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While any diet that restricts calories will help you lose weight, there are some people who believe (and some scientific evidence too) that eating a diet low in carbs (a high protein low carb diet) helps you lose weight the fastest. Low carb diets are also high protein diets, because cutting out the carbs means eating more things like meat, for example, which is high in protein as opposed to carbs. There are low carb diets which greatly limit the amount of carbs you consume and those which offer less constriction. Following a low carbohydrate diet is good if you want to  control blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure. As mentioned earlier, low carb diets may help you lose weight quickly compared to other types of diets. Another great thing about this kind of diet is that you can eat foods like steak, bacon and butter which you couldn’t on another kind of diet.
In all low carb diets there is a stabilization of blood glucose and your hunger is suppressed longer which means you have more control over your appetite. According to some studies, eating a low carb diet for the short-term can help you get rid of unwanted pounds faster than say a low-fat diet can. However, the down side is that since you are restricting carbs you can run into something called ketosis. To give you a simple explanation, the carboydrates, fat and protein you eat give your body energy from glucose.The glucose we get from carbs works the best to supply us with energy.
When you don’t have a high enough supply of carbohydrates from the food you eat, your body will break down glucose from lean tissue in your body by breaking down protein from this tissue. When there is not enough carbs, the fat changes into something called ketones which results in something called ketosis.  If you have certain types of medical problems ketosis can be dangerous. However, it is the actual process of ketosis that helps you lose the weight quick because it breaks down excess stored body fat.

One other bad thing about low carb dieting is that, since low carb diets are high in protein they are usually high in animal protein and can increase the risk of heart disease for example. If you plan on trying a high protein low carb diet for weight loss and you have a medical condition, make sure you check with your doctor before starting on this type of diet. If you want to lose weight fast then you can try a high protein low carb diet such as the Atkins diet or South Beach Diet. 1 english muffin with a slice of ham and slice of swiss or mozzarella cheese, mustard, and dill pickle. This high protein low carb diet will give you about 1500 – 1800 calories depending on your serving sizes. Not low carb though it would be without the bun – but I always have burger patties and buns on hand, also crumbed fish wedges for quick fish and salad.
When following a low-carb diet, finding meals that are quick to prepare and require no cooking may initially seem like a struggle.
Most of the carbs in vegetables and salad ingredients come from fiber, so the net carb count is extremely low. Breakfast can be stumbling block in the quest for no-cook, no-carb meals, as traditional low-carb breakfasts usually involve eggs.
Kansas State University: Net Carbs, Impact Carbs, Zero Carbs that Count – What Does It Mean? You might want to follow these diets long enough to lose the weight but then go on a diet that is more well-rounded so you get a balance of carbs, protein and fats.
He graduated from Peter Symonds College in the UK with A Levels in law, business and sports science, and is a fully qualified personal trainer, sports massage therapist and corrective exercise specialist with accreditations from Premier Global International. A no- or very low-carb diet doesn't have to mean only eating foods with zero carbohydrates, though.

Stick to leaves such as different types of lettuce, cabbage, kale and spinach to make your base, then add other low-carb vegetables such as bell peppers, zucchini, cucumber and pickles.
You can sidestep this, however, by going for a continental-style breakfast using low-sodium, low-nitrate deli meats with slices of reduced-fat cheese.
According to the Harvard School of Public Health, eating traditional processed meats such as bacon and salami can raise your risk of heart disease.
According to the Department of Human Nutrition at Kansas State University, net carbohydrate refers to when you take the dietary fiber and sugar alcohol away from the total carb content. You can either go with a low-fat option such as tuna, or switch to an oily fish like mackerel or sardines. Rather than avoiding these altogether though, dietitian Christy Maskeroni recommends making better choices by picking fresh pre-cooked meats from the deli counter and looking for nitrate- and MSG-free organic meats.
Look to make meals as close to zero net carbohydrates as possible, rather than with no carbohydrate whatsoever. Alternatively, try a protein shake, containing a low-carb protein powder, a dash of almond or coconut milk and some crushed nuts, for an extra quick on-the-go breakfast.
These oily fish have the benefit of being rich in omega-3 fats, which may improve heart health.
While you may not want to make a habit of this, some healthier pre-cooked meats combined with a slice or two of low-fat cheese, or a few salad items can make a no-cook, no-carb, high-protein meal once a week. Make this into a meal by serving your fish with some raw vegetables like carrots, celery and cucumber sticks.

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