer for women who have round faces and baby fat around the areas of their necks.
If you want to capture the timeless and breathtaking ancient Egyptian style, you can start with the steps below for your face, eyes, and lips to create a basic look and then use your creativity to enhance it.
If wearing shorts or a skirt, apply a bronzing cream or self tanning lotion to your legs to get a good color match. Eye make up starts with a light overshadow in gold or copper and then the eyes are lined for a dark cat-eye look. Apply a shimmery overshadow to the entire eyelid going from under the brow bone to the top of the lash line.
Warm the tip of the eyeliner by placing it between your clean thumb and forefinger for a few seconds. Line the top of the eye by drawing on a line starting from the inner corner to the outer corner.
If you have oily skin or suspect that you may sweat wearing this eye look, use a liquid or waterproof eyeliner.
For those looking to take a step back in time to the natural beauty style of the Egyptians, you not only need to know how to create these looks but you also need the right types of products.

Indian Earth Powder, a famous 70s makeup product is still available in its cute clay pot, promising an Egyptian glow for all that wear it. Cheek and lip stains: Cheek and lip stains work double duty and last much longer than their powdered ancestors.
Olive oil cleansers: For glowing and dewy skin, check out an olive oil based cleanser such as Laventine organic skincare.
Bronzers: Bronzer blushes and powders will have you shining like a Bronze Goddess in no time. Glitter powder: Sparkle a bit of glimmer dust on your chest and shoulders for a sexy shimmer.
Self tanner: Flaunt golden skin without the damaging effects of the sun with the help of a self tanner.
Nail polish: For a mod swing on an ancient goddess look, keep nails short, trim, and coated with two shiny coats of Opi's fabulous Suzie Says DA!
Henna: Henna art is a unique and timeless way to adorn the skin in intricate, temporary designs. As a matter of fact, if your makeup well done, even the simplest costume will look fabulous. Don't fret my ladies, we have a skill which alot of males wont have, so get out your make-up bags. Negate your double chin by using a bronzer to define your jaw line and make it appear more prominent.
The ancient Egyptians were known for their regal appearance, especially in relation to their hair and makeup, and that same look can easily be captured in modern makeup looks today.
MAC Cosmetic's Rosemary and Thyme is a goddess-like shade that works on most skin tones without being too harsh. The lining of the eyes and brightening of the lips are as much a part of makeup application today as they were then. Put on a white, long dress and wear a long black wig (you can use hairspray to make some irregular hair clumps, you’ll look creepier).
Now, put on the dress, open a few buttons and stick your head through the hole that opens up.

Your make- up can be a very cheap version of your halloween outfit, if your face looks fab, all you have to do is splatter some fake blood on some old clothes.
Here are a few tips and tricks you should use to make your face appear thinner than what it really is. Define the shape of your eyes by using an eye liner along with eye makeup according to the time of the day and occasion. Blend the bronzer with the makeup that you have used on your neck so that your jaw line doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb. Sorted.I have been looking though Youtube videos for some tutorials, perfect for your night out. Lengthening your lash line with an eye pencil to give yourself cat eyes can also be used as a technique to make your face look slimmer.
This will make your cheekbones appear much higher than they are and it will give your round face a basic structure. Once you lift your jaw line, you will notice that half the weight on the bottom of your face has disappeared. Copy this ancient makeup look by using a foundation that is slightly darker than your normal makeup.
Once you’ve done that, attach a pair of gloves to the sleeves and attach the gloves to the the dress, right by your face.
Placing a focus on your large eyes will create a visual illusion that your face is thinner than usual.
Your face will appear slimmer as your contouring makeup will create an illusion that you are sucking your cheeks in. Alternatively, you may wish to dust your regular foundation application with a bronzing powder.
Use a peppercorn, a drop of eyelash glue… and maybe add a few bristles, it will look amazing.

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