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This is the official Rebooted Body smoothie — low in sugar with a strong dose of healthy fat and moderate protein. Kaila Prins joins me on the show today to discuss brand new research that shows that eating chocolate can speed up your weight loss! The post RB115: Eating Chocolate For Faster Weight Loss With Kaila Prins (Say What?) appeared first on Rebooted Body. The post RB114: A Blueprint For Beating Stress with Sara Eye appeared first on Rebooted Body.
I decided that a podcast would be the best format for hashing out the context of this discussion and getting to the bottom of the intentions of the author of the infographic and the accompanying article.
Everyone wants to know what to eat, how much to eat, where to eat, when to eat, and who to eat with. The post 8 Critical Vitamins You Cana€™t Afford to Be Deficient In appeared first on Rebooted Body. The post The Truth About Perfectionism That Nobody Has the Balls to Tell You (Part 2) appeared first on Rebooted Body.
The post The Truth About Perfectionism That Nobody Has the Balls to Tell You (Part 1) appeared first on Rebooted Body. The post RB111: (CWRP #02) Kevin Robinson From Kevin Hates Hip Hop appeared first on Rebooted Body.
Kevin Robinson runs a PR firm for musicians and artists and has a podcast called Kevin Hates Hip Hop.
I open this show talking a little bit about the commitment myth—the idea that commitment is binary.
The post RB110: The Truth About Grains, Legumes, and Tubers with Arthur Haines appeared first on Rebooted Body.
I open this show talking a little bit about the commitment myth---the idea that commitment is binary.
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The post RB109: 4 Steps to Creating Long-Term Change in Your Life with Hannah Braime appeared first on Rebooted Body. She's telling me, with some emotion blatantly pushing through, that she has "one last chance" to transition out of her current situation.
As I discussed the situation with Amy and started to inquire about her past attempts at transition, one excuse she made for failing to make change previously really stood out to me.
The post Get a Crazy Effective Workout with Tabata Sprinting appeared first on Rebooted Body. In Part 3 of The Trick of Low Carb Diets, I’m going to put low carb dieting in context for you. This is an information-packed episode and has the potential to be very life-changing for a lot of people. If you don't suffer from depression but know someone who does, please share this episode with them.
In Part 2 of The Trick of Low Carb Diets, Kevin discusses common side effects of being low carb. The post RB106: (CWRP #01) Healthy Living in the Real World with Tony Scarborough appeared first on Rebooted Body. Tony Scarborough was the first ever guest on Rebooted Body, all the back on RB001 in April 2013. And those challenges are precisely why I invited him to be the first ever in-studio guest---to talk about healthy living in the real world. Last week I did some equipment upgrades which also gave me the capability of having an in-studio guest (versus recording everything over Skype). Not only do we talk about the challenges that Tony has faced (so you can hear how he has worked to overcome them), we talk about the politics of health and how to win even though the deck is stacked against you. While gluten gets all the attention these days, a potentially more problematic group of foods is creeping into our bodies and wreaking havoc.

This is a continuation of our exploration of the concepts of movement as medicine and movement nutrition.
The post The Trick of Low Carb Diets Part 1: How They Work appeared first on Rebooted Body. The Rebooted Body Inner-Circle is a world-wide community and education platform designed to help you implement our ideas on real food, functional fitness, and behavior psychology in your life. The post The Two Best Functional Weight Lifting Tools for a Killer Workout appeared first on Rebooted Body. Brett had some emails from listeners and some questions about his own situation, so I joined him to discuss. The conversation is mostly centered around Real Food 101, low carb eating (and potential issues), stacking stress, and living a healthy lifestyle in a practical manner.
I'm a huge fan of what Brett is doing over at SSP and I encourage you to add his podcast to your playlist. The post The Biggest Myth about Sugar That’s Keeping You Stuck appeared first on Rebooted Body.
A rant sampler from Rebooted Body founder, Kevin Geary, on the obstacles and challenges facing you on your journey to getting a body and life you love and what it takes to WIN.
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In my book, The Seductive Land of Carbs,  I devote a short chapter to carbohydrates and cancer. But the interesting twist with colon cancer is related to butyrate, a short chain fatty acid that the bacteria in our colon like to eat from certain carbohydrates in the foods we eat, most notably starchy and fibrous foods.  These foods are more complex in structure and their byproducts reach the colon after their absorptive phase of digestion in the small intestine vs. Certain hereditary colon cancers where there is a defect or mutation in the gene that suppress tumors can be aggressive….tumors can grow rapidly.
These findings are pretty profound; that both the antibiotic and low-carb diet, not only reduced butyrate levels, presumably from the lower levels of the butyrate making bacteria, but also reduced tumor growth in the large intestines of these mice. How Carb Savvy Are You?Carbohydrates surely seduce us with their taste and texture but do you really understand them; why we need them and why too much can wreck havoc with your body? Lunch Come lunchtime, skip the microwaved food and carb-heavy take-out options and opt for a healthy salad. It's best described as the intersection of real food, functional movement, and psychology. The shame and guilt that people experience alongside their overeating challenge is massive and paralyzing. Sara Eye is a CHEK certified fitness & exercise coach, nutritionist and holistic counselor in Austin, Texas.
Sara Eye is a CHEK certified fitness & exercise coach, nutritionist and holistic counselor in Austin, Texas.
Most of the hurdles don’t exist in the world around you though, they exist within you. This is the show that cuts through all the crap to deliver critical context based onA actualA human history. She joins me today to discuss authentic, long-term change and offers a four step process for success.
She's over 300 pounds, has high blood pressure and is on the verge of being diagnosed with full blown type ii diabetes. Since Tony was the first guest on this show, I thought it fitting that he also serve as the first in-studio guest. Katy Bowman, author of Move Your DNA, joins me to talk about practical movement stuff that you’ve probably never thought about before.
Katy Bowman, author of Move Your DNA, joins me to talk about practical movement stuff that you've probably never thought about before. As these diets continue to rise in popularity, so does the number of people experiencing many of the potentially negative side effects.
I’ve also offered a lot of insight as to why you might still be struggling with sugar cravings, despite your best efforts to break free. We currently have clients in over 26 countries around the world and many of them have told us point blank that this is the best investment theya€™ve ever made in themselves.

Research supports many theories of how diet may promote and prevent cancers including colon cancer. Cancer cells like glucose, (The Warburg Effect) and how they metabolize glucose is a little different from other cells. This defect in tumor suppressor genes seems to show up more in colon cancers vs other cancers.
And to take it a step further, when the researchers increased butyrate levels in the antibiotic treated mice, tumor growth increased. But mice are studied because their anatomy and physiological structure is similar to humans. And to make your lunchtime more bikini ready, make sure you're topping your salad with protein. The worst aspect of this discussion was that I felt people were being dismissive of an infographic that was making some very relevant points. I also gave clear examples of how perfectionism is destructive to your health and happiness. This is why I’ve dedicated much of my work to the psychology of behavior modification.
It’s role is undeniable and we’re learning more and more how the rules don’t apply to everyone equally. The colon or large intestine is where the final digested remains of what we eat pass through.
The hormone, insulin is required to metabolize glucose and likely plays a role, particularly since cancer cells have insulin receptors.
There are other short chain fatty acids made in the colon too, but butyrate gets a lot of attention.
Martin’s study fed mice, who had two gene mutations that are linked to colon cancer in people, a low carb diet (7% of total calories) and a low carb diet plus an antibiotic. The best screening for colon cancer is a bird’s eye view- really more a behind’s eye view…up close and personal with a colonoscopy.
Ware also suggests branching out from run of the mill iceberg lettuce and adding kale and other vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower. But we also understand that there are things you just can’t get from food anymore due to our modern environment. Don'tA justA listen to the podcast---there's so much more available for you so come dive in! If you’re looking for a fast, 20 minute fat burning workout to start adding in one to two times a week, Tabata sprinting is our top recommendation. Research shows that people with type II diabetes have an increased risk for various cancers. For the most part conventional wisdom says that people who eat higher amounts of fermentable carbs have more butyrate levels in their colons, which may help to prevent colon cancer and possibly have other health benefits. Those mice compared with mice on regular diets (>50% carbs) had lower levels of butyrate, and significantly less tumor growth. And I wonder the role of insulin?  Not all people’s colons have the same bugs that produce the same levels of butyrate. The evolutionary use for depression and some key takeaways about the root cause of depression.
We also know that the large intestine houses the largest amount of our intestinal organisms, our microflora, which we are learning plays such a pivotal role in our health.
Hopefully I go off-speech better than Joe Biden does—email me and let me know what you think. Hopefully I go off-speech better than Joe Biden does---email me and let me know what you think. People who carry certain genes for colon cancer may house different organisms in their colons.
Less refined carbs is better for everyone but even less of all carbs may be better for certain cancer types.

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