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1m71 58kg b?ng b?,d? la len can nhanh or m?p lau m? thi t?p n?ng+ch? d? an h?p li. B?ng tuong d?i thon, ko qua nhi?u m? ma ch?ng th?y mui nao du la m? m? => d? la co b?ng ph?ng li, cho du gi?m h?t m? cung ko co mui, tru?ng h?p nay theo minh th?y c?n ph?i t?p lau cho len co n?a, cardio gi?m m? thoi la ko d?, c?n ph?i t?p them co b?ng n?a, ko thi gi?m m? s? nhu nay thoi.
T?p cac bai Heineken hay Tiger k?t h?p 2 dia kho m?i ngay 1 ti?ng thoi la sau 3 thang s? co co b?ng kha d?p d?ng sau l?p m?.

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Con 6 mui thi do an u?ng, khong an ch?t beo, tang cu?ng xo, u?ng nu?c nhi?u, k?t h?p th? d?c la co thoi.

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